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  1. Is there a live chat anywhere? I can't see one:(
  2. Okay. Now I understand why you didn't like how I phrased my comment.
  3. Since almost 100% of the ME is Muslim I didn't feel the need to be specific. But if she converted, my bad.
  4. Why the f#ck is Avery still dressed Middle East style when she's in the US? I absolutely love that Jesse is coming back, I've had to be content with the few nuggets of wisdom he imparts on his yt channel. 😂
  5. I think they look a lot alike, at least how they lumber along.
  6. The default face reaction. "I'm just gonna have to keep an eye on him." Sounds like true love to me!
  7. What guy worries about sex ruining a relationship 😂 I know he denied the trans rumors, but dang...
  8. She's so pleased to see sis happy with 'her man' 😂. Also, how is refusing to wear a shirt over those overblown balloons attractive?
  9. Omg she has zero decorum, I can't picture her as a doctor AT ALL. That's like saying Tamara from OC is a very successful doctor.
  10. I have never liked her, not from day one. I'd take Candiace over her!
  11. Can someone explain where the hell Candace's mother got all her $$? I missed it somehow. She's beyond obnoxious.
  12. LMAO genius line she looked like Sigmund from the Sea Monsters walking away in the airport.
  13. I am guessing she has about 20 other guys stringing along, so ending it wasn't a big deal anyway. Sick sad world! (Daria anyone?) I'm going with Darcey because I noticed Stacey doesn't look like her as much anymore.
  14. LOL seriously. Apparently Tom loves hanging out with draggy skanks. I'm still in stunned awe over his ex lmao
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