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  1. Roland had a darn right pleasant look upon his face on the after show this episode.
  2. Oh I agree fully that is a good thing Roland utilized every single part of that musk ox. Just seeing him handling that mutilated head tho, made me think of every/any animal ever killed for food. It didn't seem to be gross. It was gross, and I am thankful I've never had to do it to survive. Gave me a new understanding of the mindset of vegetarians, vegans, tho no vegetarian could survive in that environment.
  3. Oh yeah, watching, or rather, NOT watching, diverting my eyes, Roland with that musk ox head almost made me think seriously about becoming a vegetarian. That was horrific!
  4. Bulent does rock. He also was the most entertaining of the group. Cute French bulldog he has there. I did notice Queen Gwen was champion sitter arounder. When ever she did anything other than sit, it was in super slo-mo speed. They were so quick to banish Bulent for not sticking to their schedule for him without knowing why he didn't show up early in the morning after his hyena night, they seemed banish driven towards him for sure. They did sound silly for banishing him after he already said he had decided to go his own way again. They just had to get that last word in out of spite. I was waiting to see their last survival scores, and individual weight loss numbers. I wonder why they left that part out.
  5. Well, Bulent is out there up to his old tricks of winning friends and influencing people, lol. Calling Makani, broccoli. Lol. That didn't sit well with the rest. He was quick to claim Sarah started yelling and screaming and barking at him. I didn't see or hear anything like that from Sarah. He sure is on the defensive 100% of the time. Always an ass. A lucky one tho, with that huge catfish.
  6. I think Callie? is the one racking up the good karma points by allowing that adorable short tailed weasel to share her abode as welcome company, and not see it as dinner. Four rabbits for her! That was an amazing haul for one day. It pays to be nice to weasels!
  7. I'm thinking how can Roland NOT win?! That puss he wears in the after show with the resting bitch face must really be ego posturing, if he did win. He's got a years supply of meat with that musk ox in that impenetrable meat stash locker he so artfully crafted. Great work Roland!
  8. I agree. I think he knew Sethhole was about to relent on his strict "bow" rule. That's why he let him have the prepared water. Plus, it would have looked super schmucky not to give a "dying" man, water.
  9. Yes, Suzaahns teeth are unnaturally blinding white. Obvious tooth whitening going on there before her stint on N&Axl. She better be careful with that and may find later that her tooth enamel has been thinned and damaged. I feel bad for her with those burnt tops of feet. That is extremely painful. That happens to my feet too, but never to that extent. No wonder she looked like animated bird hopping from stone to stone when they walked up to Wes and Gwens area. She is absolutely skin and bones now and I hand it to her for still having as much energy to work as she does. I have to admit that I am enjoying Bulents loner role and his sarcastic humor. He does not suffer fools easily. Lol He may be a schmuck socially, but he isn't wrong about his perceptions of the people he interacts with there and his dry sarcastic humor cracks me up. He was also very compliant when Sethhole asked him to not be in the water while he was heading to his napping blind for his daily hunt snore fest. He also didn't have to hand Seth his boiled, prepared and cooled drinking water. Could have told him to be more prepared while in a desert and that he wasn't his new nursemaid slave.
  10. The part I laughed at was Seth falling to the ground saying "water.. water" at Bulents pad, lying there like he was dying. All an act to get Bulents prepared water he had no right to. Then he pops up quite animated to drink it. He first acted like Bulent was going to have to hand feed his dying body the water he begged for because he didn't have his slave, Suzaaahn supplying clean water to his lazy ass. He's a fake who I think does this to do a crash diet because he has no self restraint in that wart hog blubber body he had to soak in mud holes to cool off in.
  11. I agree with all you said. I cannot believe what an idiot moron Steve, Emily's father is. How dare he put that diver in jeopardy trying to get him to work harder and faster to try and keep his own body temperature higher. I'd have come up and punched his lights outs if he ever pulled that crap on me. Then he was singing "I'm the king of the world ", or universe, or whatever. He acted like he was drunk or drugged. I can't believe Emily tried to cover up for his intentional lawbreaking of endangering the divers life, by saying be was a good person, if you knew him better. I agree Kris Kelly should ditch that toxic father whom I wouldn't trust with a flake of gold. I'm sure he's the kind of father that would steal gold when no ones looking. Shaun too. His dad is a bully and an ass. I can't stand Ken either. I'm praying Shaun beats him in gold this year. I like Verne. Missed him tonight.
  12. Makani is from Massachusetts Wow. I've never heard an accent like that from Massachusetts. Taiwan maybe, but not an American accent from anywhere in these states. It's as if she's struggling with the language at one moment, and just like one of the girls the next moment. When she talks to the girls. I think quiet struggling accent is reserved for talking to men.
  13. "Sethhole". Lol! Yeah that was pretty obnoxious of him to tell her to keep it down and tippy toe around his morning napping time. I can't WAIT for Suzzahn to watch these episodes and find out he'd been napping in the blind all these times he claims to be "hard at work" with all his hunting. She has NO clue about how HUGE of a Sethhole he really is. Yet.
  14. Yes, I've been noticing that off and on. She can be very clear and concise without that accent in her speech and then that second voice she uses that I practically need a hearing aid to hear. I'm surprised, but I found Bulent entertaining this week with his bone throne. The "my water" was annoying, but at other times he can be quite funny. Seth looked like a Buddha sitting there with his water drinking alone, away from Suzzahn. He's living off his wart hog fatness while Suzzahn is becoming skeletal working herself to the bones of her burnt feet. His main objective its to sleep as many hours as he can, day and night to get through this endeavor. I can't stand Seth. I have no idea why he thinks he's naked and afraid survival quality material. Jeff's eyes while watching this looked slitted, like a snakes eyes.
  15. Yes. This. I noticed it too and had to cover my eyes at the graphic butchering parts and my ears when that poor little squirrel was crying while being poked with that pointy hooked stick thing. I am so glad it got away. I know they have to kill to survive, but yes, those scenes are becoming more graphic
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