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  1. Sharon and Mariah were good today. Even Rey Rey and Lola was tolerable. And Victoria telling Billy that she's just done with him, for always and forever was pretty good (although Vic being cuddled by her father the other day creeped me right out, so I don't have a lot of respect for her otherwise). And then we had Phyllis and Nick. I just cannot with these two. The Staph has just made Phyllis an unwatchable character, but combining her with Nick is just nauseating.
  2. Me too, I have done 5 1000 piece jigsaws and binge-watched multiple series. I am currently watching Ozark (which is a crazy show!). I wish I had the motivation to clean out my closets but I really don't . Plus it is fricking cold here so cannot really go out for walks (well, I can, but I am a wimp). One thing that I am doing is preparing a special dinner every evening; it gives us something to look forward to. I am really shocked by the projected deaths that are being reported for the US. We don't have the kinds of numbers here, thankfully, but we are still watching what is happening everywhere else, and it is truly frightening/depressing.
  3. Something definitely happened BTS. Joy is not there and there is no explanation. Then Whoopi throws to MeAgain, several times. At the close of the show, Whoopi asked them if they had a chance to say all that they wanted to say, and went to MeAgain.
  4. Wait, what? Better dressed? She looks like I do when I am at home and don't wear a bra. Except today she haphazardly threw on a necklace that didn't match what she was wearing. I have also noticed that her stylists have transported all of her questionable fashion choices from the studio to her home.
  5. Wait, what? Sally actually thought she was dying initially?
  6. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/03/the-views-meghan-mccain-and-lisa-ling-pile-on-trump-for-virus-debacle-we-cant-trust-this-government/
  7. A couple of things: I went back to rewatch it (😓) and MeAgain did not say she was having a boy; she said Whoopi predicted the gender and that she was correct. MeAgain misused many words today, and if I cared enough, I would rewatch and itemize them here. But I don't. You guys have captured some of the most hilarious. I have now also noticed that she has a weird sentence construct that she uses. Instead of just saying what she means, such as: I believe such and such; she uses a weird qualifying statement, such as: it wouldn't be an overestimation to say.... WTAF kind of way of speaking is that, especially for a girl from the Phoenix Valley?! This means she uses way too many words to get her point across, and then she has to tell Whoopi to hold on a second, cause she has more shit to say! MeAgain's anger about what is happening is really way over the top. We are all upset/angry/afraid, but this has really pushed her over the edge. I don't mind it, I just find it interesting that this is the thing that allows her to criticize Trump's administration. Not all of the other things that happened before. (She best not read her hubby's website, cause they are suggesting that everyone should do a pox party and just get the virus and get over it. Even Twitter banned that kind of thinking.) Jason Biggs and his wife and family moved to Long Island (aka the Hamptons) to escape the scourge. I don't blame them. But it is really not a good look to be promoting that right now. Think about all of the New Yorkers who cannot leave and go to a great house in the Hamptons and have what is pretty much a vacation. People in apartments, people alone, no balconies. And I believe that the government told people not to leave the city, yet the Biggs' found out their neighbour had COVID-19 and decided to leave. Again, I don't blame them, if we all had the money and resources, we would do the same. Just don't go on the View and throw it in viewers' faces. Sorry, that really pissed me off.
  8. If the point of this was to allow Brooke to finally be Ridge-free, then
  9. Loved the show today! But all of this fuss over the digital photo frame is so bizarre, like it is a new invention?! I like that they didn't drag it out and right at the end Katie is like, WTAF, Bill is that you kissing Brooke?
  10. Scrabble is an old person's game? Who knew? So Newt was on about how it was high time to get some bipartisanship happening in DC. Im not an American, but I think I remember hearing that Newt, as Speaker, introduced divisiveness and partisanship. It may even have been MeAgain who Megsplained that one day. Didn't she long for the days of Tip O'Neill?
  11. At first I read this as Ridge had been with Taylor, Steffy and Caroline! 😮🤣
  12. I missed that! So on Twitter she says she is going to be back again via "satellite" and will be until the isolation ends. I think she is smart to stay out of the studio during this while she is pregnant. And the added bonus appears to be that she isn't nearly as snarly when she is physically not there. Maybe it is because she doesn't have to spanxed within an inch of her life and then haul herself onto that stool. But she was nodding a lot, which is weird, because I don't remember her nodding while at the table. So I guess it will be okay to talk about kids now.
  13. Just noticed while watching Better Call Saul (another great series!) that Line of Duty is coming to AMC, so for those of you without Netflix, you can catch it there. And, I found this pretty funny.
  14. Yes, even though I love Quinn 😏, she clearly intended to kill Deacon. And of course she could've killed stupid brain-injured Liam, but instead she just raped him. She is a serious criminal. She also threatened/attempted to kill Liam before that with the sword. And maybe the diamond guy, but we never saw that. She also pushed Ivy into the Seine River, which easily could have killed her. And didn't she threaten to/try to push Aly (or maybe Ivy) from the famous roof at Forrester? I haven't watched long enough to know if Brooke is that level of criminal.
  15. When MeAgain comes back in studio, they would have to have a recliner or chaise for her. She was barely able to hike herself onto her stool on Friday.
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