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  1. AdorkableWitch

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I feel like Amber exhibits many symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. I formerly co-parented with someone with BPD and it's hard. Sometimes I felt I had to go along to keep things sane, and to keep them from going back to court for every single thing. I empathize with Gary. Not to mention I am sure Leah is upset and may have wanted Gary to go.
  2. AdorkableWitch

    S03. E09. #undecided

    I feel like Emily's mom was selfish. Her daughter is in the home stretch of running communications for a presidential campaign, and her mother's death is going to seriously impact how her daughter is able to perform what might be the biggest job of her career.
  3. AdorkableWitch

    Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    Gary was a single, teen parent and domestic violence victim who has defied the odds. I am tearing up a bit at work because this is the kind of story I wish the TM franchise would focus on.
  4. AdorkableWitch

    Next Season: What, Who Would You Like To See?

    A foreign woman engaged to a recently released prisoner. This is something I have seen on immigration forums as well as prison forums. Usually a family member has to co-sponsor.
  5. AdorkableWitch

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    Ludwig should be the new reunion host.
  6. AdorkableWitch

    S05.E12: Chapter Ninety-Three

    Hearing Jamie Camil sing was well worth the musical number.
  7. AdorkableWitch

    S05.E12: Chapter Ninety-Three

    I think Krishna teaming with Milos is a double cross. It's too simple to have her be in league with him. This is purely my guess and not based on any spoilers or anything.
  8. AdorkableWitch

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I'm going to make a prediction about how I think this might go down. CPS will put some reunification plan in place and part of that will likely be the removal of the guns from The Land. I can't see UBT complying. He will cry about his rights, but his guns are more important than his kids. Regardless I don't see Jenelle ever getting primary custody of the Roll back.
  9. AdorkableWitch

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    The Ashley is Ashley Majewski, a former US Weekly reporter who struck out on her own. She has been in the entertainment reporting industry long enough to have good contacts.
  10. AdorkableWitch

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I think Jenelle is just as capable of a horrible violent action as her dog killer husband. Let's not forget all of her violent actions, road rage, and pulling a gun out with Jace in the car. I also think she saw the kids at CPS at the direction of her lawyer.
  11. AdorkableWitch

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I know this comparison has been made before but I come back to Dianne Downs again and how much Jenelle reminds me of her.
  12. AdorkableWitch

    The Alldredges

    I know a million years ago everyone bought them at the Tuscarora reservation just outside of Niagara.
  13. AdorkableWitch

    S02.E22: Broker and Broker

    In rural or otherwise under served areas, this is a reality. Many clinics will have a supervising physician who comes in once a week or so to sign the few prescriptions that a nurse practitioner can't by law.
  14. AdorkableWitch

    S02.E14: The Road Not Taken

    I just assumed the Kaylons being unable to hit anything as a nod to Stormtroopers syndrome.
  15. AdorkableWitch

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    If I were on a starship I'd wear pajamas. The chances of things going pear shaped is high.