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  1. Star struck or dumbfounded? She is sitting there looking like she doesn't understand the diet.
  2. Ah - ok. Hard to tell in text. Don't get me wrong, I am TOTALLY happy I am alone - there is no way I could live in a small apartment w/ another person. One of us would be dead by now.
  3. Well, if I don't go I don't have food. I live alone. Deliveries make me nervous, and I would rather pick out my own groceries. I go out when I have to, but otherwise I am home all the time
  4. Eating habit is whatever I can make based on what I have at home right now... been on lockdown for three weeks?? I'm in NYC, and the grocery stores are letting people in anywhere from 10 at a time or more. The line to Trader Joes is insane - down the block and around - with people socially distancing. Finally got out for a walk today - lots of people on the Williamsburg bridge....
  5. That angle that they are shooting her from is awful - I am sure they are doing it on purpose
  6. Judith wasn’t there for all of that. She was a baby and Michonne wouldn’t have known her
  7. Amanda seems to wear the pants in the relationship. I see hints of her real personality. She might be emotionally abusive.... but she def. dominates him.
  8. She's on the program now? Are they going to weigh her?? Will she get surgery??
  9. A personal pizza is "a sacrifice" Oh shit! Girlfriend came home early!!!
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