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  1. I'm a little put off by the "lead poisoning" - it seems so 2000's. Did people know that there was lead in paint? It certainly wasn't recognized as a problem or a hazard at that time. This scene is not in the books either.
  2. No - I'm rereading right now and Tristan collected money due on market day and entered it into a roster but lost his list and couldn't enter the names and payments into the ledger. This resulted in all the payees being billed again the following month.
  3. Yes - I make it every Christmas - not this past year, no visitors!
  4. What a cute couple - she's dressed to the nine's and he's wearing his do rag and car washing outfit.
  5. I like out side conversations each week. Here goes Natalie with the "ring" thing AGAIN!
  6. I'm signed up with them too. No luck with Hackensack. Will keep on.....
  7. Yes all of the above - I know. People are coming from PA and NY too and jumping the line. I keep trying, but no luck. Hope you get your Mom her shot soon! Andrew was enjoying his "vacation"...
  8. I'm jealous of you vaccine recipients - NJ here, I'll be 74 Feb 5th - can't get an appointment anywhere. People are jumping the line. If you smoke you are in the same group I'm in. Staying home for sure.
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