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  1. Wow! Haven't watched Venable for a couple years. Endlessly reciting his colors, and as big as a HOUSE. Consistency is good.
  2. Hello All! I've been not paying attention so I have 2 obvious(?) questions. Where is JJ in Oct. 2021? Blog Vlog Streaming? TIA Sometimes I log onto DailyMail or another tabloid site, and they have a teaser with JJ kissing a woman on the lips, insinuating this is JJ's authentic spouse. Story? TIA
  3. Stay safe people ! I went grocery shopping during this episode (Acme), let me guess J didn't lose weight, B did. 😈 🤣 🌈 😉
  4. So I saw a bit of the original episode - she was 702 ----- is she much less a few years on ?
  5. Your dinner sounds wonderful - I h8 u....🤣 JK ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY !!!!!
  6. Hello people ! Great workout, rehydrating with Crystal Lite Lemonade and VODKA ! 1461 calories today - can I get skin removal Doc ? LOLOL 🌈
  7. MAKEOVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL Lipstick on a pig.
  8. What a waste of time this woman is, even weighing less. Stay safe people. Moderation. 🌈
  9. Why is her dummmmmm ass worried about cancer, when being 4000 pounds overweight will kill her first ? Oh weight .............4000 pounds.... I answered my own question. Nevermind.
  10. OMG she is ugly in all possible ways. I'm nauseous BITCH ! 😈
  11. Hadda take a phone call. Is she still alive? Damn - yes she is.....
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