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  1. This! Simple solution! And this! Although, not sure how they would this. The muting of the co-hosts is the perfect solution and would actually help Whoopi muddle through moderating.
  2. Last time Sarah was on she said something like: I am trying to get closer to you ladies! I thought it was pretty clear what she meant. I really hope they bring her back. She will be a good balance to MeAgain. She is a lot more confident than before and will hold her own.
  3. This might be the first flashback episode where Drinki is not a cowering simp. I have no doubt that they are milking the Eva Longoria episodes, but I love it. Drinki looks so much better with a short do. Same with KKL on the Bold and the Beautiful. Someone, somewhere put out an edict that women must have long hair. And the soaps subscribe to that. Long hair is not always the best look. Apparently men love women with long hair. πŸ™„ Not sure I believe that.
  4. Yes, it has been very interesting to see who Victor was friendly with back in the day. And how many of those people ended up loathing him. Drinki doesn't seem happy in any of these old episodes, ever.
  5. I liked Whoopi's very straightforward comments that this has been happening to black men and women in the US all along, being beaten or killed. MeAgain seems to just be discovering this part of the American world. It does seem to be having an impact on her, you can see in her comments on her Twitter about this story and others that she is truly affected. It's just kind of pathetic that she has been so naive up until now. She was so vocal against taking a knee, yet she obviously never bothered to understand what that was all about.
  6. What does Whoopi have on the back of her chair? It looks like it might be a jacket draped over the chair. Not sure what that is all about. Good article summing up their discussion re BLM and you know who's comments about denigrating Fifth Avenue. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/the-view-hosts-rip-trump-for-calling-blm-a-e2-80-98symbol-of-hate-e2-80-99-he-e2-80-99s-e2-80-98race-baiting-e2-80-99-e2-80-98sending-a-very-dangerous-message-e2-80-99/ar-BB16glMF MeAgain is going to hear from her people! https://www.salon.com/2020/07/02/mccain-admits-there-are-serious-problems-in-the-gop-right-now-people-are-starting-to-jump-ship_partner/
  7. Yes! Even though Ben was difficult to hear, his initial point about protesters, and why he felt to leave home and protest, seemed clearly directed toward MeAgain's comments. He also talked about the narrative that is being spun by some people. MeAgain totally missed the dig, and gushed over him about his show. I live in Canada and I knew about Elijah's tragic story for a while now. MeAgain needs to watch another network other than Fox.
  8. I don't think the dress she modelled was the one she selected. In fact, Claire said it was hideous. The dress we did not see was the perfect and only perfect dress in Salem. πŸ™„ I also wondered why the bridal shop just casually called Ciara to tell her the one of a kind designer dress that they allowed her to try on at home was suddenly ruined, but no mention was made that she would have to compensate them for that. Perhaps Claire, or someone else, contrived that phone call. And the dress was actually fine?
  9. I completely agree. I suspect it is because she didn't want to say: Girl, just stop talking!
  10. I also love malt vinegar on my fries. 🍟🍁 So I have had poutine, and was not a huge fan. My relatives in Ontario and Quebec love it. However, restaurants in Canada a few years back started making a sort of gourmet poutine, e.g., braised short ribs poutine or lobster poutine. Those I love! But the original cheese curds, gravy and fries, not so much.
  11. A little Canada Day humour! Make America Canada Again🍁
  12. Whoa, the Steffy and Bill stuff was kind of pathetic. This is not the $Bill we know now. But I guess my bigger question is why Taylor and Ridge were so apoplectic the second time Bill and Steffy hooked up? I mean even if they didn't do the deed the first time, they were on the verge, and Taylor and Ridge seemed relatively calm and rationale. The second time around they both went insane! Seeing Taylor in the much older episodes is good, because she wasn't a complete whacko then. The latest version of Taylor is very unappealing and kind of pathetic. It's good to know Steffy has always been a bitch.
  13. Jake asked Gabi what she was dressed for, and mentioned ice skating show as one of the options. Then he followed that up later with "Skate away, Nancy".
  14. I hope it is a red herring, because I love Claire being back. But Ciara not coming to that conclusion either way is just ridiculous. And while I am bitching about Ciara, I hate hate hate it when she calls Ben "Ben Weston". She does it constantly. I am actually liking Ben much better than Ciara, and I really don't like Ben.
  15. That wedding was so hilarious. I was mesmerized by Gabi's boobs in that white jumpsuit. They are just so perfect and don't droop or fall out her outfit, in spite of her running around flailing about. Wow, Ciara is seriously stupid. "Gee, I wonder how my perfect wedding dress got nail polish all over it when Claire was returning it to the bridal shop. Hmm...?"
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