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  1. Probably food poisoning (if he stayed at the hospital) and they kept that out for the drama. Ohhhh! The “haunted” property made him sick!1🤢😱
  2. So, does anyone know what was actually wrong with Alex in the episode where he puked and had to go to the hospital?
  3. I watched. Much better than Scooby Douche and the hysterical bunch.
  4. For me, it's more like... Hey assholes! Instead of spending the money for the commercial, how about keeping your employees? Yes, I know it's probably in the marketing budget, but how hard could it be to move the money over to help our your work force?? The commercial on Discovery (and their sister channels) for their own shows that has some annoying song that says something like 'I saw the truth" mumble mumble yoooouuuuuu! Woooooaaahhhh! I hate it. They play it ALL. THE. TIME. I have to mute as soon as I hear the first note.
  5. She seems to be a narcissistic personality disorder candidate.
  6. She looks like she does not want to be there at all.
  7. Wait... did she just say she could be doing other things when she gets home from WORK??
  8. She signed up to bring the drama. That is why she is on the show.
  9. One therapy session and she deserves a treat?? Stressed out by ONE session????
  10. She is just yessing him, with fake smiles and a soft demeanor.. but she is FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!
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