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  1. I will not watch next season like I stopped NY. Neither are entertaining and at this point Erika is literally making money off of widows and orphans as is Bravo Bravo Fucking Bravo and I am out.
  2. I think these three are the keepers. Actually wealthy, actually smart, actually not criminals. You could probably get a few of the oldies back and we could go back to vacation porn
  3. I wonder if Erika has Dementia by Proxy because she cannot remember the story correctly
  4. I think Crystal needed time to find her way - I can imagine the first season is tough. But I hope she stays on - I actually like her.
  5. Crystal started watching the show and realized Team Zero F*CKS was not the place to be.
  6. I guess even Andy at this point could not deal with this. I will still hold my judgement because these may be the only lobs. What I do not get is that she STILL is acting like she is the winner. What I do not get is the whole narrative would be different if she would acknowledge the shitty shifty shit Tom pulled. But she just cannot and that is why I despise her. Not for what she did before but because she still give zero F-CKS!
  7. The dress was way cuter with her standing. I wish they would look at them in a sitting position
  8. I totally agree. And if you follow Sutton on IG you see she has real friends and does real trips and is not attempting to blow smoke. I think she is still pretty genuine and obviously she does have money. Very few on this show do. My guess is that I make more money than a few of them LOL
  9. In fairness the attorney could have been mocking her narcissistic ass like us. I mean they tried to fire themselves but were ordered to stay on and assist The Toxic Mess Her new attitude had to be pill induced because the 180 of her personality was not for allowing everyone to get along - she was on something. And they way they were all tongue bathing her made me want to vomit. People need to step up - I thought you were divorcing him because he was mean and dangerous and now he is not so why not YOU and your 25MM reasons to step up go take care of him
  10. I actually show dogs and yes dog crates should not be huge. They should be able to stand and turn around and not have to duck their heads. My one 75 pound Aussie likes to cram himself into my 12 pound Pekingese's crate. Yes he can do it, no I do not shut the door but I do take a picture before dragging him out. Tiago's crate is fine.
  11. Jeff Lewis was asked about it on his Sirius XM show (he is house hunting) He basically said the house is basically a tear down and the price would have to be basically land only. Plus really rich people do not like infamous houses. I think they said they thought it would end up around 5M.
  12. I have to say this scared me. I think they would allow Erika to attack her. I think Erika is the kind of person who would. She is a nasty POS and all those women sat there and allowed Erika to attack her. I would not feel safe if I were Sutton. ANd for Kyle to say you need to stand up to Erika - when has SHE????
  13. They all were but him in particular. They never warmed up to her and in her one dance that she said was about "her" I recall them saying it did not feel genuine. Honestly I do not watch it much but I have never seen them really be that blunt, especially early on
  14. Her first dance was basically her stripper stuff and it did NOT go well because instead of it looking hot it looked like porn. And it went down from there. She was definitely told to tone it down
  15. I will never forget when Erika was on DWTS and the entire cast was really cold to her. I mean they always seem to try and be kind to any of the random people but it seemed like no one but her partner had any warmth towards her. I am going to assume that she was as fake their as now.
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