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  1. I was hoping Pastor Cal would bring up the conversation with Chris where he says he thought she wasn't attractive, and that he would be married to a beautiful woman. They should have played the tape for Paige. She would get mad and not be second guessing her decision.
  2. Lots of entertainment (from the forum) - have a great week everyone!
  3. Gee - ads for student loan re-fi's. I get personal phone calls about my "Student Loans" - guess they don't want to discriminate against the over 65 crowd.
  4. She goes to surgery and consults a psychic on the way to the hospital. Try following doctor's orders instead.
  5. Looking forward to seeing Andrei working. How many more weeks will it take? 3, 5, 7?
  6. The CC says, "dramatic music playing" - uh - will they or won't they succeed. (We know it)
  7. Kolini ? Is in their business and should keep her negative trap shut. Asuelo is right about that.
  8. She's trying to make Mikul jealous of the doctor from Ghana, okaaay.
  9. He can kill Russian bugs instead of American ones!
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