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  1. It sucks but sadly I don't think anything they are doing rises to the legal definition of abuse. There is a very wide berth given to parents when it comes to the moral and religious upbringing of their children.
  2. A lot of the language that Sidian uses is much more from the polyamourous community and they talk a lot about compersion aka being happy in someone else's happiness. I would not be surprised if they are polyamourous off camera.
  3. Marsha Warfield was one of the first black actresses to come out publicly as a lesbian. She has not acted in 20 years. I was really excited for her return in this role. I hope it becomes reoccurring.
  4. My partner has been a firefighter paramedic for 10 years. He likes to "hate watch" this show. That was his extremely loud comment to me during this scene.
  5. The Gaylord is in the parking lot of AT&T stadium. So they likely just walked.
  6. Plenty of ninjas compete wearing orthopedic braces or k-tape. Should those be banned? What about Ninjas who take medications for ADHD? Mental health? I suppose Jimmy Choi should not take his Parkinson's medication?
  7. I was so excited to see the Deaf Ninja back! I was surprised because he had said last year would be his last for a while because he went back to school to get his PhD in kinesiology. I guess COVID messed that up for him. I saw him speak at our local Deaf school (my niece is Deaf) and he is such an inspiration for those kids.
  8. This annoys me so much. Part of how these biometric scanners work is detecting capillary blood flow in the skin. It would never work with a dead hand, especially not one burned so badly.
  9. This show has only made one really good impression on me - that Yvie is an incredibly driven and talented performer who I think will go far.
  10. Literally the only thing I can think of in the brain that prevents using hormonal birth control is a stroke, and I can't see them not milking it. Even then she could use a copper IUD.
  11. Stormfront has been around since the 1990's. The Daily Stormer was their attempt to appeal to younger folks who weren't into forum style sites that look like they were designed in 1995.
  12. I can't believe how clearly they telegraphed that Stormfront was racist with that name alone, and the fact it went over my head. I feel dumb and yet kudos for how well they did that. For those who don't know, Stormfront is the name of one of the original websites for hardcore white supremacists. It is still very active.
  13. She's also a former reality TV star (Dance Moms) and hosts the kids version of Lip Sync Battle. She's in a much higher tier of celebrity and this whole thing baffles me on levels I can't explain.
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