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  1. This is Whitney's show so she is in charge of everything, the fake BF storylines, which friends are involved (& therefore get paid). Either Buddy pissed her off and got dis-invited or maybe his GF said enough is enough, I'm tired of her either slobbering all over you, or ordering you around & treating you like shit. In Whitney World, you work for her & you WILL tolerate any behavior she throws at you if you want that fine TLC $$. I hope it's worth it. Todd lost the sassiness we loved so much, did he get a talking to? He doesn't seem the same. Hunter's in his biggest rol
  2. YIKES I do not like what I see in that trailer. If Tammy ever did find a facility to take her in, I guess she's been discharged. She's 750 if she's an ounce. And it looks like Amy hasn't lost more weight, too bad. Looks pregnant but I guess that's just her gut. Chris was pretty big too, but must have lost enough to get his surgery, or at least the Dr. will try. Hope he does well, I like him. I see a previously unseen sister has decided to jump on the TLC $$ bandwagon LOL. There was a lot of yelling & anger & profanity in that trailer. The first 2 seasons had many honest
  3. Exactly, I caught that snide comment she made last week. If she later regretted saying it she could have simply asked for it to be edited out. But she didn't. So go fuck yourself, Whitney. YOU invited that question.
  4. Aw shucks! You mean the cruel hand of fate has once again come out of nowhere & slapped poor Whit in the face, & after she's gotten herself all ready for some serious sexual activity with someone she's never met (but surely desires her greatly), by poufing her senshus lips? Curses upon you covid for keeping these star-crossed lovers apart, for this is surely the greatest love of all time! Yes Whit, young Le Blur is surely THE ONE, so you keep those eggs ice cold & ready to be fertilized & implanted into Heather as soon as the covid travel restrictions are removed, wheth
  5. My short term memory is shit, but my recollection is that there was a spat with Hunter because he thinks she's nuts for inviting the French dude, then there was a brief chat at the gym with Jessica about nothing, Tal & Heather stopped over for a chat about nothing, she & Babs got lip filler, & there was trip talk. That's about it I think.
  6. So 5 minutes in & she's still telling people about her vagina. Is it me or does the "French man" sound a lot like Pepe Le Pew? Is this for really going to show up on this trip? Somehow I'm thinking not. Her behavior is just off the charts this season, it's as though she thinks that the more outrageous & obnoxious she is, she can keep this show going.
  7. Yes, I agree, I also got a weird pregnancy vibe from her throughout the whole process. From the follicle check when her reaction was that of a woman at a pregnancy ultrasound, and then at the retrieval she was in full blown delivery mode. Bizarre. As someone pointed out, dancing seems to be a thing of the past, the closest thing to actual dancing she's done all season was that soft porn-ish poolside group twerk session on the fat girl's weekend trip. So now she & the group are heading to Maine. It would be great if someone who encountered Whit & her barnacles on the road would
  8. I totally agree. I laughed out loud when Chase told how he ended up in the arms of & subsequently impregnated his "ex" because he felt neglected when Whitney traipsed off to Paris with her friends. Nice job, writers!! OMG That's a French boy, not a man. I'll bet in reality she's got 15+ years on this dude. "What do you smell like?" she's asks the boy. Ooo la la, that's sexy talk, she's trying to turn him on, baby!
  9. "I'm kinda dating a guy in France I've never met'. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不丑
  10. So I get that due to covid they had to film during a time that no real USA grown pumpkins were available, and although it seems as fruit & veggies from South America are available when they're off season here in the US, maybe pumpkins aren't. But there are very realistic fake pumpkins made. Where I used to live in NY there was a huge tourist attraction called The Blaze. It's thousands of carved fake pumpkins of all sizes & shapes in giant vignettes, it's very cool. So why didn't the show just be honest & say we're using these fake pumpkins but stick with the old format. D
  11. Whitney treats her friends like fucking garbage, I hope they're getting paid a lot to put up with this loathesome fucking nasty-ass sarcastic pig, scripted or not. Fake or real, even a storyline showing what a piece of shit you are makes it the same thing. Bottom line: there is not enough TLC money in the world that would be enough for me to put up with 10 minutes of this obnoxious bitch's bullshit.
  12. Why is she acting like she's at a pregnancy ultrasound appointment? Legs strategically spread with cameraman positioned just so we can imagine her coochy areas. Really? There's not the slightest shred of decorum in Whitney. I think she enjoys disgusting people, then she can accuse them of fat shaming.
  13. Let's not forget that even if Whit passed the certification, she would be responsible for providing her own insurance & bring in her own clients. Yeah, ok. I always thought BGDC was her best idea. Not that she could actually lead a class herself anymore, as evidenced by the disgusting & yet compelling wet & wild fat porn twerk session at the retreat that she served up, even though she was asked to lead a class.
  14. WTF is this mess! Just watching first episode now. No pumpkins? No carvers? Where's the fancy blown & spun sugar? No small scare? Even the scary music is gone! Entire new format, zero excitement, zero fun. Did covid do this? Did I say NO PUMPKINS, yeah I guess I did. Who's the host, the steampunk looking dude in the tv? Nice to see Shinmin but sorry, I'm not a fan of Eddie Jackson, the beefy former football player. Always looks & sounds out of place to me. Like he does on Christmas Cookie Challenge. But the FN sure likes him, so..... I hope they play some past sea
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