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  1. Yes, that's what I thought too. It's made even less suspicious with the mixing of possible mistake and vandalism--vs. somebody intentionally setting it on fire or blowing it up specifically. Where as Lalo, of course, will understand it was intentional.
  2. Maybe I'm wrong, but I assumed there was something besides the chicken to make it explode--for instance, a gas line being opened. So the idea was that people had come in and trashed the place, and that broke a gas pipe, and then they trashed the kitchen, which sent a chicken into the deep fryer. So he was making it look like intentional destruction on purpose, but the chicken explosion can still be an accident that story, if somebody is trying to work it out step by step. It always seemed to me that the real problem wasn't even specifically what the did in different situations, but just how everyone in the family meshed together. Jimmy was amusing but he was also a sweet guy at heart-we saw that early on. Where as Chuck was impressive but had a personality that made it hard for him to engage with people the same way. Basically, Chuck was Jeannie to Jimmy's Ferris Beuller. Yes Ferris got away with too much, but it was Jeannie's own personality that made her get furious about it rather than reap the advantages. She just couldn't do it as a sibling and neither could Chuck. He couldn't accept that Jimmy didn't get the reaction from the universe in general that Chuck thought he deserved. (This was, after all, a guy who wound up enslaved to delusions of an invisible enemy.) The difference between the McGills and the Beullers (or the Weasleys--Percy vs. Fred & George) is they ultimately broke through and forgave and Chuck never could.
  3. This was one of the most interesting choices in the ep to me because I was thinking about just what you said here, that they could have decided to show Schuler as being very different at the beginning but they made a very clear choice to do the opposite. All of which is so in keeping not only with the themes of this show but the rules of the BB universe in general. Everyone on the show has the person they become inside them potentially -- and yet it's their specific circumstances that bring out. It really does kind of all come down to the chemistry metaphor.
  4. He did say Howard sounded crazy (echoing descriptions of Chuck) so that would probably count as a denial. But even the way he delivered the line wasn't believable so as far as Howard's concerned it was totally a confession. I don't think that's the real reason Jimmy hated the job offer. The real reason was probably far more self-loathing--like now Jimmy was getting this because he got rid of Chuck. But he turned it into something that was Howard's fault instead so he could blame it on him and get angry. Everything he said to Howard was what he could have said to Chuck, after all. Chuck did think he was above Jimmy and now Jimmy has destroyed him, like a God in human clothing with lightning bolts shooting out of his fingers. Embracing his bad side makes a lot of psychological sense in terms of his grief and guilt over Chuck. He's exactly as bad as Chuck always said he was and who's the winner? All that stuff he worked so hard for, to be a lawyer at that firm (iow, to earn Chuck's approval) was nothing. Really it was as simple as Howard said, that he was in pain. Seeing the scene again in that clip I couldn't believe he was joking either. And it's a great calback in this ep too, because it's Jimmy taking a familial betrayal and the bitterness he feels about it and channeling it into his work defending a low life murderer.
  5. Oh good--I was about to going to try to go back and find whoever was saying this on the last episode because I didn't remember exactly what you said he said on BB. I was going to ask exactly this question--so Saul only mentioned a second wife, meaning that the Kim situation is unresolved either way (could be a fourth wife, could be 3 exes, could be still married or a widower for all we know). I had definitely thought it was a possibility that Saul was lying in the past scene (I didn't even remember the context at all) but they wrote themselves into it and stuck with it!
  6. I was sad for Duke that she responded to that woman by wanting to be in her class. She was a bad teacher, period--bad meaning incompetent as well as abusive. There was literally nothing we saw her do that was helpful in teaching ballet at all that we saw. She probably turns out far more eating disorders than she does even competent dancers.
  7. I saw it the way Clanstarling does. Chuck has no idea how much Jimmy did or didn't take in random 20s over the years, and there's just no way that one kid--one who hasn't even been shown as an adult to be so very extravagant--was doing more damage than a guy constantly being stolen from, giving out money and giving away stock for free for years. Chuck wants to give Jimmy the thief (iow, someone who maliciously and proactively harms the business intentionally) more guilt than his father the poor businessman (iow, someone who's doing his best but is just innocently over his head).
