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  1. I thought i was really going to like watching Clare this season. I guess I was wrong. She is WAY too intense. She used to have a kind of endearing wackiness to her, but now she's just plain whacked! I hated the exploitive dodge ball game. That was not right. She seems like she's acting fake with her constant big smile that melds into just teeth showing to appear smiley. She speaks like everything is a pronouncement. Also her giddy girlishness is better off used by girls. Teen girls. She's one scary chick! Now I see why she's not been lucky in love. She's TOO much of everything sane men run from. I think she was mean to Brandon too. Heaven forbid you don't have the right answers to her "what about ME ME ME?" questions on your first sit down conversation with her, and are there to be on the "journey" of maybe hitting it off with the main contestant. She made him feel like a jerk. I'm not liking Clare at all. Bennett, on the other hand is turning out to be my fave. He seems like an intelligent and funny guy who likes the good things in life, and certainly doesn't need a basket case like Clare in it.
  2. Lol. I had to look up Charlie White. Yes there's a resemblance there, but you should see my landlord! A Tyler in his 40's.
  3. Thank you Saber. He looks just like someone I know, except for the deer in headlights look Tyler's eyes have.
  4. It sure does. Looks like the California type fires which melt cars, and burn down neighborhoods of houses while the neighborhood and yard trees and bushes are untouched and green. Mighty strange fire.
  5. Oh that short legged pants without socks look is just awful! Especially if they are short enough to practically ride up on your shins, like they did on that extremely tall guy who called himself "a tall drink of water" when meeting Clare. I have sat with my notebook and pen in the past and took note of everyone. Their name, age, occupation, and area of living, like saber, lol. I didn't this time, but am glad we have a secretary on top of these things. I used to give one through five stars also, according to my own thoughts on attractiveness and who I thought was a good catch. Maybe saber can refresh my memory the name of the tattle tailing attorney who's name starts with a T. If any of the contestants ever watched these bachelor shows they should know that being a tattler, and "outing" another contestant for their "wrong reasons" for being there, to the prize person they are all vying for, they should know it NEVER works in their favor. I liked Blake and his howling hound dog. I do wish Clare would give these guys a chance to show their inner selves, instead of deciding from one look who she felt the most attracted to upon first glance. Dale has kind of a presence to himself for sure, and I get the instant attraction, but it doesn't mean he's perfect husband material for her. It means she finds him hot. Not the best determination for a life mate. There's plenty of hot looking guys who have a strong presence vibe to them, out there. Alot of them are in love with themselves. I think she is being immature with her sudden choice of he's the one without really getting to know each of them. Sexual chemistry is one thing, but the rest of life is much more than that.
  6. No, I can't remember that time back then when Gabe was too emotional to be filmed during Ami's illness. The pain he has of just remembering those days is so excruciatingly real. I hope Ami lives till she's 100 or more, for Gabe's sake. He's just a great big sweet hearted teddy bear of a young man, who can hold his own during a skirmish with a huge, killer-footed ostrich.
  7. This was a very sad episode. I too wasn't thrilled with all the recapping from past seasons. What got to me the most was when Gabe was talking about his and their fear about possibly losing mom, Ami to cancer in the past. The love was so much greater than I expected to hear from him, the fear he had about the possible loss of her was so real and heartfelt it made me cry. I mean, don't we all expect to outlive our parents and kind of are conditioned for that reality throughout our lives. He was showing the kind of anticipated pain one would have if it were the other way around, and it was a parent who outlived their child, type of pain of loss, or anticipated loss, in this case. I can only hope my kids love me that much. I never would want them to feel that kind of pain from loss of me, but to be loved that much, that the thought of losing me would be unbearable was kind of refreshing to see in Gabes heart. Man, he does love his mama! Good for him. It's admirable and a testimony to Ami. The parts we were never shown of her mothering techniques. The horses. I thought they said they set them free before leaving the mountain the first time after the fire started, so they wouldn't be trapped. They were in the corral when they went up to try and get North and as many horses as they could off the mountain in the half hour time allotted to them to do so. If they didn't have that surprise half hour allotted to them, those horses would have been trapped in the corral if the fire made it there. So that contradicts what they originally said about setting the horses free to save themselves if need be. That North star was a gorgeous horse. Looked like a thoroughbred to me, tho I'm not an expert. The shot from above of the burnt large building at the very end, with no explanation of whether we were looking at the big barn or the new house. I think it was the barn. I feel very bad for them and all the people who were affected by that fire. The animals too.
