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  1. That gives me an idea for a new title for this thread “Darcey and Stacey: Cringe and Binge”
  2. Florian auditioning for “Newsies”
  3. If I came home and found this sketchy looking guy outside my apartment, I’d call the police
  4. Is Papa Low that tall (that’s an oxymoron), or is Mama Lisa that short? Or was she sitting down when they showed them together?
  5. Maybe she's under the impression that cold shoulder shirts and glitter eyeshadow will distract people from her size
  6. That scene supposedly occurred right after she woke up (from sleeping alone) and was still in bed. She was in her pajamas with a messy updo, but her makeup was flawless. Have we ever seen her without makeup?
  7. So, instead of just the Farty Boys dressed in their usual pajamas, the whole family put them on. Last week, Ronald bought the biggest tree in South Africa! I guess we are going to be treated to a Thanksgiving and/or Christmas segment for each couple this season.
  8. and unlimited PTSD therapy for life paid for by Sharp Productions
  9. I think you’re right. Jovi wasn’t due back until after December 25th and Yara mentioned he’d been home for two weeks, so I think they were celebrating later than January 7th. Edited to add: Yara was just serving a typical Ukrainian Christmas DINNER without any other holiday trappings or traditions like decorations or some type of religious services, so that could be done at any time.
  10. “My clitorius is on fire...” That’s what happens when you add Scrubbing Bubbles instead of Bubble Bath to the tub.
  11. I did that to my daughter's hair 30 years ago.
  12. I guess we’ll find out next week, but why would Michael be at a fertility clinic? Angela doesn’t have any more aigs to tote
  13. I think they make Jenn and Libby look like cocker spaniels
  14. They were all overdressed compared to the rest of the reunion guests. Charlie’s wife is channeling Betty Rubble.
  15. And they both got knocked up and married to foreign losers
  16. Ronald and the car salesman must go to the same barber
  17. The sight of Angela’s deflated boobs was a real boner killer
  18. Since Yara is such a loyal Amazon Prime customer, why can’t she order a crib and all the accessories from them?
  19. What’s the big deal? Libby only uses the babysitter A FEW TIMES A WEEK! Why does Angela suddenly have a loose denture lisp?
  20. I had to laugh when they said Ellie and that cute little cousin “looked alike”
  21. I saw the rerun today when Ronald and his friend were fixing up the room. He said the original plan was for Daniel to sleep on the couch but he decided to make a room for him so he would want to stay.
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