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  1. Can someone explain the white SUV Emily picked her Mom up in? It's a Volvo on the outside but inside it has a Mercedes steering wheel??????????
  2. Ummm...it may be some major meds but Emily's Mom seems like the normal one. IMO
  3. Hookers and church lady Shannon Did Emily's mom ask Tamra if Eddie was her son?!? hahahahahahaha!!!
  4. Bring back Heather!!! I'd rather see Heather's house not Gina's room in the garage.
  5. So, they're all dressing like hookers for Mother's Day?
  6. Finale??????? I'm still waiting for it to start....
  7. How did that doctor NOT know Vickie had other surgeries....just looking at her any moron can see. And why don't they go to Dr Dubrow????????
  8. Gina is so worried about Shannon / an orange.
  9. Jebus! I feel like I'm the one under anesthesia....what a bore fest!
  10. I'm also curious. What about the sheitel? (spelling?)
  11. Emily wants to get close to Shannon because that's where the cameras will be.
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