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S13.E15: The Day After

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Shannon continues to isolate herself; the women climb a gorgeous waterfall; Vicki coaxes Shannon to rejoin the group for a beach-side dinner, where Shannon makes amends with only a few of the women; an unexpected phone call makes Emily emotional.

Airs 10/29/18 at 9:00 PM Eastern

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I wanted to, but on cruise ship day?  Forget it!  It's just masses of people, linked up, dragging you up the rocks.  And I'm short.  I want a tour like the Ho wives!  Just my group.

Gina.  Really?  Thank Gawd were not talking about Shannon anymore.

Dosodog faceplants at the lack of self awareness from Gina. 

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4 minutes ago, bosawks said:

And also that we all suffer from a severe balance disorder.

Raises hand!  That's me!

But my breasts are always descreetly covered. 

Wait. Did you mean physical or mental balance?  I have no sense of physical balance, but mentally I'm good! 

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I believe I misunderstood the quote.
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Just now, TexasGal said:

Did Gina only bring blue eyeshadow on this trip?  Plus, also, yes, I’m sure you are getting a skinny margarita in Jamaica.  

Yeah the lady was like “oh yeah, we TOTALLY have skinny margaritas.”

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28 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Shannon did not need to apologize to Gina and Emily. She does not want to be friends with them. That’s her prerogative.

and Tamra always makes it all about her, ‘where’s my apology ‘?  


18 minutes ago, nexxie said:

I could never trust Tamra - she’s a bullshit artist imo.

Yes and yes and UGH on Tamra.  I can't with her. 

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17 minutes ago, Martinigirl said:

Gina is a nosy bitch. 

I also keep waiting for her to call out "Chandler Bing" in her nasally ass voice.


Ha. They should have put her on this season’s Below Deck boat. The bosun’s name is Chandler. He deserves someone obnoxiously following him around yelling his name.


Does Gina own stock in Blue Eyeshadowz R Us?

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1 hour ago, Caseysgirl said:

Hopefully, the tour guide got a substantial tip for trying to get those cows safely up the Falls. Please ladies, cover your boobs!


It appears they consider a boob flash = to a cash bonus. Their philosophy: We never tip well but we tit often!

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42 minutes ago, pieinmyeye said:

Emily, no one is keeping you from the beach. Take your I just smelled a fart lips and hit it. God, you’re all acting like you’re on a camping trip where everyone has to stick together.

She has resting fart smelling face.  She always looks like she’s smelling a particularly sulfurous fart.  And like she’s contemplating whether to Dutch oven it or not.

gina.  Stop bitching about Shannon and learn that the lightest shadow is used as a highlight, not over the whole lid.  And your tan is over cooked. Finally, you will lose if you take on Tammy Sue Waddle Veith Barney Judge.  

Oh, now it’s Kelly with her tits out.  I am not amused.

damn that guy for trying to get the Ick to twerk.  Sorry Ick, but you are about a toddler larger than Shannon.  

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I actually like Emily, and felt bad about her mother story. I don’t mind Gina, either. But, they seem to be real friends, so, I guess they haven’t gotten the memo that they’re supposed to be back stabbing each other.  But, Gina has potential.  She’s definitely up for some shit stirring.

Gina - “Sometimes you just gotta say Fuck You.”  Truer words were never spoken.

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1 hour ago, TexasGal said:

I was going to say that Tamra’s bitch face needs to get a rest, but I think she’s reached that point our mothers warned us about where it has stuck that way.

I think it's just all the botox and fillers - her face just doesn't move!!  

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1 hour ago, nexxie said:

I could never trust Tamra - she’s a bullshit artist imo.


1 hour ago, nexxie said:

I could never trust Tamra - she’s a bullshit artist imo.

Tamra has too much mileage on that face.  Screaming and yelling over the top to secure that Apple.  Loved the way she remained with mouth open instead of sticking up for Shannon.  She is a phony and has had it.  Tamra is for Tamra and I hope she goes away.  Poor Eddy.  I don’t see that marriage lasting.

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Well, from the other side of the pool:  I actually didn't mind Emily and Gina this episode.  I get Emily's emotion about her mother.  But, Gina girl, those talons you call nails have got to go.  They're disturbing.

Debbie Downer Shannon just continues to grate on me and I've been a big Shannon fan.

It's amazing that the woman I couldn't stand the last two seasons, Kelly, has been the most entertaining this season.  

This was probably the least boring episode of the season.

No way would I climb up those falls.  Meet you at the top.  Balance is no longer my forte with a knee cap out of alignment.

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35 minutes ago, njbchlover said:

I think it's just all the botox and fillers - her face just doesn't move!!  

She’s not pretty anymore.  She’s got that hard old bitch face .. goes with the tits.  Not soft and attractive.  Too much mileage.

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