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  1. Maybe it’s really possible to roll your eyes so hard they “stay that way,” just like your Mother warned you
  2. ha ha, that was me! I expect him to say, "Extra, extra, read all about it!" I was also distracted by the back and forth changing hair color on the twins but I think both looks are terrible!
  3. Libby’s mom has been divorced from Chuck for years and now is married to a man named Walter. She and Walter came to the wedding in Moldova and stayed in the same rental as Chuck and their kids. She was the brunette woman holding Ellie at her birthday party during the cake throwing incident this week. She does speak on camera from time to time, but I guess she doesn’t get much screen time because she appears to be normal and drama-free.
  4. Maybe he has a LEASE! edited to add: I'm embarrassed to see my profile picture there as the top poster in this forum, way beyond the second place holder. I need to get a life
  5. As much as I miss watching my 16 month old "pandemic baby" grandson grow up due to distance, so much has changed about raising a child in the 35+ years since his mother was a baby that I've learned not to give any advice to my daughter unless asked. Things as basic as whether the baby should be on his back or tummy for sleeping have completely changed! No blankets or anything in the crib! Leave the advice to the experts, although I wonder how much professional advice Yara is getting from pediatricians, etc. and the Ukrainian websites she probably reads might differ from the current thinking in
  6. I do that all the time! Especially during the Live Chat when I'm invariably behind everyone else and post something that has been said already or answer a question for the umpteenth time. No worries!
  7. I realized on rewatching that the confusion on the forum was when Angela said she “retired at 42” she was referring to participating in wet T-shirt contests. She did look really rough on that video call and I noticed she wasn’t covering that big mole in her eyebrow.
  8. In the first scene, the twins are at the salon sageing their new horse tails, I mean extensions. Next, they’re back to the headbands anchoring their wigs then they go to the snow place and they have white extensions again. I realize Darcey’s girls were probably remote learning last Winter, but Darcey lives in a different town than her parents so they couldn’t live in the apartment and go to high school in a totally different school district. I think they might spend an occasional weekend in the apartment, but not live there full time.
  9. Wouldn’t you love to get the backstories from Mike’s ex-wife and Natalie’s TWO Ex-husbands?
  10. ALL of me is anti-Mike and anti-Natalie! (and while we're at it, anti-Trish) It's amazing how polarizing they are on this forum. For me, Kenny on PT summed it up the best when he said something like, "I can't root for either of these two..."
  11. I wonder if they really rented the bouncy castle or just staged it for the sister confrontation. I didn't see any kids there except Ellie and Jenn's daughter (the one who tagged along in the RV) so who was supposed to be playing in it? It did look like the party was geared towards adults. On a side note, talking about elaborate parties, I belong to my local Next Door group. A woman there was asking for suggestions for a band to play at her ONE YEAR OLD'S birthday party. I wondered what type of music she wanted to have.
  12. and get Mylah an approved infant car seat! All we ever see is her in her little untethered bucket. Okay, I see she is in a seat base that converts to a stroller, but it never appears to be anchored correctly, rear facing, etc.
  13. When we first "met" Juliana, Natalie said she had come to the US from Russia "for her husband's job." No mention of her marital status since then. In the preview, they sure made it look like there might be some "girl on girl action" next week as they were lying in the bed together, holding hands and staring into each other's eyes. After the Angela bath scene, and hinting that we'll be present for Michael's masturbating phone sex, I think that production is ramping up the sexy as much as possible for non Discovery Plus viewers. Will it go beyond Stephanie (the one with the illness) and Erica's
  14. Am I imagining this, or did Michael once say he was the "Baby of the family"? I know he has tons of full, step and half siblings, (15!) but IF he was his mother's youngest child, she might not have stopped him from breastfeeding. I don't believe he was really 9, but I can imagine him still nursing much longer than other children in Nigeria. Not surprising that he grew up to be a self-proclaimed "boobs man"
  15. Maybe it's a good thing she doesn't appear to be talking yet!
  16. That would explain them arriving separately to the Tell All and being so cagey about what was going on in their relationship
  17. I'll bet you're the only people who have been both to the Roloff Farm and Dr. Now's office!
  18. She was there, holding Ellie. I think I saw Libby’s stepfather, Walter, in the background, too.
  19. The language at the party wasn’t child appropriate
  20. It’s the latest from the Alfred Dunner catalog
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