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  1. OMG I fucking despise Lisa with every fiber of my being!
  2. Well there ya go. She said it would never happen again. David you are too stupid to live.
  3. Reminds me of the time she got mad at Jesse and got out of the cab they were in. She had to drag her 32 pieces of luggage to the sidewalk. Pure gold!
  4. This ^^^. He was waaaay too generous with that 70%
  5. I’m mad that they cut the sneak peek before we got to see the Tom/Darcey reunion. Tom didn’t send her kiss emojis like he usually does. I guess that settles it. He hates her. Given that Darcey is such an emotional mess, I’m really surprised that she is mentally stable enough to keep returning to this franchise. She has to know everyone mocks her, right? If she deliberately avoids social media, I’m sure Stacey just loves to tell her all the negative shit. I briefly (nanoseconds) considered she might be playing us and she’s really a strong, confidant, well-adjusted woman who doesn’t drink and loves nothing more than lounging around, sans fillers, Botox, make-up and spider eyelashes, in PJs with her daughters. Who am I kidding.
  6. What does Chase do for a living? Does he have a real job? Are we supposed to believe he actually purchased that ring? I wonder if he asked Glen & Babs for their blessing to marry Twit? I’d love to see that scene! Did they bow before him and cry copious tears of relief? So many questions! Twit was extra sweaty this week. Chase is a real zero in the personality department but I still find it hard to believe he is actually fucking Twit. He looks like he barely tolerates being anywhere near her. And Twit, the queen of groping and overstepping boundaries, is way too restrained with him. What a great idea to get engaged in Paris, romance capital of the world, while sharing a room with your frat bruh. The thought of watching an entire season of these two slugs prepping for their faux wedding makes me itchy. If I could have one wish granted, it would be to never again have to see anyone rub any substance on any part of Twit.
  7. FI Sandoval can take his extra party and all his other ridic affectations and just go fuck all the way off! And take the ever so brilliant, but depressed, Ariana with him.
  8. Scheana must be loving the Max/Dayna breakup/relationship that never was. Katie is having too much fun to promote the business with Kristin???? My 99 yr old Grandmother looks like she has more fun. Katie always looks like she’s taking her last few breaths on this planet. It must be soul-killing to be around her for any length of time. Lala needs to ease up with the contouring & bronzing. She looks like she stuck her face in mud.
  9. It’s SoCal brainless which is a regional dialect of Cal moron.
  10. The poor camera person, as usual. You can tell how much they really hate her in any given week by the number of times the camera zooms in on her fat ass. During the stupid reunion/game show, Chase & Ryan are laughing like they’re both in on an inside joke. I love that they played the clips of Twit humping & sighing & draping herself all over Buddy.
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