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  1. Maybe she's doing the egg freezing because she realizes: 1) the chances of her finding someone willing to impregnate her are slim. 2) the chances of her becoming pregnant are slim, and her chances of carrying a baby successfully are less than a non-obese woman 3) she's too lazy, immature & doesn't have the mental fortitude to be pregnant, so she would rather pay someone else to carry a child for her (then likely hire someone to care for the child). 4) she knows that no one on God's green earth would ever let her adopt a child, but I think that storyline from a few seasons
  2. Stupid question, but why is the new BF's face blocked out? Maybe for a reason I missed? Could be any dude they pulled off the street & offered $50 for a few minutes work. The photoshopping work on those Paris pictures is stunning, bravo! I don't see that TLC is promoting the return of MBFFL. Funny, they are still showing 2 episodes from last season every week of the 1000 lb Sisters, which I have to admit I find more appealing. I think it's about the honestly of the thing. During last season I would size a MBFFL episode up in the first few minutes & sometimes I just couldn'
  3. Screw this private location in Marseilles with it's private pool. Let her prove her belief in NBS and film herself strolling with her Frenchman on the beaches of San Tropez.
  4. OMG she looks bigger than ever. Who's not going to stare at anyone that size dressed like that? Her confidence in herself amazes me.
  5. So funny, this made me think about that day so long long ago when the girls in my class all got "the talk". I recall a filmstrip with some vague diagram of a uterus, and being really confused about the whole thing. They really didn't give much useful info back then in the mid-late 60's, if you know what I mean.
  6. "Shatterproof" = plastic 😕
  7. Oh pleeeeze. I'll bet this "fan scare" never happened. The new season is starting soon & she's just getting some pre-publicity. That could have been video of a friend for all we know. Naked at the door? Just ugh. Deep down she knows her body doesn't conform to any standard of beauty or health. I'm sure she doesn't love being morbidly obese, but losing weight is hard & food is so tasty. And she's just a true exhibitionist. Maybe she thinks if everyone sees her body constantly they'll start to think it's "normal". Sorry honey, ain't happening. My feeling is her personali
  8. Oh you are SO right, I agree with everything you said. After the more fake than ever last season I was sure that it was finally done. I watched it here & there, but it was so awful that I just couldn't & would usually catch up here to read the highlights/lowlights. Whitney Thore is a spoiled conceited gross lazy oversized baby exhibitionist who couldn't attract a really decent nice man (and it's NOT due to her size). I've been to Paris, & there's no way someone like Whitney wouldn't attract attention in a very bad way. If there's another faux-mance this season, it's another actor,
  9. I hope his girlfriend knows she's always gonna be working 2 jobs.
  10. Jean just had gas pains because they blow up your abdomen with air when they operate there. She's severely clinically depressed, I'm not a proponent of psych meds that ppl seem to pop like candy nowadays, but I think she & her mom could benefit from some happy pills.
  11. I got the embarrassment douche chills listening to that proposal song. 😬
  12. I gotta think that 900 lb, who was still gaining, Samantha had a stomach bigger than that.
  13. These are two very depressed ladies. But mom drives & has friends, we know because one was willing to care for that pack of hounds. This was filmed right after the original episode, so it's old news. Way pre-covid. I believe Jean is one of the patients suing the production company. I wonder how she and her mom are doing today?
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