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  1. Gary put on a few pounds before doing this episode. Smart move. He won me over with the little turtle he befriended, little Timmy. That was sweet that he couldn't eat him even tho he was starving. I wouldn't have eaten Timmy either. One thing tho, .. Timmy was obviously a land turtle, some kind of tortoise or box turtle. They only go for a shallow soak in water and are not built for swimming. I hope it found an easy access out of that water or it would have died. Poor little Timmy was straining to get away, and had no where else to go but the water, when Gary let go of him on that fallen tree.
  2. Did anyone else expect that champagne to blow up into Kelsey's face like I was thinking was going to happen? I've opened enough bottles of champagne to know you have to wait for the innards to settle down a bit before pouring because it WILL explode like a volcano, wasting much of the bottles contents when the bottle is being tipped back upright after the initial pour? I saw that coming a mile away and did feel bad for her. How humiliating after all the champagne hoopla to begin with. VictoriaF and her fake insecurity about the modeling in front of people went right out the door when she hit that runway like she'd practiced for it her whole life. She walked that runway like a champ and I'm surprised she didn't win the clothes. Hannah Anna has a sneaky bitch look behind that innocent mask she wears. She's a calculator, that one.
  3. OMG Hannah! Give us a flipping break! What a manipulative bunch of moves she just laid on Peter. Glad to sense tho that he's just not that into her anymore.
  4. The blue eyeshadow on Rio was a hysterical touch on this episode. I really got a few good laughs out of that. It's the little things, hee hee!
  5. I didn't used to till now, but I really dislike Debby now. How dare she act like she is his boss and tell him how to be with the squirrel woman, and was just over the top rude to Glassman and his colleague during their conversation. Kicking her out. If I were him, I would have lost all love in that moment. Then her using guilt tactics on him as she left for the day. It was stupid of him to buy her shoes and keep her around. I don't know what the huge pearl clutching awfulness is, about Resnick showing that poor, about to be blind, boy, her breasts. How very sad for him, kind of her, and very usefully distracting for him at the moment he was being wheeled out to never have the opportunity to see a woman's beautiful bosom for the rest of his life. Big deal. Anyone who's ever gotten their hands on a National Geographic magazine has gotten an eyefull of every kind of breast, in every size, shape and length. California having an indecent exposure law has become an open air public portalet pit with plenty of bared butts and frontal lower extremities flashing and evacuating in full sight and not even expected to clean up after themselves! So let's go for the dog owners who didn't have a plastic bag handy while dog walking, and the compassionate doctor who granted a soon to be totally blind teen a memory of his lifetime that will always bring a smile to his face. It broke my heart and I cried when he studied his parents faces for the last time, burning them into his memory.
  6. Heartbreaking, that this short series is over, that Basil was killed, even the sad scene with Louisa and Spiro, so much in love, but having to part. Hilarious was the Zoltan return to claim Margot, and her virginity. Funnier was Zoltan in Margot's bathrobe and the three minute interlude they had in between play scenes, where they consummated their reunion. I was glad Larry, on his final note, stated he could not turn his back on freedom of speech and was willing fight for it. I'm going to miss these Durrells and as Spiro described them, ... Louisa's "peculiar" children. It was at the top of my list of favorite shows to watch. Too bad my wishes won't bring it back.
  7. I'm wondering if there's an Emily Reidel bobblehead doll out there, just like Emily who can't seem to keep her head from wobbling back and forth when she's doing the talking head portion of the show. Talking about the "getting gold in the box" being the important part of what she's doing out there. Yup, we know that. No need to remind us of what we're watching season after season.
  8. George did really well conveying his grief this episode. I was feeling it too. So sad. Poor Valentine. Caroline looks thinner this season. I wish she would have another baby to bring happiness back into her eyes. It must not be easy for her to be hauling Horace around all the time. He's not a tiny pug. That chubby boy looks like he's almost 20 lbs! Good riddance Tess. See ya when the inevitable revenge scene happens.
  9. I love this show, flawed characters and all and will be very sad when this final season ends. I hope they show the reaction of the mother of Margo's ward, when she comes home from her get away and finds her daughter acting like a human for once.
  10. I haven't liked Luisa for a very long time. The way she came into town towing those brats with her expecting the town's folks to take up the slack for her in affording life's monetary needs. Forcing that inept Margo onto the Dr and his wife begging they give her a job, and PAY her. Oh the poor widow with the children who Need money. Anyone's money. While she gets a whole house with land and a drop dead gorgeous view on the shores of Corfu. HIRES a help woman Lucrecia, while her brat kid Gerry drags in more mouths to feed every day, not to mention the caging requirements of these animals. Then forces the friends she's made by non stop whining, to be teacher to that Gerry brat, who then proceeds to practically kill that older man with his planned physical attack on him, making him have a terrible fall and breaking his arm. Every body owes Louisa because she's the poor widow with all those kids. She actually believes that of these poor schmucks whose town she moved to. Now she blatantly wants to take a married man away from his family because that's what she wants dammit. Her over inflated sense of entitlement has made me not like her too much from the beginning.
  11. I was thinking, maybe Katie took her ring off and left it home or at the hotel before she went to the finale night. Then Lane steps in with a temporary ring to use for stage purposes and she had to give it back before leaving. We'd never know if it was the same original ring or not.
  12. Wish there was more Jordan last night. Hey Mike! Who made you the official on what happened on the piñata platform? He obviously was only intending on removing a paper bauble when Mr Smarmy had to go all physically altercation about it. He WAS acting in self defense and anyone who knows the Jordan we've all seen on this show, knows he is not the kind of guy to get involved in a fist fight, but rather cuts you down with words if necessary. Doesn't mean he can't hold his own if physically attacked tho, as we all saw, MIKE (said in the same tone JPJ says DEREK) with your too big of a fake smile. I was hoping that it was a decoy, the rumor that Peter was going to be the next bachelor. He's ok, but doesn't have that hotness factor that most women hope for in a new bachelor season. He's got a toddler's little face, centered in the middle of a man sized head. The proportions are off. It's going to be a snoozefest of a season for me, if I watch it.
  13. After I wrote that, I recalled seeing Mike wear that style too. Now this, with Peter adopting the look too. Oh boy. I guess we'll all know for sure tonight!
  14. I'm starting to get a sneaking suspicion that the next bachelor is going to be Tyler. Wouldn't that surprise everyone! They've worked hard at convincing us that in no way it would be him, and they do try hard to keep it a secret until the big reveal. Then in the bachelor in paradise finale preview they showed the feet of the next bachelor walking out onto the stage for the big reveal and it was just like the kind of pants TYLER wears. The shorter at the ankle kind!! That certainly would cause a huge boost in viewership. Which they want of course.
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