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  1. When did Brenda Dickson leave the show, and why? I know I read somewhere that she had some real life issues years later, but why would she have left Y and R? She was so good in that role.
  2. This is so not right, and I know you need this job, but if you ever get to that point, you should be a whistleblower. This is completely unacceptable treatment of an employee. I am so sorry that you are having to endure this.
  3. I agree--it was highly entertaining, especially the Sami Lucas stuff. When he said he never tried to kill Sami and she scoffed: that's debatable! Those two are gold. I don't know how they are going to keep this going. At this point Jake, Gabi, Kate, Sami, Lucas, Chloe, Brady, Marlena, John and now Rafe all know it's Kristen. I just don't get her exit strategy.
  4. That has to be it. So she is looking at herself instead of following the prompter and looking into the camera. Does that mean she is also frowning at herself? 🤣
  5. Yesterday's show was particularly bad for that in the first segment. Here eyes kept darting the left and she had a confused/cranky look on her face. She has said she is in studio so it is her producer giving her cues. And probably telling her to smile and to quit looking at her! Whoopi also tends to look around at the producers with her but not the weird darting thing. But also not professional. Sunny and Sara seem most capable of maintaining control and looking into the camera.
  6. Hahaha!!! She is literally shrieking! I liked how Abby laughed at Joy's joke at MeAgain's expense. Come to think of it, haven't seen the lovefest with Abby on MeAgain's twitter since she left the show.
  7. But he also managed to dis MeAgain when he said that people who think that it's time to move on from the insurrection are wrong.
  8. And yesterday she also told Joe Lieberman she loves him and said that she admires Joe Biden, but then tried to get Lieberman to dis Biden's handling of the Middle East. Lieberman did not take the bait. And he called him "President Biden" while she dissed him and called him Biden. So what kind of a person are you when you knowingly spin a false narrative in order to score political points against someone you admire?
  9. When I first read that mask in the shower comment I thought she was joking but it sounds like she was serious? Or was that her attempt at sarcasm? Hard to tell. It's impossible to believe that after listening to all these doctors explain it, MeAgain just cannot comprehend the guidelines. I feel like small children would be able to understand this.
  10. I just watched yesterday's show and Dr. Gupta carefully explained to MeAgain about masks and vaccinations. He even explained that you can be vaccinated and be a carrier of COVID. He gave the example of 7 members of the Yankees who are fully vaccinated but when tested, they were positive for COVID. So they could spread it. Why is this so difficult for her to understand? (She also ended by saying "is there something else I need to be illuminated about?")
  11. Here's your MeAgain bingo card!
  12. Somebody should at least be doing a daily sweep. They're bound to find someone locked up in there. The police should put it on their beat!
  13. MeAgain is getting creamed on twitter for her comments on The View today regarding being over Jan 6. Also, she usually retweets articles that cover her daily View tirades but today she hasn't retweeted any because she just sounds stupid. Hasn't stopped her in the past, so I am wondering if the View producers had another word with her, like they did after her week of racist comments.
  14. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/watch-meghan-mccain-derails-insurrection-debate-on-the-view-by-complaining-about-whether-or-not-i-can-get-gas-in-my-car/ar-BB1gHe4s?ocid=BingNewsSearch When her words are so stupid, the articles write themselves. https://uproxx.com/viral/meghan-mccain-gas-shortage-january-6-attack-insurrection/ https://www.ibtimes.com/views-meghan-mccain-bashed-after-stating-insurrection-opinion-3198268
  15. You know, from my perspective, this is even more offensive when it happens. If I open my front door and they are there to save my soul, I close the door without saying a word.
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