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  1. Baby rabies crazy must run in the family. Her mother Ashley had an abortion and then had a mental breakdown. She stole Victor's sperm. She said a blanket was her baby. Then the mess with Adam and the baby switch.
  2. Well, now she's Carrie from Sex and the City and the hubby is Mr. Big. Cornhole sounds dirty. Well, I guess that's it. Good bye.
  3. I read too much celebrity gossip, and they say she is eager to please on her knees. I don't know if Flay is one of her men. If his office was in a car, Paradise by the Dashboard Lights. Or if he want to sabotage their diets, Cheeseburger with Paradise.
  4. They won't let him wear his Ugly Beards Club shirt.
  5. I haven't either. Those kinds of shows bore me.
  6. I remember him. He was one of the good ones. I read ebooks, but I like to lay back with an actual book.
  7. People that drive cars a lot swell up to a thousand pounds.
  8. Her husband could lose a pound shaving off that beard.
  9. She has classic symptoms, high bp, diabetes. Losing weight will help.
  10. 650 is my guess. I feel like I'm on the price is right.
  11. Mommy wanted a cheerleader, and I had to be the mascot.
  12. At least she's not on a scooter in the drive through.
  13. They haven't gotten it on in a year because of her.
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