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  1. Faux beau 2.0 Twit meets Le Blur in person, they fall in love and quelle surprise! she gets engaged, this time on American soil. He’s a much quicker study than Chase. He realizes Twit is an obnoxious delusional narcissist after just a few days. He gets an “emergency” call from France. Mère Blur is ill and he has to rush home. C’est dommage. Twit never hears from him again, ever. The end. I knew those 5 years of French would come in handy one day.
  2. She can use the egg that Angela’s uterus is sure to spit right out.
  3. Kenny’s family seems to think he moved to Antarctica, where they can only visit once a year during the spring melt.
  4. Enough with Mt Whitney constantly worrying about and talking down to her parents. She needs to worry about her own choices and leave them the hell alone. My mom was still teaching 2nd grade at 80. I hate the way this asshole treats Babs and Glen. Frenchie wants no part of Twit, waxed or unwaxed. She’s so pathetically desperate. No man wants a woman who has to beg for attention. Fat Girls Getaway would have been a great testament to heavy women if they left Twit at home. She’s an embarrassment to all women. I love when the camera is focused on her fat ass! The camera
  5. They’d be way more attractive than the Silva oompa-loompas. Darcey’s mantras: I’m a strong woman (except when it comes to younger men) My daughters are the most important thing to me (after Georgi and plastic surgery)
  6. Dimyelle is still looking for closure with Mohamed? Sad. The rent-a-friends could have done a better job of sprucing her up for her big date. So mach cringe. Ed is a pig. Fernanda is a poser and a user. I’m with @Hotel Snarker Fuck Brittany!
  7. I got here just in time to see that Scummeat is still stringing Geriatric Jenny along. She’s way dumber than I gave her credit for. She better scurry back to the USA before the Indian Mafia comes after her. Evelyn is as lovely and charming as ever and still hates Corey. At least her family isn’t putting out a hit on him. Did Areola find someone to screw around with in Ethiopia??? I missed most of their segment. I hate every single couple except Armando and Kenny but they’ll probably be on my shit list by the end of the season.
  8. Aw Mt Whitney has a new fake boyfriend. Does he get paid if his face is blurred out? I’m surprised some Nigerian scammer hasn’t latched on to her by now. She’d be such an easy mark In true lazy ass Twit style, she couldn’t be bothered to heave her fat ass off the bed when Babs and Glen came in. She must really miss Buddy and the bedside food delivery service he used to provide. She’s resurrected her “dance” career. Todd dances, Twit flaps her arms around and moves as little as possible. With all that dancing and training, I predict an injury by episode 5. Spoiler alert:
  9. Finally finished watching Part 1 of the tell nothing. I don’t know why I bothered. Brandon needs to crawl back inside mommy’s uterus and take the entire “farm” with him. He’s a dimwitted, pathetic little mamma’s boy. Just once I want someone tell Angela to sit her flat ass down and shut the fuck up. And fuck TLC/Sharpe for condoning her abusive, assaultive bullshit. Why was Skyla there? To gape slack-jawed in the matching dollar store hair and hideous dress, that made her look like an unmade bed, while her mother acted like an uncaged animal at feeding time? I love Yara and
  10. They probably have a sweatshop somewhere in Asia. Girls trip!
  11. So I see TLC will he supporting Chase’s baby. He’s now officially a barnacle. She’s still saying she’s going to be a trainer???? That ship sailed 200 pounds ago. It goes against everything I believe in to say this and pay her a compliment but I like her glasses.
  12. Speaking of Daddy’s credit card, why is it we never see these two bimbettes working? They supposedly have that knock off Forever 21, H11 business, so why not show then pretending to spend a day at work once in a while? It might be a nice distraction from Darcey’s pathetic love life.
  13. I guess we can assume he found Darcey on that Sugar Mama website the ex wife saw. How long were they in DC? A year with all that shit they brought with them? I’m laughing hysterically at Darcey sobbing in the back seat while Georgi wipes away a single tear of abandonment back in the hotel room. Darcey is so far beyond pathetic. Georgi called Darcey and her famewhore friends American Trash!!! “Who does he think he is?” Well, girls, I think he’s ACCURATE!
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