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S12.E18: Rocky Mountain Bye

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Not three minutes in and Kyle’s dragging Kathy. News flash: When snow is that packed, unless you’re wearing cleats you’re gonna slip.

EDIT: You don’t NEED to be Kathy’s keeper, for God’s sake!

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Obviously, Kathy is NOT a snow person!! 

Suede wedge boots are not made for snow/ice walking.  Maybe sitting inside a nice restaurant where there is snow outside, but not for walking!!  🤣

Icy roads and streets are really not easy to walk on, even with well treaded snow boots.

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Those earrings are just Erika giving a big 🖕to her “tormentors”. Otherwise I’m sure they’d be sitting in a safe somewhere. 

Pretty clear that Dorit is using Erika as an excuse to avoid Kyle.

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Fumble fingers.
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13 minutes ago, RoseAllDay said:

And there is a reason why everything that Erika says is scrutinized and picked apart, Dorit. Stop defending her. She deserves no benefit of any doubt. The previous night pretty much proved that. Even if she had no involvement in the scam, her lack of BASIC empathy speaks volumes. 

The self-pity party continues as she sits in a high-end store moaning about how bad she has it. 🤮

In that ridiculous coat.

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And of course Mo shows up.  Good gosh this man never lets a camera go to waste.  Erika is just a soulless person.  To make herself out to be the victim in all of this is just gross.   To see her prance in to the store like she is some royal figure is so laughable.  She looks like a fool.  I really hope she is put to task at the reunion because you know she won't when she is on WWH.

The only reason Rinna was there was to see if they gossip so she could go back to the group.

So the store locked out Kathy and kept the 3 in the store and there are no bags after they leave?  I guess a promo is all they need lol. 

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4 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

You don’t wear them because you have an inclination that they were bought with stolen funds and those funds could be easing the suffering of other people who’s money it actually was … God I hate Erika 

And if she loses one of those things will she be on the hook for the money?

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For as much publicity as Erika's earrings have received and considering what happened to Dorit and Kim Kardashian... I wonder if the earrings are insured, for how much, and if having them "stolen" would have been a better option than possibly losing them in legal proceedings.

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