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  1. I've no doubt that when Tom was in a room with her, he expected to be in charge. Though still, she had a lot of freedom to go around with her crew and do those shows and build her own reputation there and on the TV show. This also reminds me of how Erika was claiming she was working so hard to earn enough money to leave him when her alleged career was a vanity project he was bankrolling. Yeah, I can believe she didn't want to back out for breach of contract or something, but still, she could have decided on a policy of "I can't talk about that because of legal issues." She's ofte
  2. That's the thing, though. She's not obligated to explain it, she's insisting on these explanations--then getting angry that everyone else isn't obligated to accept what she's saying without question.
  3. I was thinking about Erika's stories and how one characteristic that always stands out is how she's always prepared with details that are bizarre or horrifying, but vague on mundane stuff. Like she knows how many times her son's car flipped, but when asked if he doesn't live in Pasadena (by Kyle, who's trying to support her) she says "further out." She doesn't just automatically give the place where he lives which would make it obvious why there's snow. I can't even remember what she said in response to Kyle asking how her son was after this horrible accident--we haven't seen her mention how t
  4. I used exactly what happened on the show. If I said my husband was in a car accident that left him with a broken ankle that he was being a baby about, and then later said that the car accident gave him a traumatic head injury that put him in a coma etc. etc., and my co-worker said, "So you lied about it before?" I would probably just say, "Yes, I lied about it before." I wouldn't nonsensically start yelling at the person for "Calling me a liar." So no, I don't buy trying to blow it up into something more than that, as if Sutton has been trying to stick some scarlet L on Erika's chest--or
  5. So what exactly is this cancel culture, exactly that's our big danger? Our current reality is that there are only two choices, and if you're turned off by one enough to vote against it or not vote, you're supporting the other choice. So what exactly is the fear here, based on stuff Bill is saying, that makes it too hard to vote against the people openly advocating for getting rid of Democracy so they're in power forever and making permanent all the policies they want? And is it actually not happening on the right as well? What powers are being used to enforce this cancel culture?
  6. So like this? Me: My husband sprained his ankle and he's being a baby about it. I have to take care of him. He's fine! Co-worker: Sorry to hear that. A year later: Co-worker: Can you stay late? Me: Okay, but my life's pretty hard. You don't know the terrible things that happen in my life. A year ago my husband went over a cliff and was in a coma for 12 hours and it was very hard. Co-worker: Wait, before you said he just sprained his ankle. Me: Don't you dare call me a liar! Why are you even talking to me? I WILL END YOU! Second co-worker: So you're sayin
  7. Jody! Johnnie Whitaker. He worked a lot back then.
  8. Oh, Erika doesn't know what's going on with all that money stuff. Nobody tells her anything and when she tries to ask Tom, he won't tell her! You're thinking of ankle surgery. That's more her area of expertise.
  9. So she walked out on him and hasn't talked to him since, even though he's calling her begging her to talk to him. But she's also judging his family for not visiting him...and how does she even know who's visiting him? And did I really just watch people cooing over poor baby Tom for having to be cared for by professionals at a facility when he ought to be IN PRISON instead?? Like do these idiots forget that this is all a way of avoiding that? Also nice reference to Tom having "gone broke" instead of finally getting caught after years of stealing from people in desperate circumstances
  10. I kept wanting somebody to point out that these alleged mental problems don't explain all the embezzlement, since that happened before. We shouldn't be surprised Erika knew this stuff--they should hire her at hospitals to remind doctors about basic stuff like when to do operations and stuff.
  11. Is there some reason why Carrie even has to be friends with Tina's friends? It doesn't seem like Tina spends any time with them these days. Doesn't Carrie have any friends of her own? Maybe a lesbian who dresses more like her, since there's plenty of them, if doesn't feel pretty around this crew? It's a group of friends who don't know you, Carrie, chances were you'd feel like an outsider with them. Eh, she also likes to tell people who difficult Bette is, so it's not like there's no animosity on her end. It's just weird, like it feels like Carrie has no life outside of somehow be
  12. Dems should politely ignore anti-trans legislation, BLM was fine at first but then it scared everyone off with rioting and of course we can't defund the police, Kavanaugh was obviously just a kid kidding around and it's ridiculous to call that sexual assault, tax the rich is silly, etc. I think most people can agree that it's not good to act like the people in all his cancel culture stories, but spreading those stories is central to the whole anti-woke strategy. How ordinary people are under attack from crazy college leftists who are making them feel bad for not knowing their pronouns or
  13. Does he? I mean, it seems more like he just thinks nobody needs to be any more liberal than he is, which means not actually doing much to change the status quo. (And never researching any case of "liberal cancel culture run amuck!" that he hears.)
  14. I thought Guillermo was doing his own filming in Europe, like on his phone.
  15. Wasn't it the brain scramblies that would have led to renewing his vows?
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