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  1. Wasn't Ana, Devon's sister, a bad singer? I remember a lot of complaints on here about her. And Fen tried to recreate his mother's singing career.
  2. I love to read, but I would never read anything from these people or any reality star. Maybe I should get the autographed version. I can sell it to the Dollar Store if I need any money.
  3. Imagine Regis and Joy or Kathie Lee and Frank in the "look at my butt" picture.
  4. I said she looked like a Pink Lady from Grease, but PT can work too. And the Grease theme made me think Amy should get on Chris' motorcycle during the wedding and do Cool Rider like Michelle Pfeiffer from Grease 2. The lyrics even describe her man. "Well, I'm looking for a dream on a mean machine With hell in his eyes I want a devil in skin tight leather He's gonna be wild as the wind"
  5. Yes. That was one of the worst episodes ever.
  6. I've been enjoying this series. Sitcoms are my favorite form of TV. Yes, the Cosby show was huge. I remember talking about it in middle school. I think the coverage of the CS was appropriate. It really had to be acknowledged in the history of sitcoms. I love catching up on old sitcoms on youtube that I haven't seen recently. I even like the cheesy ones like Small Wonder and Too Close for Comfort. At least they acknowledged Monroe on TCfC was obviously gay. He got awful storylines even though he had good chemistry with Ted Knight.
  7. Tori is looking like a Duggar with the pregnancy test. Maybe TLC gives free pregnancy tests to its reality show women.
  8. Little gangsta Matt using his crutch as a weapon is funny. I've noticed when a couple marries and has kids, the daughter's family gets more visits. I know this is not always the case. Knowing these people, there are probably bad feeling somewhere.
  9. Good she's leaving. No host, I don't care what their politics are, should overshadow the show with her obnoxious personality.
  10. Yeah she had a scarf around her neck like they did on Laverne and Shirley. She was trying to be a little Pink Lady from Grease.
  11. Honeymoon at the Roloff farm. Another show. Another paycheck. Matt and Caryn can provide breakfast in bed and train rides.
  12. I doubt it. They're tainted. I don't think UP has as much money as TLC. The Bates seem to be doing pretty well. They just had a new season. It used to be the Duggars were so much higher in status than the Bates. Not anymore. You're giving JIm Boob ideas. Bringing Up Bates and Duggars.
  13. Not so Jessa Blessa now. When is she due? This is long overdue. They're gonna be fighting the Bates for a spot on UP. "We're the best self-righteous family with too many children." "No, we are!"
  14. Especially since her in laws, two little people, had three normal sized children and one little person.
  15. Thanks for the recommendation of the Swans of Fifth Avenue. I found it in the ebook library. It looks interesting. I know some of Truman Capote's life including his relationship with Harper Lee. I'm reading Zero Fail in hardback. It's about the Secret Service and how they've responded to political assassinations and attempted assassinations. .
  16. I found Empty Nest on Youtube. A lot of old sitcoms are there.
  17. Drew used to get on my nerves. She always acted so cutesy. But I read her show biz childhood was more horrible than she let on, but she won't talk about it. Now I feel kind of sorry for her. Her family was a mess.
  18. Sadly, it's a place for awful people to make money. Some of the whack pack on Howard Stern's show are on it, and one is making good money. I wouldn't even order a video from someone I liked.
  19. She probably loved Delta Burke's character Suzanne's being sassy and spoiled. But she had humor and her nice moments. Meghan's just spoiled.
  20. I remember someone saying he would've made a better Billy recast than the current one.
  21. I would think medical places would require masks. The hospital here in NC does.
  22. Jess Walton(Jill) wrote on social media her husband's cancer had returned. I didn't realize he had it. Thoughts and prayers for the family.
  23. On tomorrow's show, they discuss Jackson's bowed legs. In the article below, Zach discusses the surgeries he had on his legs. I remember watching his last one. So we'll find out when Jackson can have something done. Zach was 9 and then 14. LPBW's Tori and Zach Roloff Discuss Son Jackson Getting Leg Surgery | PEOPLE.com https://people.com/parents/lpbw-tori-zach-roloff-discuss-son-jackson-possibly-getting-leg-surgery/?utm_campaign=peoplemagazine&utm_content=new&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_term=60ac494401ef8e00017b563e
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