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  1. There's a rock with a little bed. They did customize the glasses with wedding details.
  2. He's Mr. Amy. I do feel sorry for men who have to wear suits during the summer while women get to wear lighter clothes. In the pages of vows, she probably promoted her social media and cooking videos. And she did make him cry. At my aunt and uncle's wedding in July many years ago, she though he was crying when he was sweating. What about the painted rocks? They must've felt left out. Maybe one of the guests is selling one on ebay.
  3. I agree, and I like the curls in her hair. For her arms not to show, she'd have to wear a long sleeved dress, and that's not happening in the summer. Overall I like it. And she's a year older than him. My mother is two years older than my father.
  4. TLC weddings get coverage in US Weekly or People.
  5. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from this ridiculous wedding.
  6. Disabled people aren't saints. I know disabled people with terrible personalities. But disabilities aren't easy. Maybe I feel this way because I have had hearing loss all my life and wear hearing aids.
  7. That's an interesting picture of Amy. They should blow it up and put it up at the wedding.
  8. It's the hotel in Virginia where Dirty Dancing was filmed. I'm a fan and have been there twice.
  9. My understanding is people on reality shows get paid something. Friends may not get paid as much as the family, but it's considered a TV show, and the cast would have to be compensated. It's very likely they're her friends, but reality shows come with perks like free trips and other things.
  10. I wonder if the DeVille family has anything to do with it. Rose D had Nina's baby kidnapped. Her niece sold Lucy to Billy and Victoria.
  11. The TLC show Outdaughtered has Hazel, one of the multiples with visions problems. She had the band glasses when she was a baby. She's six now and has had regular glasses for a few years. Tori doesn't have as many children so she must not mind changing glasses all the time.
  12. I've been watching the show for years, and in the early years, I thought Amy was OK, maybe on the negative side. She had children to raise and a job. But the empty nest, plenty of money, rockin' grandma bride to be is irritating.
  13. Maybe the Newmans have family in Italy, and there are Italian counterparts. Italian Victor saying "you got that" in an overdone accent, Italian Nikki who knows how to kill people. Italian Victoria with long dark hair who is serious and thin(not much different from the American version), and Italian Nick who is so simple he can't even stomp grapes(not much different from the American NIck.)
  14. I get tired of celebrities complaining about online responses. You signed up for it by making yourself public. Of course the trolls shouldn't exist, but the celebrities should just ignore it if they want that fame and fortune.
  15. Does Chris get a bachelor's party, and will there be a cutout of Amy wearing one of her Halloween costumes? Maybe she'll jump out of a cake.
  16. I know this is a site for spoilers but spoiler alert I just read the tomorrow's show recap. Phyllis Appreciation Day involves massages with Nick posing as masseuse Sven wearing a blonde wig. I can't wait to see everybody's reactions tomorrow. I'm sure the old timers remember there was a psychotic blonde masseuse named Sven who kidnapped Jill years ago. Did the writers know?
  17. He might have to borrow Matt's scooter to keep up with her. I'm sure Amy has an "I'm the Boss" sign somewhere. Or a" Happy Wife, Happy Life" sign for after the marriage.
  18. I don't know how many watch the Duggars, but Jill Duggar Dillard, her husband Derrick, and their children recently vacationed in Oregon. On Jill's IG, she said they met Zach and Tori for a beach fire with smores.
  19. I've seen weird things on family apple farms in the NC mountains. I guess children are supposed to like them. I'm not into fashion, but Amy looked like a toilet paper roll in the wedding dress. I hope she spends some money on getting it right for her size.
  20. A bellowing wedding dress sounds scary. Maybe that should be for Halloween.
  21. The eighth one looks like Natalie Portman. Maybe I need to clean my glasses.
  22. I'm watching Happy Days on METV after not watching for awhile. I loved the show when I was a kid. I had the HD game and drinking glasses. I didn't know Jenny Piccolo was so unpopular. I liked her. Scott Baio's current personality does affect how I see Chachi now. It's funny how your view changes when you grow up. But when I was younger, I loved him and Joanie(I watched the spinoff). Being a fan of the 50s and 60s music, I loved the songs on the show and Leather Tuscadero. Knowledge from the Internet has made my regard for Henry and Ron grow. I didn't realize they were close. HW does a lot
  23. And he became friends with Andy Cohen. Yuck. There's something about him I don't like. I guess I blame him for the Housewives. You know Meghan loves Cohen. I've always been a Kathy Griffin fan from her standup to her reality show. Yes, the Trump thing was stupid; she never should have done it. I was really a fan of KG's mother Maggie who was a gay rights supporter and died at 99. I don't want to hear from No Sense of Humor McCain.
  24. She supposedly has hearing loss. I know from personal experience it can throw you off. Even with the best equipment, her hearing will never be 100 percent. There were articles earlier this year she was doing a new show with IMDB.com. I wonder if that's still happening.
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