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  1. So Jason tells Carly that the bomb was meant for them, and that Mrs. Wu tipped him off and he had Spinelli and Brick redirect it to the other two mob guys. So Spinelli is actually now murdering people? Ellie made the right choice. I am really disappointed that Jax didn't tell Sonny where he could find Carly -- without telling him it's her wedding. I think lumberjack Sonny showing up at the reception would have been perfect.
  2. AT apparently modelled her character on MeAgain and MeAgain was apparently flattered.
  3. I worked 60 - 70 hour work weeks; just like Sunny and Lisa were describing. I do not think that is a badge of honour nor something to ascribe to. I remember visiting my cousins in Europe. They believed in family time, so no one was working all those hours. I had a great career and that was all good. But did I need to work all those hours? I think it was mostly because I was a woman.
  4. Weirdly the show is even better than it was pre MeAgain. I guess you have to sink to the worst level for things to come back even better.
  5. More of the DM interview. She says people love her and love to hate her and she is cool with that. She also says she doesn't miss the View at all. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9999001/Meghan-McCain-reveals-existential-crisis-John-McCain-died-doesnt-miss-View.html
  6. I guess MeAgain really wants people to know that she was not fired from the View. MeAgain in People mag, again.
  7. So if Jason knew that the two mobsters were going to go boom, why wasn't he the slightest bit worried about the other wedding guests who might have been lingering around outside? And he is just that much of an asshole that he really doesn't mind blowing people up at his own wedding? Even if Mrs. Wu orchestrated it, he went along with it.
  8. Sonny being angry with Nina just doesn't really make sense. Yes, she should have told him the truth, but he obviously remembers all his time with her, and he said he loves her. At this point he should be completely torn. My fave thing of the whole episode was Phyllis' anger at Nina, and Jax's exasperation at her.
  9. Some interesting comments from Joy in this article. https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/the-view-joy-behar-says-its-much-more-fun-to-have-fewer-people-following-meghan-mccains-exit.html/
  10. https://decider.com/2021/09/13/the-view-fans-despise-mary-katharine-ham/
  11. I wasn't watching back then, but even I found myself imagining if this would be more believable with SB in the role. There is simply zero chem between Carly and Jason and when he was kissing her it was kind of repulsive, not sure why.
  12. One thing that I don't think has been mentioned is that Sunny and 20 of her friends (or her entourage) were supposed to go to Joy's play and did not show up. Joy obvi knew why, but jokingly called her out on it and Sunny admitted that they were day-drinking and couldn't make it. That is pretty rude on Sunny's part to miss Joy's play due to day-drinking. It is pretty funny that Joy called her out on it. It is pretty amazing they both laughed about it and it didn't become a thing. Wow, what a different vibe.
  13. https://decider.com/2021/09/07/the-view-without-meghan-mccain-peaceful/
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