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  1. That was one of the best seasons in my opinion. The group dance was great with Mark, Derek, Val, and Maks. Val said it was like the Super Bowl of Pros, and he was right even though he was complimenting himself. lol Mark was so creative, and Derek had great dances. I know the Maks/Meryl thing and Charlie's elimination didn't suit everyone, but this season stands out in my mind. I'm rooting for Sasha because he's never won before, and I always thought he was amusing with the lobster costume and pranks.
  2. No wonder she likes reality shows. She lived like a Kardashian. Rich party girl to rich political pundint. I'm so impressed.
  3. It would make Kate look bad especially with Colin. She's not good at telling the truth.
  4. That's right. I have worn them most of my life and have to pay for them. It was on the show so maybe the network paid for them.
  5. I don't think she bought him out. He just moved. I heard he was living in the upstairs apartment in the house toward the end of the marriage.
  6. They are going to be corrupted by Halloween, Harry Potter's magic, and gay Dumbledore.
  7. Kate was supporting the kids with the kids' money so that was easy to do. And when you have a TV network and an angry narcissist against you, it's hard to have power to do anything. I think the public has the right to know of Kate's manipulations since she and TLC have tried so hard to paint her as good. They sure didn't mind smearing Jon. The latest is TLC offered him a million dollars to stay married to Kate. Jon has made his mistakes, but TLC and Kate pulled a lot of stunts to keep the show on the air. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/jon-gosselin-tlc-offered-me-1-million-to-stay-married-to-kate/
  8. Simon has not had the best reputation with the ladies. He had a son with a married woman, and she left her husband for him. He's a major playboy. Maybe Jeremy can counsel him.
  9. https://okmagazine.com/photos/jill-duggar-horrifying-drive-church-car-troubles/ Jill was criticized for how she handled the window. I've said it before. I'll say it again. She's really her mother's daughter.
  10. Kay had a child she gave up for adoption. It was thought to be Jill. It turned out to be Tucker. Tucker hooked up Devon's mother who was an addict. She got something. Not sure how much.
  11. I was there about twenty years ago. I'm a big Dirty Dancing fan which is where my profile name came from. I went to the two DD locations. One is gone. The other is the hotel in my profile picture. I always thought it was funny I ended up going to two PS filming places. The documentary was good. My mother loved seeing Sam Elliot.
  12. I love TV and movie books. I just reserved that at the library. I've been reading entertainment books by James Robert Parrish and Alan Royle. AR has more gossip stuff. I've been reading the Awkward books by JB Heller and the Badge Bunny Booze books by Quinn Glasneck. If you like humor or Stephanie Plum books, you might like these. Another set of funny books is about a group of girlfriends finding different guys by Kimberly Fox.
  13. I went to a Christian school with a Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox. They didn't like Daisy Duke's legs showing. God forbid we see legs, but we can see their obvious pregnant bellies(belly buttons and all) in tight shirts.
  14. What do they do at woman camp? Give each other social media tips and the best places to find early pregnancy tests?
  15. Yes, it seems that reading the message boards on here, the million plus TLC shows keep getting renewed.
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