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  1. As much as I dislike how stupid they are making Julian with him tampering with the brakes, I liked the follow through when he discovered what he thought was a dead Brad, saying: sorry, Brad, you forced my hand, but at least you were able to save Alexis. Of course then he sees that Lucas is also in the car and freaks out. But that little moment was hilarious because he is essentially patting himself on the back for saving Alexis via his evil deed.
  2. Joy was definitely pissed after that one segment when they went to break. She was trying to make a point and MeAgain was blathering about something and interrupting her and looking to the audience for validation. As the camera pulled back it appeared that Joy sort of flung her blue cards down and accused MeAgain of something, which MeAgain was accusing her of. They were still at it when it went to commercial. When they came back, Joy was all smiles and made a sort of comment about "The View". MeAgain sat there stone-faced. So Abby and Sunny continued their argument about Kamala that they started yesterday. Much later, when Joy asked MeAgain to comment, she dramatically paused and said she was going to say something unpopular, but then went on to praise Kamala for the start of her campaign and her first debate performance, attacked her staffers who turned on her publicly, and said she thinks Kamala would make a good Vice President. She did also say something about her campaign floundering blah blah but generally she was complimentary. So why the need to be so bitchy! MeAgain also repeated her spiel about the Mueller report and being promised that Trump would be led away in golden handcuffs. Abby repeated that what Trump did is wrong but it is a partisan impeachment and she doesn't like that. Sunny repeated that Jay Z is screwing over Colin Kaepernick. They seriously cannot come up with a new thought for the 10 minutes or so they have to opine on something?
  3. I took the time to go back and they were from that ep. What kind of fuckery is that? Today was torture, Phyllis and Dickolas. And Billy. And Chelz and Adam. Oh, wait, what part of this show do I actually like?
  4. Who would have sat at the head of the table to talk about being thankful? Hope could have, she could say she was thankful that Beth and Thomas are both alive. Steffi could have, she could say she was thankful that Thomas is coming between Hope and Liam.
  5. So Shiloh told Kendra that Alexis intentionally killed Kiefer because Kristina lied in her pledge. So now it is Kristina's fault!
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/amy-klobuchar-schools-meghan-mccain-on-impeachment/ar-BBXF6Fp
  7. Hey, didn't MeAgain call out Klobuchar awhile back for invoking her father's name during her campaign? She seemed intimidated by her today.
  8. Which would make Julian a hero for tampering with the brakes which caused Lucas to crash with Kendra and prevent Alexis from being flattened.
  9. What I want to know, is what the what did Julian do and who will it impact? I really don't care about Brad, but I strangely care about Julian.
  10. I love this! A fave phrase of mine So I am not sure where we are anymore with all of the preemptions. I saw Stepford Drinki and Pricktor enjoy Thanksgiving with their adult children. Their grandchildren were out of sight playing in the stables and then the pinball machine room. Show doesn't have enough money to show the grandchildren once a year. But I was sure I saw previews about the Abbott family Thanksgiving but I never got that episode. It included Dina and Ashley. So were those previews bs, or did I somehow miss an ep?
  11. That may be true, but Sal Stowers is just a really bad actress. It is painful to watch her. Lamon is the opposite, he is very engaging.
  12. I cannot watch any of his scenes anymore. They have destroyed and obliterated the character of Billy, for some reason.
  13. You know it is bad when GH is actually better.
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