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  1. 9-1-1 may have a time jump in season 4
  2. Jorge has been released. He looks really good.
  3. I am a grown woman with ADHD and I love/hate Buck because I identify with him. He's got a lot of the hallmarks of adult ADHD.
  4. I assumed Alana was doing some sort of online curriculum. I doubt June would be up to following the laws regarding record keeping for attendence and curriculum.
  5. He was found not guilty He was also a Southern Baptist Missionary.
  6. Lifetime is uploading the full episodes on YouTube which lead to me internet stalking the girls. It looks like only Claire entered into any kind of order. She became a Consecrated Virgin in 2016. It looks like all the other girls have remained very religious except for Eseni who did another reality show.
  7. I was kind of hoping we'd see a running gag of familiars this season a la Murphy Brown secretaries.
  8. It's a pretty common Southern affectation
  9. I wonder if the Eddie Begins episode will have any shades of the Baby Jessica story
  10. Is Bell's tv show a local show? If so, the commitment is a lot lower, especially if they bulk tape a week in a day.
  11. So happy to see May Kay Place again. I loved her so much on Big Love
  12. Some cable systems will interrupt programming on all channels for tornado warnings. Doesn't help if you are watching a streaming service. This is why having a weather radio is so vital. If you don't have one, you need one.
  13. As someone who is poly, I was impressed with how true poly was represented, except for the idea of a functional poly dating app! There are none!
  14. Passed has been used in the southern US by African Americans as long as I can remember. My family likes to use "gone home to Heaven" but they are super religious
  15. Interesting tidbit about Chris - he's good friends with another Netflix star, Alyssa Edwards of Dancing Queen. I googled it after seeing him wear a House of Edwards shirt.
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