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  1. I didn't read it -- it was among the bon mots shared by my colleague (it's got to be more than 15 years ago, now.) Overall, the stuff she mentioned is in line with what was posted earlier -- DR could be a handful, RD, also but less so. From what I recall, she quite liked John Dye-- had nothing negative to say about him. I agree!
  2. Ah, but they don't not represent it either. O, double negative, sometimes you have a use . . . Methinks that applies to pretty much 80% of the posts on this site.
  3. If the kid was being too loud and out of control, yes, his mother should have told him and his pals to lower the volume. But but but-- based on many posts it seems there is a distinct possibility that the screaming emanated not only from a kid but also from an age 40-something adult. If so, perhaps the adult -- who we've seen has the innate talent to impersonate a banshee -- should learn these rules about not screaming or being loud on a beach in the Hamptons, especially one adjacent to private homes.
  4. Terrible wardrobe. As I said, I got this 2nd hand but based on this 'n that, well.... @Mindthinkr, won't you come back and be our friend? 👼 (<< a suitable emoji, yes?)
  5. This is interesting. A former colleague worked on the show but it was a few seasons post-pilot but, well...your perceptions kind of match what she'd say. One thing I recall that really made me shake my head: after a while the producers started adding cast members for variety and storylines and one of the additions was Valerie Bertinelli who played a rookie angel. For years on TV, VB almost always played the pretty girl-next-door sort --and word was this did not sit well with Roma Downey who very much liked her own dewy, luminous leading lady status. Anyway, VB ended up being dressed in an incr
  6. An excellent point, especially if her negligee flit was post-assignation... Yes, and through it all Victoria masticated wildly with her mouth open. 😁
  7. I can see it being discussed in a TH or a WWHL interview.
  8. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrDSqODtEFM&feature=youtu.be
  9. Yes! I never realized it til reading your post but I think you are correct. So those background peeps ignoring or barely glancing at Yowling Bethenny — do we think they’re paid PAs like what’s-his-name from last week who couldn’t talk about being a PA due to his NDA...and then posted about it? I mean, who else would sit thru that kind of screeching so calmly? ETA: also — what ichbin said before me!
  10. Mein Gott. Word on the street: the above trailer triggered the Apocalypse. The first horse then heard Lu's musical stylings, bucked off his rider off, splashed thru a mud puddle and galloped the Hell away. (no pun intended).
  11. Wasn't this the theme of every bath and douche product from the 1970s? 😎
  12. I wonder if a Chapeaux by Kyle line is looming...
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