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  1. And Flo admitted as much to Hope when as her excuse for not saying anything, she said she became a Logan, had Wyatt, and a great job at Forrester. Her life was to perfect to blow up.
  2. bannana

    Midsomer Murders

    Thanks, I will check it out! Other British series I have watched are Scott and Bailey, River (loved it), Bodyguard, Shetland, Happy Valley, Marcella, Dr. Foster, The Fall, Luther, Broadchurch, Collateral. Oh and more I have probably forgotten! And yes, I have recognized so many actors in the different series. Especially Nicola Walker.
  3. It is definitely a thing, and I think has been for a few years now. I liked Mariah's dress, I thought it suited her personality, and it flattered her figure. Dummer's dress was awful, but apparently she is not a bitch like her mother. She could have worn a dress that showcased her assets. She didn't, very mature of you Dummer. Now Phyllis, who is old as the hills, is somehow pretending to be young. Her stringy hair matched her stringy earrings. And then we had her OTT physical gesticulating all around absolutely everyone. 🤮
  4. bannana

    Midsomer Murders

    I have not watched Father Brown, and it is still on Netflix. So, worth it?
  5. Always love these flashback scenes that you add, @Anna Yolei! Yes, we need some Stephanie-powered outrage right now.
  6. Wait, what? I thought the Logan sisters were awesome! And when did they ignore warnings about Thomas? What they didn't buy was Shauna's lame-assed excuse. She didn't even buy it! They said she should have done something, and she admitted she did something, but the wrong thing. I feel confident she took it because otherwise how could she have so many jumpsuits?
  7. bannana

    Midsomer Murders

    Yeah, I guess I knew that they removed series, but was surprised at this one. Maybe it will come back, I would love to see it.
  8. bannana

    Midsomer Murders

    I just checked my Netflix, and no Dr. Blake Mysteries 😢 I have however been able to watch all seasons of Midsomer Murders on Netflix, up until 19 I think.
  9. Oh, wow, the Staph has completely lost it. She has turned Phyllis into some sort of bizarre praying mantis caricature. Today she replicated the Pelosi applause (the one pointed at Trump) and pointed it at Kyle and Lola. Then she did weird OTT dancing. Then she did weird head movements toward Theo and also Kyle. She makes Dummer look mature. It must be difficult to act with someone who is trying to bring all the attention on her, and in the most awkward ways possible. In other news, why was Billy chewing gum? They specifically showed him taking it out of the wrapper and then chewing it. Did I miss some kind of surreptitious move with the gum? The reception was boring. Nothing explosive happened. The most fun was watching all the bad dancing in the background.
  10. You know this show is boring when I am watching the other three soaps instead. This is the last show I watch, and when I say watch, I am cooking, cleaning or just surfing.
  11. Well, a couple million is worth it. Plenty of people have horrid mothers and never get a couple million! They just get trauma.
  12. bannana

    Small Talk: Out of Genoa

    I agree, art is art and history is history. It should all be preserved. In this case though the mural is offensive to the students, and understandably so. What astounds me is the cost to either paint over it or cover it without removing it. $875,000?
  13. Exactly, and high end or low end hotels never ever contact you about things you have left behind. I know, because I travelled a lot, and left behind shoes, coats, chargers, whatever. You can contact them and then they will send it to you. But if you leave it, it remains in lost and found. This was explained to me that people want discretion when they are in a hotel, so the hotel never contacts you. This clearly dates back to the "Mad Men" era. But it does make sense.
  14. He did have sex with Steffy, drugged, but it still happened. So for him to cast a scowling eye toward Hope, who married Thomas? Yeah, not so much. I do get it and this is all about Liam and Hope to be back together. I just wish they hadn't played that scene, because if I was Hope, I might have said, it didn't take you long to tap that!
  15. The only good thing that happened today was the Abbotts hung out together, including Ash. Jack being friendly and empathetic with Pricktor made me almost lose my lunch.