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S08.E07: Joyce's Story LIVE CHAT

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2 minutes ago, Chicklet said:

And again divorced-caused super obesity. And the mother is Shocked, shocked I tell you to see how much her mother force fed her.

But then, even though she was So Relieved by the divorce, she admits she ate Because She Wanted To.

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1 minute ago, Ivylady said:

Probably some version of a starvation diet. You'd be surprised how bad some of these diets are. 

To be honest, with the way she gravitates towards food, any diet would feel "abusive" if Joyce didn't want to do it.

She's just a total mess. To be in your early twenties and already weighting over 500 pounds is obscene.

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Just now, Suzywriter said:

He rubbed her back! Horrors!

But she had bad dreams so MAYBE something more happened and she repressed it...  

Normally I’d be sympathetic and think it might really have happened, with her I’m thinking Drama Queen.

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I thought she was Dr. Now's oldest patient, but she's only 44.   Dawn has to hold her Lymphedema (spelling?) so Joyce can get up?      I don't know how tall Joyce is, but if she's under 700 I'll be shocked.    She needs a good dermatologist for removing those skin tags or whatever they are.   

I didn't catch where Joyce is from.      Three plates of food for breakfast?     And eating all day.   Dr. Now is going to have a fit over this one's eating habit.   

Dawn was always huge, even before the divorce.   Another mother who dumped her kid for the next husband.   90-100 by 8 years old.   So the mother divorced again by the time Joyce was 12, I bet Joyce and the fighting was a lot of it.    At least the mother tried to help her daughter.  

350 by high school, mid 400s by mid 20's.    I wonder if the step brother did anything or not?  

550 by mid 30's.   Bedridden by 38, with Lymphedema, and bedridden, and hasn't been out of the house for three years.  

Joyce is over 20 years younger than I am, and looks 20 years older than I do.    

Dawn is Joyce's best friend, and is now her health care worker.   

So if she's in Gardner, Kansas, then she's almost 12 hours from Dr. Now's place.    Goody, hunky firemen.     Hopefully this means fewer drive thru stops.   

So Dawn is moving with her.    But the mother and aunt are opposing Joyce trying?    Aunt Lucille needs the family plan from Dr. Now.  

The transport company only sent three puny guys to move her?   Don't they watch this show?   Dr. Now's office contacting the transport company should tell the company that they need a bunch of hunky people to do this.  

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1 minute ago, OoogleEyes said:

Ok, this woman has had a legit traumatic life 

Loving grandmother that overfed her, stepbrother that may or may not have rubbed her back, father that died when she was 25. I can beat that with my hands tied behind my back yet I managed to stay a normal weight, get a good education and lead a productive life. This show makes me feel like the freak.

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2 minutes ago, ThereButFor said:

But she had bad dreams so MAYBE something more happened and she repressed it...  

Normally I’d be sympathetic and think it might really have happened, with her I’m thinking Drama Queen.

I had bad dreams from seeing the house next door get torn down. Bad dreams don't mean abuse. 

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"Shut up and give me the food"... that really sums up this disaster. Joyce is doing this to herself.

Seriously... even when I was at my worst, I never had a portion close to what this woman puts away. That serving of lasagna looks like it would feed the average family of four.

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Where did all that food come from?  Seriously who can afford all that?  


I'm 65 and she looks as though she could be my mother.  Hell, she could pass for her own grandmother!  How is this going to work?  I'm guessing medical transport, but geez even that seems close to impossible.  

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1 minute ago, ams1001 said:

Mom: When I see her eating large amounts of food, I'm livid! But there's nothing I can do about it.

Stop giving her large amounts of food!!

But you see, she gets angry. 

1 minute ago, gameshowjunkie said:

Paper plates - is that on the bingo card?

Oh yes. 

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