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  1. Wow. So many things that are not right. Jack and Ashley using Abby's opening to play their stupid game? Coasters, Ash, seriously? I really loved Devon taking a strip off of Jack and how he changed Jet's comeback. But now that I have said that, I would have removed those stupid coasters and how the hell could anyone play a video without Abby or Devon's okay. Just stupid. But, I did like that they had more extras than we have seen in a long time. Dummer is dumb, but by now she is going into martyr territory.
  2. I knew something about the superstition but wanted to give knives as a wedding gift (they were on the register). I was told I had give the penny with the knives.
  3. So, you are filthy rich and opening a new restaurant. In sleepy GC. But still, shouldn't food have been delivered days before? Hahaha! Lola is now stuck with food she didn't prepare for, three hours before opening her new restaurant. Personally, I would walk out, given these conditions. But no probs for Lola, she has Tessa as her cheerleader. Oh, and Kyle, who gives her a special floating heart necklace. Which she is happy to display for Dummer. Instead of prepping the food!
  4. With Liam? I agree, but based on Shauna's initial reaction to Flo's clusterfuck, she should be running to a lawyer, to find out what their defense can be. To tell Flo to continue the lie is insane, because Shauna knows that it is destroying Flo. Flo was about to tell Hope, and then the paternity reveal happened. Now, she is even more distressed.
  5. bannana

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Wow. I don't watch the show anymore, so went to that site and I realized that Kelly still does that completely narcissistic and banal BTS "fashion" segment. Good for her, she's making a killing.
  6. bannana

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    The cracked ribs thing is a trial. It will take a long time to heal. Take care of yourself, and use ice/heat, whichever works, but there is not much else to do. 🙁
  7. This is actually more realistic than it sounds. I know some bands who tour through NA and overseas and it is not a good life. Hours and hours in a van (not a rock star bus), plus econo seating in airplanes, and put up in less than ideal accommodations, with little chance for a good sleep. So this is strangely accurate. But let's remember, the reason Fen was sent on the tour from hell was because he couldn't bother to show up at the GCAC to sing one or two songs. An evening that was supposed to propel him to stardom. So he deserves to be really tired for being such a little prick. Sadly, that was also the last time we Neil Winters. 😢
  8. Yeah, it's been a thing for a while, generally called beachy waves. Obviously women thinks it makes them more attractive and youngish, but it really hardens their faces, not sure why. Softer hair is more flattering. I always just want to take a good hair brush to those beachy waves! 😀
  9. I don't know when it changed but at some point Sharon's front door became enclosed in a sort of foyer or maybe a mud room, depending on where you were raised 😉. Hence, she now has two front doors! I believe she also has a back door. 😮
  10. It is especially outrageous when you consider that Sharon has two front doors!
  11. Thanks @spinxella, I should have noticed that! 😕👱‍♀️
  12. MTS put her all into that performance! Q: was Marc Mergeron Dina's son or husband?
  13. bannana

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Thanks @boes. Wasn't sure how it works in the US, but I thought it might be a bit out there for someone born at GITMO to be considered Cuban American. Considering the whole embargo on Cuba. Well, that all can happen, lots of fair people born in countries one doesn't expect 😜
  14. What am I missing in the JV tribute photo? Which one is Mia?
  15. bannana

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    How does that work, does that make him Cuban?