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  1. She probably loved Delta Burke's character Suzanne's being sassy and spoiled. But she had humor and her nice moments. Meghan's just spoiled.
  2. I remember someone saying he would've made a better Billy recast than the current one.
  3. I would think medical places would require masks. The hospital here in NC does.
  4. Jess Walton(Jill) wrote on social media her husband's cancer had returned. I didn't realize he had it. Thoughts and prayers for the family.
  5. On tomorrow's show, they discuss Jackson's bowed legs. In the article below, Zach discusses the surgeries he had on his legs. I remember watching his last one. So we'll find out when Jackson can have something done. Zach was 9 and then 14. LPBW's Tori and Zach Roloff Discuss Son Jackson Getting Leg Surgery | PEOPLE.com https://people.com/parents/lpbw-tori-zach-roloff-discuss-son-jackson-possibly-getting-leg-surgery/?utm_campaign=peoplemagazine&utm_content=new&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_term=60ac494401ef8e00017b563e
  6. I'd really like it if they brought back John Driscoll. I don't understand why the role was recast. It's funny you should mention that. I've been watching on youtube "The Locher Room". I don't know who the guy is, but during the pandemic, he's gotten a lot of soap casts to reunite via zoom and they share memories of the show. John Driscoll was on a Guiding Light reunion last year. He said he was in the military and his wife was pregnant with their first child. I really recommend people here checking it out especially if you loved the soaps that are gone. I've been watching reunio
  7. I came here to say I saw the man who played Rick Bauer on Law and Order: Organized Crime last night. The L and O franchise has had a lot of soap actors. Thanks for letting us know about the MZ tribute.
  8. I'm sure if most of us had her money we'd travel to a variety of places. It just shows how limited she is.
  9. Talking about parenthood is boring to Meghan because it doesn't give her the same attention yammering about politics does.
  10. I watched Empty Nest recently, and Kristy McNichol left abruptly during the middle of the show's run. I read where she had mental health issues. But she showed up for the last episode briefly explaining where the character had been. It would've been nice for a wrap up with Anna. I enjoyed the show, but I wasn't a consistent watcher. Jaime Pressly was from a town close to me in NC.
  11. I'm reading Lorna Landvik's Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons. It's kind of like Liane Moriarty when women get together.
  12. Jacksonville, NC. About a couple of hours from me. I hope Mother Meatloaf doesn't come here. A walk in the park for Tiffany.
  13. Welcome to NC, home of the Tar Heels and holy rollers
  14. Extreme sisters sitting naked in the woods. I'd be worried about bug bites.
  15. His mother looked like Meatloaf. The singer, not the food.
  16. If If gave my mother a Brazillian, she'd be expecting someone from Brazil.
  17. I'm still thinking about Lola's dress. Kind of a little house on the prairie wild side.
  18. I hope you have stationery to write letters with, Cillas
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