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  1. We ordered Chinese food a couple of times during the lockdown. It supported our neighbors, and was very tasty. It led to a couple of hours of dancing in socks to forgotten hits. I need to be very careful, though. I can easily gain weight or become a alcoholic from all this.
  2. Oh, that's pretty. I did manage to do red beans and rice, and we hurt ourselves for two days. Damn, it takes so long for ham hocks to soften! Had this pack of "gourmet" red beans, smaller than normal. I like to use salt pork for blackeyes and other beans, but had these hocks in the freezer. Took 6 hours, at least. Also made cornbread (from the Albers box recipe, which is glued inside of my kitchen cupboard) After all the mixing, found out we didn't have an egg. Made it without it. Don't try this, especially if you don't have natural teeth. Boy I don't mean to overshare here, but
  3. Hi everybody! Coming to you from Hotel California. Check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. I'm sure most of you can relate. I am truly alarmed about storm and tornado damage in the South, and more bad weather and winds coming up the East Coast tonight. Please everybody take care. I am praying, for what it's worth.
  4. Actually that makes a lot of sence. I don't have my sewing machine anymore, but seriously, what do I need to make masks etc.
  5. Hi, everyone. I have been on lockdown for a month, and have lost my job. Can't do Facilities from home. Mourning Kenny Rogers. Doing nothing but drinking, except when my husband ordered Chinese food and I hoovered it up. Felt a lot better. Cats are good, food and catbox ok. Play with wand toys and try to communicate love, not fear. Am scared (!) and I wish a homestyle chicken sandwich and a large frys would fix it.
  6. Hello folks, am in total panic tonight. We have shutdown of state, no work, how are we going to pay mortgage? I can't drink enough to sleep.
  7. Thanks, you guys. I just microwaved a frozen chicken enchilada and will join in live chat tonight.
  8. No, I meant plastic containers will leak around their tops when frozen, because the liquid expands when frozen. I really don't want to insult or offend anybody at all. If anyone feels so, I apologize, truly. I am a Pounder viewer, but I never finished college, so I'm not an expert on anything at all. And yes, the morbidly obese 600lb life folks are really at risk. We are in a shelter-in place lockdown here, and am really scared.
  9. I know milk doesn't freeze well.. I keep riffing on this, but what about that powdered milk stuff they sold in the 60's and 70's? It would put anyone off milk.
  10. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. I'll see how this boils down with my employment. Thing is, my Union Carpenter former self has COPD and is vulnerable, and I haven't really to put down the smokes. My fault. Oh "butt" yes the napkins will do just do their multi-purpose fine. Good thing the yard waste bin is so large; one can bury a multitude of sins (!) under a mower bag of grass. Seriously, my online pals, I do appreciate your comments and company, thanks!
  11. Hi folks, I'm checking in...I have been absolutely floored by flu (I don't think covid 19) for a week. I feel like I have lost a week of my life. I have been stuck at home with my now blind husband, unable to shop or drive or go to work Getting blasted by my boss, until today, when our county has imposed a mandatory 3-week shelter in place. No work. Maybe it's time to retire. I did get to the store where I did get cat food and canned goods. No toilet paper or paper towels, but I did score a 300-pak of napkins. It's good to feel like I'm back among the living, and looking forward to Wed
  12. OMG! I remember the broomstick thingie. In Fresno clothes dry in half an hour and bleached I 110 degree summer heat. My grandmother couldn't be convinced to get a dryer, even when my folks offered her one. We weren't poor; it was a state of mind. Like my middle-class mom mixing up that depression-era powdered milk when all my friends got the cartoned stuff!
  13. Yes, I usually duck out for the surgery scenes. I'm also kind of afraid of a "something's wrong" moment, like with Vianey.
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