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  1. I'll give Cillas all the credit he deserves. He looks good. Good Night Pounders! See you next season!
  2. Yes it is and frankly, I wish this season was already over.
  3. Best Part of this entire freaking episode: Nat King Cole singing "Let's Face The Music"!!!
  4. Has Tiffany lost any weight? She looks the same to me.
  5. There's something so romantic about marrying a man who is wearing a red sports cap and cannot stand during the ceremony.....
  6. How are Tiffany and her boyfriend living? Do either one of them work?
  7. Old Hefty commercial because John now has gray temples!
  8. He left??? Must have happened during one of my cat naps.
  9. Pounders, it's kinda hard to follow the story when every so often, one lets out a huge yawn....
  10. Yep, Tiffany. That whole 8 pounds is REALLY FUCKING close to 65 pounds.....
  11. Good Eveming, Pounders! MsVixen reporting for duty! Eating habit was Yakisoba Chicken and Beef with Green Giant Frozen vegetables.
  12. Who has had 2 weight loss surgeries and still looks as big as the piano...
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