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  1. “We’re All Pretty Bizarre. Some Of Us Are Just Better At Hiding It; That’s All.” – Andrew Clark
  2. Exactly why I will stay my ass in California! Thanks for the reminder :)
  3. Especially the guy who says blue. I always lmao.
  4. I have a 'Pillow Talk' sampler after I read that it was a popular, universal shade. And it was! One of the few shades I can wear with my thin lips.
  5. My brother warned me that there were SIX playoff games this weekend.
  6. Finally made it! With my son living with me now, I have to be on top of making dinner, and it's 5:30 here. Tri tip in the oven, boom. But I've been watching with y'all!
  7. Thanks, it's a typical Jamaican curry chicken, with coconut rice. Very yum.
  8. I've heard that that combo takes forever to dry things. Is that right?
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