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  1. Great snark! See you Sunday night. Stay safe & have some fun in your week.
  2. OK what is that old song It's in your Kiss. They should've played that for Ari & Leandro.
  3. Gee - we've missed you! Glad you're back. I was asking if anyone knew anything last week.
  4. They would never let you light a fire in front of your house in the USA, also today's parents would never allow their kids to jump over a fire. I was a child in the 50's and we did so many dangerous crazy things back then as kids?
  5. Home - the place where they have to take you in when you go there. Why is Kenny's dtr acting happy & normal - it's a trick!
  6. Feeling very sorry for Alina - she HAS to convert or it's no go. I don't think she's aware of that aspect.
  7. I've had wallpaper put up in my bedroom and breakfast nook in my new house where I'm moving on the 27th - can't wait!
  8. She's cheating on Bini with Leandro for sure. She wanted a child, so she accidentally got preggers with an unknown guy - Bini. This is all for TV land. Not interested in this nut & the hurricane boyfriend....
  9. So sorry - people can be horrid. I hope this all resolves to your benefit!!
  10. Wishing you happiness and big Congrats!!! Wish they had a "love it" option - like just doesn't do it!
  11. Hi peeps - still have obnoxious house guest - but Weds morning he leaves, yes!!!! Thinking about the Boston meet up - am moving next week, so won't know just yet.
  12. Have not watched tonight due to pain in the ass house guest. I had to not watch the last 1/2 hour last night. He will be here until the 22nd, so I have poor hopes for next Sunday night! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Love to all.
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