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  1. Aww Katie... I’m falling in love with Michael too.
  2. I know! I was all tense watching her continue to rip around in that thing and hoping like crazy she didn’t make Michaels little boy, fatherless too.
  3. I never trust those “smiling jacks” ( Thomas). Trying to smile you into liking them.
  4. I’m the first to cry, looking at that green tin foil Christmas wrapping paper dress shes wearing.
  5. OMG the Sam and Joe episode follows this naked and afraid xl episode. She is just HORRIFIC. Poor Joe. Poor Sweet hearted Joe.
  6. I wish I had the art of tactfulness like Matt. “We should try and keep the Human foot print small”. Lol. What a great way to “nicely” put it. I would never have thought to say anything less than “Keep your big ole loud mouth shut Jeff, you’re scaring away all the game.”,,, the woodland creatures, as Riley calls them.
  7. I wasn’t going to watch. Then I decided I wanted to see the men. I watched, but was distracted, so I watched it again the day after. I was not happy they were having Katie as the B’ette, but found her to be more attractive than I remembered, I think because of the new do, with the side part in her hair, instead of in the middle. They certainly did cheap out in the wardrobe department for her big debut, her red dress had the material and look of a slip, thats worn under a dress. I remember past gowns these women have worn and some are drop dead gorgeous. This dress was .. eht. I’m not too thril
  8. Funny.... I was thinking the same thing. I agree. Looks like Jeff and Steven show up to the party and become obnoxious neighbors in the next episode. I would hope Steven has some common sense and does not easily join in with the bad behavior, but tries to tone Jeff down instead. It looks bad for anyone who is Jeffs sidekick to NOT encourage reasonable behavior and actions and anyone who doesn’t, deserves to be lumped in with the jerk, as just another jerk. Laura should have stepped up way earlier than she did and put the brakes on Jeffs insistence it was them against the world no matte
  9. I once found a beautiful long haired pure white, blue eyed young cat that had been dumped at the end of our road in the middle of a snow storm. My daughter spotted it as we drove by. It was clinging to a downed branch so it wouldn’t have to have its feet on the cold ground and he was crying his head off. Normally I don’t pick up strays, but this one, I did. I had two bengal house cats that I was not going to subject to unknown disease from a stray, but this one was special. I also told my daughter, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cat was deaf, which can occur often with pure white, blue eyed an
  10. Tonight, Thursday June 3rd, the 8th season of “ALONE” begins! On History channel.
  11. Tonight, Thursday June 3rd, season 8 of “ALONE” starts! On History channel.
  12. Hmm, reading this, because i guess I wasn’t watching that scene closely enough.. what if it really was an act of aggression and anger towards Luke, making him experience a tiny part of what she had just been through on a much grander scale. To regain her power over males in general, but also as punishment for not being able to save her for those long years. ? I don’t know what was going on in her mind, so add me to the majority!
  13. What annoyed me most in this episode, was the way Luke greeted June. It reminded me of my married days where the ex would come home from work and never ever say “hello” to me first. Just looked at me silent and smile-less. Like I was an underling who needed to address the lord and master first with a greeting. He was playing the “Who’s gonna say hi first” game, and refusing to be the first one to, that so many males do as an act of passive aggressiveness and hierarchy. Sheesh, she has just been through hell and he’s gonna play the flippin who’s gonna say hi first game. He should just have
  14. I have to say i am disappointed in EJ for not offering one lousy BTU of heat energy to poor freezing Sarah, while she is there suffering and practically begging to cuddle for warmth, while not actually saying those words. What the heck is the matter with him? If he fails its his own stupid fault for being so stubborn. He knew she was hinting, loudly. See ya EJ. Now you’re completely on your own in swamp hell. I know Sarahs feelings must have been mighty hurt that he wouldn’t even suggest cuddle contact with her while she cries in frozen pain. I’d have left too, knowing you didn’t matter enough
  15. I just loved watching Sarahs face when EJ had to bring up “the talk” with Suzahhhhhn. She was like, yup! nope, Im not going to get involved with this, but was glad EJ stepped up to the plate to confront Suzahhhns idiocy. I am sure Sarah wanted to tell Suzahhhn to STFU too, but didnt want to stir suzahhns defensive pot. She was trying hard not to smirk when EJ started telling Big Mouth that she was being an ass, but in a nicer way than i would. I am kind of sad to see Lacey tap so soon, i wanted her to redeem herself at least personality wise, which she did, just a little bit. Jeff su
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