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  1. Yes, they hated each other and not in a sexual way. Like Billy and Phyllis before they got together.
  2. I just watched this. I was familiar with the story because I keep up with celebrity gossip. I knew about Clinton and Andrew but not about Dershowitz. The brother could've been innocent. But what did he know? Is he hiding evidence? I just think there was a lot of bribery and blackmailing going on.
  3. Alligator Adventure isn't far from BL. Not interested in that either. One thing I notice is Joe sniffed a lot. Drugs, a quirk, a deviated nasal septum?
  4. I've been to MB for years too, and I've heard of the animal safari place. But I have no interest in it. Years ago, we went to Barefoot Landing, a shopping/dining/recreation area in Myrtle Beach. It's where they have something from the safari tour. In a glass display cage, they had a tiger. I had no idea years later I'd see the crazy owner on Netflix. I was getting Netflix for other things and just watched TK.
  5. That neighbor is so in trouble. She must be an evil liberal who wants to ban guns and drinking. Seth Myers is not enemy number one anymore.
  6. Remember Steven said he wanted to be in the movies. He can play a fat Pigpen in a Peanuts movie
  7. What do you take for an Assanti hangover?
  8. Maybe he blackmailed her into marrying him. I'm trying to think of a reason he would be someone's husband.
  9. They're obviously not shipping hair care products.
  10. If she goes on trial for murdering Steven, pounders on the jury will find her not guilty.
  11. I thought maybe she married him to be on a reality show. But she doesn't seem to be seeking publicity. I would be ashamed too.
  12. Steven must be secretly rich or heir to a fortune That's the only way to explain his marriage.
  13. I take you Steven to be my awfully wedded husband.
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