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  1. I remember him joking(sort of) that he wanted to dance with Maks. That would've been fun.
  2. That's the Michelle in her. Michelle went on about a miscarriage that happened kwhen she started having children. And there was Jubilee in the cigar box. I'm not sure how far along M was with Jubilee.
  3. I don't know the details, but my cousin and his wife had some sort of blood test? before they got the ultrasound to find out it was a girl. Amniocentesis reveals the gender, but I don't know if Erin would get that.
  4. She talked about it after her father died, but I don't think it worked.
  5. The thoughts of Tyra's fashions on Fashion night gives me a headache. What will it be, songs about Zoolander, drugs, and eating disorders? And NCIS is very popular with older people including my mother. We watched some NCIS during DWTS. Mark Harmon has mainly pulled back from the show now, but I don't know if that will help DWTS ratings.
  6. They were married. Maybe he wanted to see her boobs. lol
  7. I think the Brooks were still on the show when the skulking young Victor appeared on the scene, and he was involved with Brooks sister Lorie.
  8. Is she looking for a brain?
  9. https://people.com/health/my-600-lb-life-season-9-teaser/ Show's coming back November 10.
  10. Byrd's wife has been sick. JJ told him his salary was too much, but he sounded like he might've taken a lower one. https://ew.com/tv/judge-judy-bailiff-petri-hawkins-byrd-judy-justice/?utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_entertainmentweekly&utm_content=new&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_term=6160b98990c5510001bac670
  11. With the cat thing, Patty and Miss Kitty should show up at the A/V wedding. It can only improve things.
  12. In the first show, I always thought of her as Roseanne's cool little sister that helped Becky get on birth control and smoked pot in the bathtub and thought it was the sink. I know her mother drives her crazy, and I wish they had a story about her son that would explain her behavior. Family is so important to her, and being estranged from her son would be hard for her.
  13. I'm not excusing him, but I wonder if he has a sex addiction. He's so smart and charming, but addictions can affect the smartest people. I've enjoyed this so far. I'm close to Monica's age and I remember the news and the media jokes.
  14. My mother and I have been talking about this. OK, you get rid of the wonderful Tom. Who's your first thought for a replacement? Tyra Banks! We suspect she previously worked with the producer or someone behind the scenes. I figure Tyra has been in show business long enough to have contacts on different reality shows. Maybe she's blackmailing somebody. lol Agree. I loved the jokes and bloopers between Tom and Erin. I love comedy. Tyra has made me laugh but in a bad way. I'm rooting for Suni/Sasha, but she has some tough competition. Transferring from gymnastics to dancing is
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