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  1. Maybe when Erika left HIM he only realized it when it was in the papers. I mean perhaps she also was taking a refreshing nap with broken bones falling off a cliff! I mean what was the convo like as she drug his mangled body up the cliff. So sorry thought you were with the girlfriend? Did he laugh it off and say OOOPS I should get a life alert? I mean no convo about why you were not looking for me? She said she never confronted him so lets add this to the list of Erika lies. Come on Rinna - she needs to OWN IT
  2. Exactly. Like the fact that Kyle knew he was cheating on her too. Anyone with a thimble full of brain could see the sham marriage but they all knew to pretend. Which makes their hypocrisy even more blatant when it comes to Camille and to Denise. They at least pay their bills!
  3. It is SO LUCKY that when he tumbled out of a car down a switchback road all broken up that he HAD HIS PHONE NEARBY! I guess it was in the pocket of his good side LOL
  4. So riddle me this. Twelve hours unconscious with one side of his body broken, he wakes up, finds his cell phone and calls her. She drives over, picks him up and then what? I mean how does she get a broken man that is in shock up a hill? You would have to call an ambulance and that would have made the press. And at his age with ALL of that he would be in the hospital. I think this is a fake story to explain away his "dementia" and I think she left because she realized the money went dry and the business arrangement no longer suited her. And the fact that the ladies did not realiz
  5. It seemed to me that Ericka thought she should bide her time until he died then realized the cash was gone and bailed. That’s the only thing that makes sense
  6. Exactly- this was her knowing she could get out and the plan had been to show her like a Phoenix coming out of the ashes. Well she is...THE ASHES OF MONEY STOLEN FROM BURN VICTIMS AND CRASH VICTIMS. You can see her story evolving as things came out about his medical condition and then the money. I do believe she probably had no clue but because SHE DID NOT CARE UNTIL SHE WAS IMPLICATED. In the beginning she was shrugging all the lawsuits off - well until her name got implicated. But other than an offhand remark the sympathy was all about her and how this is ruining her life. Yea
  7. At the same time the position of the OTHER person is equally important and should not be dismissed. If everyone respected EVERYONE'S opinion we would be in a much better place. I am sure I will be called a racist for this - and I am multi racial but then I will be told that you don't have to be white to be a white supremicist. The problem is that it has become an all or nothing discussion which shuts down the LISTENING part. At the same time the position of the OTHER person is equally important and should not be dismissed. If everyone respected EVERYONE'S opinion we would
  8. As I said she used it in context but if you feel someone is a crazy person why would you continue unless you enjoyed stirring the pot?
  9. For using a word correctly in context that is now used as a term that is now used for other reasons that now is very defamatory. Like I would not say the pieces of cake were done in a niggardly manner. Sure it is proper in context but in today's world who in their right mind would say it and then DEFEND it unless you are a shit stirrer.
  10. Exactly HOWEVER what would happen in the real world "Hey Crystal I realize you are using the word per Websters but since people now use it for other more negative reasons, do you think you could use a different word?" "You know what Sutton, I get it. Lets just call it awkward and move on. Hey Erika how expensive is it to be YOU?"
  11. Kelly and Rick were on Jeff Lewis' show and what he said is that his job has always been to go where Breaking News is and he just does not want to live his life like that and so it was pretty amicable. And I do get that because my husband was in Special Forces and our honeymoon cruise got pushed back so many times our son came with us at 6 months old LOL. Personally I am glad the three are leaving - Kelly was actually pretty (as much as she can be) okay with being off the show. I think she is playing the game in hopes that they want her back. I also think its time to settle this one do
  12. Honestly Kelly Dodd was on Jeff Lewis' show and the RH universe came up and he mentioned that the difference in the discussions is when Garcelle would discuss her point of view it was done in a relatable way and about HER perception and it made sense and it really made you think where Eboni comes off really preachy and heavy and not organic. I agreed and as someone who is multi-racial myself (I say this so that I do not get lectured about checking my privileged) I define ME not anyone else and I do not like being told that as a XXXXX I should feel XXXX. I have stopped watch RHONY because
  13. It is interesting that after defending her "Tom" all these years she is now embracing the narrative that it was a loveless controlling relationship that she finally had enough. It does not ring true and its apparent she was trying to be the victim. What I don't get is that on one hand she is sure that her is going to get her but on the other hand she says he does not give a shit about her. Which one is it Erika? And why are the Ho Wives giving her a pass of not being real? How many people have they turned on and destroyed for less? I will be quite interested to see how this plays out
  14. Those sizes look pretty big to be hers. I mean there are Size 6 and 8 (US) as well as Mediums. There is no way these are hers or they were hers years ago. And yes calling 6 and 8 big is weird but those women are tiny
  15. Interesting that none of the other cast member s posted on her latest IG post - I meant maybe even they think it's time to distance
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