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  1. So it's My 600 lb Criminal Life. It's Dick Wolf's new series. Pretty cops chase heavy people who can't run fast.
  2. If she had been successful, she could've been a counselor to Dr. Now's patients. Lola would've had competition.
  3. I don't need therapy. Next month: I'm depressed.
  4. He has vision problems so she looks like Angelina Jolie to him.
  5. It shows what a low bar this show sets when I give her points for being mobile and driving.
  6. Dr Now says No more brownies, not wire hangers.
  7. As a counselor, she should be aware her mother was a drug addict, and she's a food addict.
  8. Sheldon looked 12 when she first met him.
  9. Hello. I saw where Howard Stern was talking about this show. It's getting popular.
  10. Most of the hosts on this show were mothers who talked about their children. Doesn't Meghan realize a show hosted by women will have children as part of the topics? I've had experience with infertility. Real tough chicks soldier through and don't whine.
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