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  1. A looooong two hours. Everyone have a great week. Till next time.
  2. I feeling nauseous with this couple. I'm in the minority here, but I give him a pass on the "rustic cabin". Even in Father of the Bride (original version 1951). The guy wanted a remote fishing shack for a honeymoon, and the bride wanted a luxury resort. So, there's precedent.
  3. The only thing that could be worse is watching them prepare for the tryst. The poor MOM!
  4. Could her dress be any l-o-w-e-r on that couch? DONUTS? just no - good thing I'm on a diet.
  5. @trackdawg - What a loving tribute to your Mother. She's had a very interesting journey, and has raised a wonderful son.
  6. Well, we're on pins & needles to see if Angela stops smoking after next week (exciting TV, isn't it? Have a great week and keep cool if it's hot in your neighborhood! 1
  7. Even the turkey looked bad - no crispy skin, barely brown.
  8. How about those pot holders kids make - does that count?
  9. I nominate @Armchair Critic, she's in the newspaper business!
  10. Right, in New Jersey we know totaled when we see it, and that car is an example of "fender bender". But it's her excuse as justification to continue the marriage/show.
  11. It's only a chartered yacht - not impressed Chucky
  12. Auntie - my daughter had emergency gall bladder removal surgery about 4 wks ago. Take care, good luck!!!!
  13. Geez, Daddyo called for a group hug and I got nervous...
  14. Could do without the horrible music. Sad parting...
  15. Just "no" to the live with the exes show. What message does it give to the kids? I hate to see kids in these weird situations. It's not right. (So there) - flounces off....
  16. She'll never stop smoking - I'd be shocked if she does it.
  17. I didn't know you write Country songs - very catchy!
  18. Here comes "shoulders". She's hoping her Father refuses to co-sign for Ronald.
  19. Good evening all - hope the show is good,, I know the snark will be!
  20. THIS - I was thinking this too. Any man who would participate in a TV show where he was drawing lady bits would be Cancelled. I thought it was disgusting.
  21. I'm done! Everyone have a great week ahead - see you next weekend.
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