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  1. Some cable systems will interrupt programming on all channels for tornado warnings. Doesn't help if you are watching a streaming service. This is why having a weather radio is so vital. If you don't have one, you need one.
  2. As someone who is poly, I was impressed with how true poly was represented, except for the idea of a functional poly dating app! There are none!
  3. Passed has been used in the southern US by African Americans as long as I can remember. My family likes to use "gone home to Heaven" but they are super religious
  4. Interesting tidbit about Chris - he's good friends with another Netflix star, Alyssa Edwards of Dancing Queen. I googled it after seeing him wear a House of Edwards shirt.
  5. There are lots of examples where the minimum is out of reach for many people.
  6. No matter how you feel about Drew, watching Flip cheer on Drew warmed my heart. The editing on him was heavy this year, but how other ninjas support and react to someone weighs heavily on me, especially someone as good hearted as Flip.
  7. I think I might have a deal for Canada. Canada gets Alex Trebek and can keep all the current TV actors filming in Toronto and BC. Plus they get The Rock for 4 weeks in the summer and Thanksgiving if they agree to take Laura back and also ban her from the internet.
  8. A creeler is the person who is responsible for overseeing the yarn in a industrial weaving facility. Since she is from Georgia, she likely works at one of the giant carpet mills.
  9. The speculation about Tim being trans is a bit problematic. First, he's a die hard MAGA supporter. Second, his big secret is likely the recycled ring. Third, of he is trans, it would be incredibly damaging to his business to be so public, and he seems like a someone who is more concerned about his bottom line.
  10. In many countries, a dentist only has a bachelor level degree plus a year of residency type work. I know that is the case in India.
  11. I hope we never see NWP again because it was not only ridiculous but also dangerous. It feels like way too many people have gotten injured this year.
  12. Until last season he always was shown with stank face watching other ninjas. He never seemed part of the community. I am not sure how much of it is editing versus personality but he just came off as sanctimonious, especially with his religous schitck.
  13. I feel like Amber exhibits many symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. I formerly co-parented with someone with BPD and it's hard. Sometimes I felt I had to go along to keep things sane, and to keep them from going back to court for every single thing. I empathize with Gary. Not to mention I am sure Leah is upset and may have wanted Gary to go.
  14. I feel like Emily's mom was selfish. Her daughter is in the home stretch of running communications for a presidential campaign, and her mother's death is going to seriously impact how her daughter is able to perform what might be the biggest job of her career.
  15. Gary was a single, teen parent and domestic violence victim who has defied the odds. I am tearing up a bit at work because this is the kind of story I wish the TM franchise would focus on.
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