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  1. Did Joy call Alyssa "Kristen"? Or did I mishear that?
  2. Yes, thank you for saying this. It's pathetic. I like Sunny when she is being a professional. I also dislike how she mockingly reads her legal notes. If she just stayed professional she would have way more impact.
  3. She really went after Grisham, and it seems clear Grisham lacks integrity. But here is Farrah auditioning for the View, but she won't write a tell-all. 🙄 She is a communications person so she did her best today to use her skillz.
  4. This is just absolute drivel she is spouting. And she's worried educated women won't be able to find men to father their children and society will break down? It must be really embarrassing to be a member of her family.
  5. John Oliver did a short bit on the View Clusterfuck with the VP episode.
  6. Amazon Prime. Where we are it's called Prime Video.
  7. I do remember both versions of Leslie. I think the second actress maybe had a lot more story, especially with the Prentiss brothers? But according to the timeline, Leslie would be up there in age, especially to still be performing. So sad, I had no idea. She was lovely and very memorable.
  8. I have gone down the rabbit hole of watching Australian cop series, like Murder Call, City Homicide, and now Water Rats. They are quite entertaining. I think I am on Season 3 of Water Rats and was completely stunned to see Helene Joy as a young nymphy seductress! She is more well known to us as Dr. Julia Ogden in Murdoch Mysteries. I also discovered this song on Water Rats that was so haunting that I looked it up and it is by a musician/singer named Cathi Ogden. Here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KmFO867Jj4&list=RD-KmFO867Jj4&index=1 It turns out that she
  9. This is true. She looked really rough. She had the makeup with the fake eyelashes and all that, but her hair was truly a disaster. And apparently the MTP people hate her too, cause the camera kept circling behind her. And the spackle on her face just made her look puffy. No The View makeup artist and great lighting for her. She added absolutely nothing to the discussion (but this is Chuck Todd's show, terrible). He welcomed her saying it was great to have a McCain back on the program. Hah! She was nervous. She had her usual talking points about how Americans only care about the price
  10. I agree. While it's also true that if they said nothing about why they were removed, and that all kinds of spec would happen, it just doesn't make sense that they announced it the way they did. Sunny being a lawyer is probably not going to let this go. There have been episodes and interviews where a couple of the hosts just disappear during the commercial breaks. But this was also different because they would have been gone but there was no guest to interview at that time. I think the biggest screwup of all is that the results came back in the middle of the show.
  11. Ana said this today about Trump jr. It felt like she might have been taking a swipe at another dimwit with a famous father that likes to draw attention to herself.
  12. What no one has explained is why their Covid test results were not done early enough so that they would know before the show and especially before the VP was in the building. Why was Brian Teta getting those results mid-show? It seems awfully shoddy and I am surprised heads haven't rolled.
  13. You shouldn't feel that way. Posts are fast and furious and not everyone has time to check what has been posted before.
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