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  1. Elizabeth is a younger version of her mother. Amber is a huge bitch. The way she treats Anna is despicable.
  2. Does it really matter? It’s Angela. No amount of surgery, in any order, is going to make her into a decent human being. André and Chucklefuck Jr and their “heartfelt” convo was ridiculous. No apology from the drunken asshole. André is right about two things. He’s smarter than the whole family brain trust combined and Chucklefuck Jr and the coven will try to sabotage him every step of the way.
  3. Aw Jenna’s Dad is so proud of her. I wonder how long that will last? I give her two days, at most, before she’s crying and pitching major fits about having to take care of the baby. Brain dead Lily. How did she get this far in life?
  4. I can’t ever summon the energy to snark about this pack of losers.
  5. Heroin with a side of vodka. Two kids with the same guy? That has to be a first with this crew!
  6. I’m really disliking Natasha. That “live dessert” performance looked disgusting! Was everyone supposed to applaud because she splattered some chocolate and fruit on a tablecloth? The over easy egg screw up was completely her fault and yet she blamed Daisy for bringing the plate back. Daisy seems competent, nice and very laid back compared to other Chief Stews. Sydney’s desperation reminds me of Jess from the other BD. She just might go full on psycho before the season ends. That may inject some life into the show.
  7. You know this show is completely off the rails when Yara and Jovi are the normal, happy couple. There could have been uninterrupted, unedited video of Mike and Sara not having sex in front of a house full of wedding guests and Natalie will still choose to believe they did. So mach crazy jealous. Rebecca had a makeover? She looks older and more bloated than ever!
  8. I must have missed this beauty the first time around. Another genius who knows better than Dr Now.
  9. I have no desire to watch this snoozapalooza. I’d rather enjoy the snark.
  10. If Rebecca was my mom I’d be dead behind the eyes too but I think it’s genetics or lack of a brain. I completely agree with you! I give Mike props just for putting up with all of Natalie’s personalities, let alone the constant biting comments about EVERYTHING.
  11. There was nothing interesting on earlier so I watched a rerun. It was the old standard of an out of control teen v her clueless parents. I hate when $hill tells the parents he didn’t know there was a window you could go to to terminate parenting responsibility. Also when he tells the brat kid that he doesn’t ask why she’s acting out but why she’s not. He needs to get some new fucking material. I swear he uses both of those stupid expressions at least once a week along with the even dumber pancake analogy. Robin looks like a anorexic wide mouth bass when she gawps.
  12. I know this is a late reply but you killed me with this! Rebecca would throw on head scarf and start respecting Ramadan ASAP! .
  13. I’m prepared to hate Mike but first I want to know if Natalie pulled some psycho stunt the night before the wedding. They sure looked happy the night before. I have a feeling she couldn’t keep her shit together for 24 hours straight. Stephanie deserves to have all her money stolen and/or spent by the psychic and Harris and Ryan and all of their families. She is a fucking brainless mess. Those were some jumbo wine glasses at their “intimate lunch.” What kind of wedding is Rebecca holding out for during a pandemic? If she loves Zied as much as she claims, ramming it down our throats
  14. She looks like a stuffed baked potato in those brown pants!
  15. How can she be sobbing and blubbering in pain AND hungry??
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