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  1. A new side show on TLC. They are the travelling circus of basic cable
  2. There are a lot of incursions happening in Ethiopia right now, I hope they have scooted back to NJ. A civil war wouldn’t be a good vibe for Arieola
  3. How bizarre. Maybe they just told the contractor that to get rid of him. Maybe your neighbors are mates with scum it and just LIE because it’s second nature
  4. Maybe he deliberately sabotaged his sales pitch to save the ants
  5. I’m starting to feel drowsy, not from the Benadryl but Evil Lin and her sibling posse
  6. But that would ruin his scam, and require critical thinking from Jennay
  7. I have has FB runs in that I have stewed on for days. After the GF incident I culled my FB list. I won’t tolerate racism
  8. I’m here, but with Benadryl and if it’s boring and I fall asleep you know why
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