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  1. They should have flashed back to him in the river wearing every piece of “safety” gear he brought.
  2. Baby Eleanor looks just like Andrrrrrrrré. That has to piss off the evil sisters. Libby is a spoiled brat who didn’t really need another wedding gown. That said, the bitchy sister just had to shit all over the dress experience by griping about Andrrrrrrré. Then her mother chimes in to say her precious daughter shouldn’t have to wear a conservative dress because she’s an American. Why not just video chat with his family and say fuck you and your church? Does grifter Sister Asuelo realize he has 2 kids he’s supposed to be supporting? Family Asuelo probably plants a sibling on every continent to see who sends the most money home. If Jess thinks the Vanessa situation is crazy, wait til she meets mommy!
  3. I’m so over Libby and Andrrrrrrrrrrrrrré! Why does she wait until they’re talking to his family to disagree with the wedding plans? When he brought it up at Daddy’s bday party, she acted like it was all a big surprise to her too. Is she afraid to have a discussion about anything at home? Or is she a big fat liar, manipulating everyone? She wants her family to think André is the inconsiderate one, who makes all the plans without consulting her. Everyone feel sorry for Libby because she has such a horrible inconsiderate husband. He is a demanding ass but she’s a conniving spoiled brat. I’m sick of them both. Mother Pole will probably end up taking in Karina and Pierreee when Pole goes full-on psycho and torches the house one day. Colt is a disgusting pig. What the fuck is wrong with Jess? Is she wanted for murder back in Brazil? There have to be some pretty gruesome skeletons in her closet if Colt is the best American she can fall in love with trap. Larissa’s date was pretty funny. The constant nervous laughing made her look like and sound an idiot. I guess she trolling for a new man to pay for all of her “enhancements”. Where did they dig that guy up? Angela’s granddaughter looks just like her, poor child. Who gets the aig when HugeAnge kicks the bucket?
  4. Can Angela really be that ignorant? (rhetorical) No reputable Dr is going to plant an aig for her to tote in that shriveled up, nicotine drenched uterus. She better get used to the idea of a sister wife because that’s the only way she’ll ever be able to give Michael a child. I think Colt is one of the most revolting men on this franchise. I can’t believe two women were willing to have sex with a pasty blob of repugnant carcass who lives with mommy. What a catch!
  5. As if that’s going to happen lol. I think Hannah will to manipulate the shit out of the situation to make Bugsy and Jess hate each other.
  6. Pete is the epitome of a douchebro and about as self-aware as a rock.
  7. I think she was on the season of Adam and the onions and Hannah coming on to the guest. Adam told Hannah that Bugsy would be a better chief stew. It was probably the only time any of us would have agreed with anything said by Adam. Bringing Bugsy back is a loud and clear “fuck you” to Hannah. This should be fun!
  8. Hannah is such a miserable twunt! She got rid of Lara, rightfully so. Now she’s going to gripe about Jess who may not have tons of experience but seems eager to learn. I guess she’s mad because she might have to actually do some work for half a charter. This proves to me that she’s just a bitch who will never be satisfied with anyone or anything. She claims to love kids but complains about how dirty the guest’s kids are. Karma is coming to visit you Hannah! Way to motivate your crew Sandy, complaining to the one stew who’s doing any work about the state of the laundry room, of all places. Not exactly a priority location when you’re down a stew. Sandy loves to bitch about trivialities. At least she didn’t complain about the laundry to Hannah because Hannah doesn’t need more ammunition to bitch about Jess. Im surprised to find myself not hating Malia. She seems to be doing a good job. She’ll prob go far in the yachting world.
  9. Dad Libby does not get to bitch about giving them money when he keeps doing it!
  10. I just can’t with Kalani’s tits! Have to FF thru that.
  11. Mine is 38 and calls me every day. I hear from my daughter when she needs money lol
  12. Absolutely full of shit! I schlepped all over NYC for my job with a broken ankle. Lazy bitch.
  13. I get the feeling those sisters do everything together. where do they get off talking about how sucky Moldyville is? They live in Florida! sorry FL peeps
  14. I’m not surprised this idiot posted something reprehensible and racist. One only needs to watch him for 3 mins in the first episode to recognize he’s not far removed from his Neanderthal ancestors. The stupidity comes thru loud and clear!
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