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  1. When they first came out, I had the black haired Barbie with a ponytail. I decided I wanted to see her hair down, so I snipped the elastic band. To my horror, she only had hair in a circle around the hairline and was totally bald otherwise. Maybe Georgi has the same problem.
  2. You are referring to Punkasaurus? Mike is such a doofus and so socially awkward.
  3. That's the time to read the Couples’ Pages which allow spoilers and will confirm your suspicions about how fake the whole franchise is.
  4. I noticed shirtless Jovi’s body was almost as unattractive as shirtless Brandon. No competition with Chippendales Dancers or even Andrei.
  5. Covering his face with his pudgy fingers and sobbing, “This is my worst nightmare…” cracked me up
  6. "Feuding Family Flippers" on HGTV, kind of like when Drew and Jonathan compete to fix up houses but nasty and contentious. I wouldn't put it past this crew to sabotage each other's efforts like somebody stealing all the copper from a flip.
  7. I can't find it now, but someone was commenting that Angela's tooth loss might be a result of her WLS. I don't think that's the case since she was hiding "an abscess" behind her Scheherazade veil back during the Tell All before she announced she was going to get the surgery. I think her dental issues have been ongoing and now she's left with little to no back teeth but they try to film her from an angle that minimizes the loss. Someone must have told her her left side is her "good side" because the most flattering shots (with the most intact teeth) seem to be filmed from that angle
  8. Jovi has a younger brother, Mason. I believe they are both Gwen's children, but since Monty is Jovi's step-father, they might be half-siblings. edited to confirm: Mason has the same last name as Monty and Gwen but appears to want no part of this shit show which is a good move on his part.
  9. Mike didn't say anything specific except that they were "LOVELY" and how dare she regift them. When we first "met" Juliana, Natalie explained she had met her online and that she had come to America from Russia "for her husband's job" but we have seen no evidence of said husband or any other family. Her headbands that appear to be securing her wig, unblinking stare and her "man hands" really creep me out, not to mention her overtly sexual moves towards Natalie. Another poster said that Juliana could be the Wolf to Natalie's Little Red Riding Hood and that's all I can think of now with her licki
  10. I planned to take a little nap before the show began last night, promptly fell asleep on the couch and woke up an hour late! (My husband didn't wake me, but I'm going to blame Jihoon.) Then I watched the recording but was so behind it was pointless to comment/snark here. But a few observations in the light of day... When Tiffany and Ronald went to the Uncle/Marriage Counselor, Ron was explaining in their TH that he had chosen his uncle because he would be straight with them, and if Ron or Tiff was at fault, the uncle would tell them, to which she smugly responds "He's not going to say I'm
  11. Speaking of coats, I thought it was funny that Brandon’s friend Melanie kept hers on for the housewarming. Loved it when she handed Julia the bottle and Brandon enthused, “Oooh, a housewarming present...” I was waiting for him to prompt Julia, “What do you saaay...” like when you give a gift to a child. Just rewatched and in his TH before they go to the store, I wish Brandon had said, “We’re having a housewarming party. All my good friends are coming, AJ, TJ and BJ, I mean Melanie...”
  12. And the room where Micheal masturbated (how many times did they say that word tonight?) was labeled “Gentlemen’s Room 1”
  13. When Mama Asuelu and Tammy were kicked out of the house, what happened to Tammy’s two kids?
  14. I like shopping at Chico’s because I’m a size 2 there
  15. My absolute favorite scene that season was the fakeout when Jesse takes out a ring box, makes a big speech, opens the box and presents her with an "APPRECIATION RING!" The look of confusion and disappointment on her face was priceless, only to be recreated again when Tom cruelly repeated the ploy and gave her a key to his apartment.
  16. Just my theory: I’ve thought all along that Natalie was only using Mike as a way to get to the US. She originally pushed to get pregnant while she was still in the Ukraine which would have sealed the deal, but when that didn’t happen, she pushed for Mike to bring her over on the K1 Visa. He didn’t have any intention of marrying her, but the TLC/Sharp paycheck was just too good to pass up. Sure, he could put up with her for 90 days, then he’d send her back. Natalie was obviously disappointed by life in Sequim, but when Covid made it impossible for her to go home, Mike backed himself into a cor
  17. Maybe it’s really possible to roll your eyes so hard they “stay that way,” just like your Mother warned you
  18. ha ha, that was me! I expect him to say, "Extra, extra, read all about it!" I also was distracted by the back and forth changing hair color on the twins but I think both looks are terrible!
  19. Libby’s mom has been divorced from Chuck for years and now is married to a man named Walter. She and Walter came to the wedding in Moldova and stayed in the same rental as Chuck and their kids. She was the brunette woman holding Ellie at her birthday party during the cake throwing incident this week. She does speak on camera from time to time, but I guess she doesn’t get much screen time because she appears to be normal and drama-free.
  20. Maybe he has a LEASE! edited to add: I'm embarrassed to see my profile picture there as the top poster in this forum, way beyond the second place holder. I need to get a life
  21. As much as I miss watching my 16 month old "pandemic baby" grandson grow up due to distance, so much has changed about raising a child in the 35+ years since his mother was a baby that I've learned not to give any advice to my daughter unless asked. Things as basic as whether the baby should be on his back or tummy for sleeping have completely changed! No blankets or anything in the crib! Leave the advice to the experts, although I wonder how much professional advice Yara is getting from pediatricians, etc. and the Ukrainian websites she probably reads might differ from the current thinking in
  22. I do that all the time! Especially during the Live Chat when I'm invariably behind everyone else and post something that has been said already or answer a question for the umpteenth time. No worries!
  23. I realized on rewatching that the confusion on the forum was when Angela said she “retired at 42” she was referring to participating in wet T-shirt contests. She did look really rough on that video call and I noticed she wasn’t covering that big mole in her eyebrow.
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