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  1. Still watching all three seasons compulsively. So upset this show was cancelled. I have a day-dream that someone like Amazon will pick up the show and continue it. They certainly have the funds to do it!
  2. Put me on the bandwagon for not liking June becoming a super-hero ("Super!June"?) Trite and boring and simplistic. I loved Lawrence when he was introduced last season: the museum/hoarder household with rock music blaring really grabbed me. The boho element of Gilead. Having met a few economists in my life (outside the classroom) I can attest to the world-building aspects of their economic/social fantasies. I have no trouble seeing Lawrence as such a person, who has discovered that everything doesn't fall into place once that world is built. He's discovering the human costs and finds he must do something about it in a way that doesn't get him killed. A fascinating character and Bradley Whitford is great in the role. I have no trouble with Serena Joy's character either---she thought she wanted things a certain way and discovers she hates it. A lot of people don't question things until they're personally affected by them; that's Serena's position. She'll make a valuable inside agent, which June sees. Doesn't make Serena more likeable, just a more layered character. I think it's likely that Aunt Lydia was seriously injured; she seems more erratic and emotionally unstable than before.
  3. Well, not great but okay. For the last week I nurtured a thoroughly ridiculous fantasy that the Hound somehow survived his 15 story fall into a fiery pile of rubble. Oh, well. The north is the Alaska of Westeros, what with no ice kings and wights around. And Jon's back with his bf Tormund. I'm okay with Sansa as queen of the north---she's learned a lot and will have advisors---she'll do okay. I feel they really didn't know what to do with a character like Arya, so just sent her off into the unknown. I too was glad to see Ghost and Jon back together, for good, I guess. I agree with those who think we should have had a full 10 ep. season---this all felt a bit rushed.
  4. And yes, I was hoping Jamie went through all that so he could stab Cersei, but no.
  5. RIP Sandor and Varys. I was really hoping the Hound would somehow survive. Many seasons ago, one of Bran's visions was of snow blowing over the iron throne, but after tonight, I'm thinking it was ashes. And I hope Tyrion is alive. In spite of his part being written as not-too-bright these last few episodes, he's still a smart character and I want him to survive. And Arya----what a survivor. May she survive the rest of the show. Some of the characters I care about have to make it!
  6. I honestly don't know if I loved it or hated it. So murky, so drawn out. I had so much trouble seeing who was doing what. Right?! Is the Hound alive? Who made it through? I HATE that Lyanna Mormont died. But boy did she make her death count. I did NOT suspect that Arya would deal the decisive blow. I loved Dany's dragon mourning with her. Won't watch it over---didn't like the murkiness (hard on my eyes!)
  7. Anela----how do I find the "request shows" part of Netflix online? I'd like to add my vote!
  8. Yes, Kel, I think that is their model---that established shows don't actually bring the returns that new shows do. But does everything need to be the bean-counter mentality? Plus, if there are established shows, with good resolutions, doesn't that become part of their library, which is viewed by new viewers? And, isnt' there something of an artistic obligation, to finish a show without a cliffhanger? (I hope I don't sound too naive, with the "artistic obligation" remark...)
  9. Just now learned of the cancellation of this wonderful show. So much quotable dialog! It seems Netflix has a business structure that makes producing successful shows more expensive after the third season, so they just pull the shows. Not a good decision. Winner shows are what make your network, you dimwits!
  10. I'm in agreement that Dany's getting obnoxious and maybe “Targaryen-cray.” Yes, I loved Dany's story back when---now she needs to go. I see her as ego-maniacal, even when everyone needs to pull together to literally save their world. Stop worrying about who bends the knee for crying out loud. Jamie and Brienne?? But Brienne and Tormund need to get together! This episode refers back to the very first episode of season 1, that featured artistic spirals of horse and human parts. I'm thinking Varys + Davos + Li'l Badass Lady Mormont should be a ruling trio. Screw all this stuff about bloodlines and go for the talent. Hmm, I wrote it as a joke, but it really could work; Lady Mormont satisfies the need for tradition, plus the smart guys. Tyrion could be an occasional adviser, as could Jon (on defense issues). Is Gilly a lot plumper? Is she meant to be pregnant? Hey this is the USA---okay with violence, not okay with boobs. Yes, makes sense, Efzee! I thought of the wildfire too, but isn't what's left of it in King's Landing? Assuming Cersei didn't use all of it up on her sparrow-cleansing operation. I remember that commentary, and it took me back, MANY years, to when I was that young and silly.
  11. Yes, good to see Lisa actually being a parent. And why why why couldn't Sheila have left her ball-legs thing frozen?
  12. Just now completed my second binge-watch (the first being incomplete and interrupted) and just caught the very end of ep. 10. Sheila biting Joel is the big news to me.
  13. Plus, hadn't that knight (was his name Paul?) and his girlfriend Marsha had talked about starting a family. Nice way to work in the plot line if the actor was going to Hawaii!
  14. Started binge-watching last night but kept nodding off---NOT because of the show but because it was LATE. So I got a very choppy uneven sense of the story. And today I'm cooking several dishes for a friend's birthday dinner, so I haven't had a seamless binge watch yet. But I have to say I love most of it, and don't miss Anne at all. In fact, I never liked Anne; she seems like "Dan-lite," what with her nosiness and confrontational attitude. I do miss Nathan Fillion, and the new Gary head is gross. I understand that the Gary-head can't eat (no digestive tract) so will decay, unlike Sheila. And in the metaverse, I understand Nathan Fillion is busy with another show. Still, couldn't the production folks have made a replacement head that looked more like NF? Quibbling from someone who over-thinks shows sometimes... Absolutely, a highlight. I didn't recognize that Jean is played by Linda Lavin until I saw it posted up-page. I love the whole cast, but Timothy Olyphant continues to amaze and amuse me hugely.
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