  8. Just to refresh my memory because I'm not sure I'm right, but Chuck wasn't exactly right about that, was? Didn't he think Jimmy's stealing was what ruined their father when really the father was always giving money away and Jimmy, seeing that, just also took some?
  9. Oh, I don't think he did either. I meant that the point of showing them would in itself be uncomfortable for the people in the room because they'd basically be seeing these commercials as being Mesa Verde ads that were not just attacks, but also just cheap and embarrassing and attached to their name. So for what Saul/Jimmy was doing, the worse they looked the better. A serious dad questioning their integrity with some dignity wouldn't have even gotten the same visceral repulsion.
  10. Another thing about those awful commercials is if they ran they'd be terrible for MV's brand even if no one believed them. They look cheap and people would start to associate them with MV.
  11. To me the quote just implies a very different person than Jimmy was/Saul is so far. It just seems like such a specific type of person they were trying to put across in that line that wasn't the way they went. Of course, Jimmy could marry Kim, get his heartbroken, then marry some girl in Vegas he just met that he doesn't care gets with his stepfather, but since we know they hadn't come up with who Chuck was at the time of BB and Chuck is imo the most important influence on Jimmy's life, they could make that line a throwaway lie without it seeming wrong to me at all. There's been talk on this thread, for instance, about Jimmy taking out his anger at Chuck on Howard and he could have a reason we just don't know about for that particular lie. Jimmy's a liar who is truthful about plenty of surprising things; he's a truthful person who lies all the time. It's not really about whether he's generally honest or deceitful, but about what different truths mean to him.
  12. I hope not. I don't know everything about her life, but it seems like the real life daughter was maybe interested in acting all along and maybe already working before she went to college? (Of course her Mom's contacts would have helped a lot and Sam on the show doesn't seem to have the career that the real Adlon has, just similarities to it.)
  13. I was really happy when she asked what she did and she said she was a hostess. I was worried they'd have her be supporting herself taking pictures after a few months but it seems like they're being more realistic. She probably ran through the few people she knew and friends of friends letting her take pictures of her and had nowhere to go from there. I think Remains of the Day? That one ended with Anthony Hopkins' butler letting the bird out the window and Christopher Reeve was his boss. I bought the thing with Duke. She's great with animals but sensitive--sudden, violent injuries overload her system, probably, especially because she's the one who hurt her friend by accident.
  14. Late to the party but I just finished both seasons and my head's spinning. I happened to be reading a book last week called "The Psychology of Time Travel" (a novel) that also had this type of time travel. Imagine my surprise to learn that Charlotte is I guess what the travelers in that book would call a genii--that is an object (or in this case a person) who has no logical origin. Or maybe it's Elisabeth that's the genii. Anyway, the object whose origin forms a closed loop. Can't believe we've now got horizontal characters as well as vertical/aged ones. First Mikkel said the question wasn't where but when. Now it turns out it's not when but which. Great. Echoing that the casting is great. The only person I have trouble believing is the same is Adam because young/middle Jonas have such long, narrow faces and Adam got a big blob of a head. Granted, his head appears to have melted but still. Probably because for her he represents the injustice of her child taken from her. He basically replaced Mikkel in her mind--he shouldn't be here and Mikkel should. It's like he stole Mikkel. But then, Katerina is a woman whose favorite song is that Heaven is a Place on Earth song, so perhaps she's just forever inscrutable. That said, Hannah is the total worst. Imagine being trapped in time and the only person who comes to find you is your stalker girlfriend to punish you for not being that into her. I'm impressed people refrain from slapping anyone who talks to them in time travel riddles or makes references to playing a game. Possibly. That's the story of Hannah's life, though, isn't it? She has everything she needs to be happy, but inside she's a miserable person. Also it seems to fit what Jonas said about how she only ever needed herself. She's like her own closed loop who can't ever really be connected to anyone. All the more reason for Jonas and Mikkel to be close. Same as Hogwarts. I'm glad to hear Germans, like me, were impressed with the cell phone reception in this small town, even from the bunker. Presumably, this refers to the man young Noah killed at the start of the season back in 1921. Though I don't think there's any confirmation that this is Bartosz, it would make sense. Oh, I also thought it was interesting when Egon told Hannah in 1954 that her name Nielsen (Katrina's name) was an unusual name, I guess in Germany?
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