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  1. It’s at least two hours each way. Apparently there’s one route that involves a ferry and another that goes over land but either method takes over two hours.
  2. That's the impression I got. They are just releasing the already aired season for those of us who don’t get Discovery +. The ads are even the same with Molly, Danielle, Colt etc. trying to enter the dating world. I didn’t watch but from reading the spinoff thread here I know
  3. I think it was a language issue, I can’t imagine they have gotten or will ever get married. But, I’ve been wrong with several 90 Day couples. Production seems to zero in on their differences and arguments and by the end of the season I’m positive they’re parting ways, next thing I know the woman is walking down the aisle at her wedding. Of course, with some couples, that’s just the start of their troubles but it seems to assure them a spot on HEA? and now I’m wondering who will STAY together. Plus, one member of some of the couples who split show up on “The Single Life.”
  4. I’m sure they both do since they are playing up the “twin transformation” aspect of their makeovers
  5. There were two kids shown when they arrived, a boy, maybe about 12, and a younger girl.
  6. Even Darcey seemed surprised when he directed them off the Beltway in Virginia instead of inside the District.
  7. They could have easily edited the scene so that clip didn’t show. I think production enjoyed making her look ridiculous
  8. Good catch! And if he had a stash of money in the sock, why didn’t he use it for car payments? He must figure he doesn’t need a car anymore since he will be chauffeured around in Darcey’s Range Rover from now on. also coming back to add: I thought it was funny when they showed charming Alexandria with well taken care of historic row houses, flowers, cobblestone streets, etc., then they cut to the exterior of Georgi’s humble little ranch style rental. and I also cracked up when Stacey was pointing out the “old” houses and Florian just scoffed as many Europeans do when Americans brag about
  9. It’s easy, highlight the text what you want to quote, hover your cursor and you should get a box that says “quote selection” and clicking on it should open a response box with what/who you are quoting and room to add your own comments.
  10. It's like they're going overboard to try and convince viewers that they find each other sexually attractive and are in a relationship.
  11. I hate Asuelu's perpetual dead eyed, slack jawed expression and his blubbery unsmiling lips.
  12. Chuck probably meant that it wasn't Olive Garden, but if it was REALLY authentic, they would have one of those old fashioned toilets with the tank above it where you could hide a gun.
  13. I think you're on to something here! These two might be on totally separate pages. While Juliana may (or may not) see Natalie in a sexual way, Natalie might be viewing her as a mother substitute who will cuddle with her, stroke her hair and call her "Golden Child" like we saw Mama do in the Ukraine especially when Natalie was upset with Mike.
  14. Good detective work! Maybe Mike sometimes works the later shift which would get him home at 8:30 as per Natalie’s complaint
  15. I really doubt it. She didn’t even know she was pregnant until she gave birth and she said that Daniel’s father wanted no part of fatherhood or a relationship with the boy.
  16. I remember him saying he left for work VERY early in the morning, something like 4:30 AM, and every day he calls his mother to chat (more likely complain about Natalie) during his commute. Maybe his work hours are something like 7:00-3:00. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he stops off for a couple of beers on the way home.
  17. well, that too. I admit I wasn't the first to spot a center parted wig anchored by a headband but when another poster mentioned it, that's all I see now, much like Darcey and Stacey. * edited to add *who also have atrocious fashion sense, IMO
  18. You mean this? If there’s an episode when Darcey doesn’t cry, does it count as an episode?
  19. Late commenting, but I think braces would be a better birthday gift for Aniko than a car.
  20. When they first came out, I had the black haired Barbie with a ponytail. I decided I wanted to see her hair down, so I snipped the elastic band. To my horror, she only had hair in a circle around the hairline and was totally bald otherwise. Maybe Georgi has the same problem.
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