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  1. I know! That was the fastest 2 hours that ever was!! Strange🤔
  2. I hope she gets rid of the no pants guy first. What an idiot.
  3. I am tired of and not impressed with all these gimmicks the men are using in their introductions. It gets tired and most all of them are really dumb looking/sounding.
  4. I did not like the invasion of privacy by the two co-hosts going through the mens rooms and private property for “evaluation”. Not a bit.
  5. Is that what it is? I noticed he looked different in the eyes, and that he looked a bit “prettier” lol. He looked pretty awful. And shiny. Yes, going for an implant might be the best bet for Bird and that tooth. I was wondering if there was any kind of oral surgery that could be done to move that tooth into its correct position without having to go the braces for years route.
  6. I noticed in this episode when Bird held her head back and up, I could see that her front tooth had come in completely sideways. Shes going to need some strong braces to pull that baby into proper alignment.
  7. I didnt think it was possible to find funny things from this epically boring episode, but you did Reality Observer! Wow ! It certainly is a gift you have to be able to make humorous recaps when given nothing to work with! Theres nothing I love more than sarcastic humor Lol!! Thank you!
  8. Aww, Sad to hear the beautiful Tervuren Belgian Shepherd, Cupcake, wont be seen anymore. Those Browns have an eye for pedigree animals thats for sure. A few of Birds cats are regular cats but she always has siamese and beautiful persians. That horse Noah was playing with last week looked like a Friesian, a pretty rare and gorgeous breed. That lost dog that just happened to crate itself inside Rains little hut was a mutt and most likely not up to par as a keeper for the Browns, who want pedigreed animals. That was a real believable event, huh? The dog going into the crate and staying there,
  9. Rinna reminds me of one of those obnoxious ugly wind up monkeys dolls with the crashing cymbals with an added screechy cackle always laughing at her own jokes. Not a bit of decorum with a flashing “Look at ME! Look at ME!” sign above her head at all times.
  10. Oh you are Welcome! The recaps really cracked me up and I’d have mentioned all the pics with memes,,, but I didn’t lol. They were all equally hysterical 🤣🤣😂😂 Thank YOU for writing the recaps that made my day!
  11. That was just absolutely hilarious! 🤣 The subtitles on the pictures crack me up like no tomorrow!! What ever that means, lol, but I was ROFL. He got one thing wrong though, I think that poor horse Prometheus, that Noah had, was gorgeous. Not an old plug, glue factory reject. I’m no horse expert, but that was one beauty. I see the previous month he wrote the recap, has a picture of Gabe with his wild elastic banding thing going on that I thought was so odd. Bears dock picture : “Do I have crab on my chin?” 😂😂🤣🤣 Oh I needed that laugh!
  12. Yes that scoopable cat litter she was using definitely would clog up pipes. In the past I have used it and emptied it into the woods until it rained and I noticed the whole outside smelled like a million cats had peed out there. The air was filled with cat pee smell and the stuff when wet, turns into a thick paste-like glop that does not break down. I would throw it away in the garbage after that until I switched to the best litter I had ever used. I started using hardwood woodstove pellets that cost only about $6 for fourty pounds. A 40lb bag would last about 5-6 months for one cat,
  13. Birds shower used as a big kitty litter filled stink box was the most disgusting thing ever. These people treat anything they have like dirt. The trailer and the bathroom and its shower did not look like it was in bad shape. For her to use the shower as a catbox , I cant see how any part of that little trailer doesn’t smell like cat crap and pee. She must smell like cat crap and pee if she lives in there. She obviously doesn’t use the shower for cleaning the stink off her that would accumulate no matter where she kept a catbox in that trailer with all those cats in such small quarters. Ho
  14. I am very happy for Abigail and Noah. I know I was rough on Abigail about the way she was and was not handling her relationship with him and feel bad now. I forget what its like to be so young and in the dating scene. I wish them and all the other ones who became couples the best of luck , life and love. Its been tough enough in this crazy world without people, like me, judging and snarking. I have to admit I will probably not give up my snarking, concerning this show and the people on it. As most of you on this board know, its a great outlet for us watchers. I just don’t want any of the “
  15. That was mean of James to say to Anna the reason its not going to work out between them is because “he has standards”. Could you imagine? What a horrible thing to say to somebody, before running off on a bromantical getaway with Aaron.
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