  8. Oh boy. So this has ended, before it had hardly started. I wish them all well. Andrew and Jennifer blew their chance at having a community. No one else did it but them. They were all willing to give it their best shot but the sour puss couple had zero communication skills. Probably from years playing "read my mind" with each other when something was bothering them. They've staked out their own little private country just for two, and freak out any time someone else in their private country crosses the boundary. They didn't want other people there. They just wanted their own little universe but needed help with all the chores. They really just wanted slaves. Their air of know-it-all superiority of the subject of Alaska remote living included no knowledge of how to work with a community of other individuals. I rarely saw, if ever, either of them working along side the others except for the moose hunt with Andrew and Gerrid. They only turn up to big chore events afterwards, to supervise with looks of disappointment and criticism of how it's being done. Was there another time with fishing? I dunno. They didn't help with the goati hut. If Jennifer was cutting fish, she did it away from the others on fish cutting day. It would have been a bonding time. They didn't want to bond with the others, but wanted the others to bond to them. As yes men. Asking permission and what chore should they next do for the royal leaders of the private country. Now what survival show can we watch?? Those Alaskan Bush people are complete fools , plus their show is a finale next week too, I think. Need some new naked and afraids!
  9. I don't think I will ever be able to get that phrase "MY FOOT IS IN A RAT!" out of my head, probably forever.
  10. I agree, tho I must point out that Adam did voice his objections to ousting Oliver as soon as the subject was brought up when the rest of the clan marched to the area Adam and Evan were at to have the group meeting about kicking Oliver out. He only gave in against his better judgement when all the others agreed that Oliver wasn't pulling his own weight. That moose they shot was never seen by the camera when it was focused on the supposed moose in the bushes. The eyes of that poor dead moose looked a bit sunken to me, like it had been dead for longer than just an instant ago. The rabbit Adam and Evan supposedly caught in a snare was warm , pliable and limp when Evan picked it up, like it had died an instant ago. It should have been frozen stiff in the snow, or at least not so floppy. Then there was the stove pipe emerging from the top of Oliver's tent. I didn't see him hauling any stove pipes on his back when he left the group. Yes alot of this is staged. I do hope Andrew and Jennifer do not own a piece of this show tho.
  11. Jennifer often looks like she's sucking on a sour lemon. Most people would be ecstatic about finding a cabin, like Adam, Evan, Gerrid, and Christine were, but not so for pursed lemon lips Jennifer and her side eye glancing Andrew. That's terrifying to them. They should do some math and figure it out that yes, they are the ones driving the community away. Not the other way around. They seem to be the common denominator they don't want to admit to themselves that they are. To try to deny hard worker Adam and Evan enough meat protein is disgusting. He who rules over the food, rules over the people. Adam was noticeably thinner, but ole lemon lips tried to keep clinging tightly to all the food cache. Andrew is such a strange wimp of a ruler. Nobody even brought up Oliver. Did they think he just walked home? Wouldn't a helicopter or something have made a big noise coming to pick up who they banished, alerting them to his safe departure? He's just wandering around in the wilderness with the wrong shoes (moccasins). He really needs some warm waterproof foot gear. I can't believe there's only one more episode. I guess it's going to get pretty hairy next week! I'm glad they all told the little king and queen how uncomfortable they make them all feel. The vibe definitely gets tense when they are around.
  12. Oh boy, what a couple of humorless, stern, wussy cowards Andrew and Jennifer are! I'm not surprised at all tho that they were too cowardly to even be on camera, sloughing off the mean, daunting task, of asking Oliver to leave, up to Gerrid! What nerve!! I'd have told them to do it themselves. It was their idea and they seem to think they are the precious king and queen rulers of the group. Gerrid is too nice. Good for you Adam, sticking up for Oliver and voicing your gut feeling about it all instead of giving in to the Royal Asse's. You're right Neurochick. Oliver said he's been on his own since he was 14. Looks like he said it last week and I just saw it on the "previously" start up of the show. Eww that ruling couple! I really can't find too much to admire about them. I don't think I'd want to be a part of that community if they were the (self appointed) heads.
  13. I think you're right about Oliver, NEUROCHICK.
  14. Bird had a collection of Star Wars collectables that Noah never knew about. Yeah. Ok. I believe that. Where's she been storing this collection all these years? The one her brother who she's lived with day in day out for decades hasn't a clue she has. We never even got to see these costumes she traded that bath tub for. The ones she's claimed to have had all along. You know Damn well she would have been prancing around the forest in her princess Leia costume if she really had one. Teaching us how to take showers with clothes on by washing from the top down was ridiculous too. I've got to say I've never seen her with dirty greasy hair before. They have not lacked in hair care. I love that Noah and his wife Raiyn have such a good relationship. Being best friends while married is the way to make it last. Good for them! Bear hasn't tried to tone down his childish extremism after losing his prospective wife to his insanity. Always performing for the cameras like a monkey using that windmill like a jungle Jim to flip and swing on. I was afraid he was going pull it down.
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