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  1. Yes--it was a shame that she was too angry to take Tai's reassurance there because of course it's fine if she didn't thank the bear! That was basically Misty trying to raise her own status by scapegoating somebody else.
  2. But that was pretty obviously just an excuse to yell at them for hooking up, wasn't it? I mean, of course I don't mean that Jackie was unaware that they were low on food and that she didn't feel hungry. But she wasn't at the point where she was going to treat the bear as a miracle that needed thinking. She was firmly, imo, not allowing herself to slip into a different mindset. Definitely. It was a fight that they needed to have and had they been at home they might have gotten past it and remained friends. It's like the dark version of the fight in the movie Booksmart.
  3. I guess we don't know, too, whether the cabin survives. It might burn down at some point. Who knows? Btw, just realized my question. Above I mentioned the show reminding us how badly adapted Jackie was to being in the wild. I was going to say she couldn't even start a fire, then remembered she had. But was I wrong in thinking that? Was the fire Jackie was sleeping next to only seen in Shauna's dream / Jackie's death vision? Or had she at least managed to start a fire? I forget.
  4. Callie's got to be even more freaked out when she figures out Dad's in on it too. Nat specifically said that Travis never believed that stuff, so he probably wasn't a follower and I'm not so sure Tai is either. At least, not consciously. Remember the earliest blackout of hers that we saw she stole Van's bone, so she might be repressing so hard stuff comes out even more. I honestly doubt she even made that much of a decision. The show made a point of reminding us, in the end, that Jackie was the person least adapted to living in the wild. She probably only stayed outside to make a
  5. It's weird, because I get Shauna much more than Jeff - and even maybe respect her cheating more? Maybe not. It's basically just that I get that Shauna was (or seemed to be) acting out of resentment and a feeling of being not as good - something we know she had reason to feel. So while she was still doing something mean and hurtful, I at least get that she was *trying* to something mean and hurtful, even if she didn't want Jackie to know about it (so mean and hurtful but cowardly). She felt guilty about it and knew she was the bad guy, no matter how she might have thought about it when she was
  6. Ah, I see. I was thinking that her need to feel she was the superior person meant she was afraid they didn't really care about her, but I see what you mean--she'd intentionally chosen these two relationships where she thought she could feel secure and then they betrayed her specifically. Ironically, her behavior probably is what helped them justify it to themselves, though it doesn't make it any better--they really were always those people.
  7. Yes, presumably we are supposed to think they're doing plenty since they made a point of that early on when Jackie was doing nothing. But they don't seem to be thinking of good plans for getting rescued in terms of following water downstream or, as someone pointed out elsewhere, climbing up to higher ground to get a look at the landscape.
  8. If Misty was the kind of girl who could leverage her hero status in the real world into actual friendships, she probably wouldn't have been the pariah she was. Her own logic - bad as it was - was still logic. She saw herself *continuing* being the person who cared for everyone, not leaving the woods and doing the talk show circuit or getting a medal at school. This is a pattern the show hits pretty hard with her, being drawn to people in need of help that only she can provide. I'm not saying that no teenager would be able to figure out destroying the box could kill them all. I'd bet every
  9. But it did have logic to it. She wasn't thinking it through and coming to the same conclusions you're laying out here, but the logic was there. Especially since teenagers are notoriously worse at seeing the longterm. (And in Misty's case she'd be right to think she was not the type of person who could leverage hero status in the real world successfully.)
  10. Me too - thought it was just a theory. My mom and I went to a Color Me Beautiful class together. I'm a summer! Misty's obviously a winter. She's Christina Ricci. Wednesday Adams is nothing but a winter.
  11. I thought it was too early to go after Jackie. I'm really fascinated at the way they instead keep isolating her from everyone. Not in an explicit "We all hate you, Jackie!" way (though sometimes there's a little of that) but the way she seems so untouched by the situation the way they are. She's somehow not having this experience with them. I assumed that scar was not what she looked like at all, just how she looked to Tai in that moment--though it still seems unlikely she'd be healing all that well. She's not talking like Richard on Boardwalk Empire even! I assumed this
  12. I've seen this theory a lot and while it certainly might be true and work, as it is now I would be disappointed and not by it. It seems like Jackie is just so emphatically drawn as the person who remains the same in the woods as at home. She's like the spirit of Normal High School haunting the group. Even as a ghost she'sa high school girl--and her wardrobe so far suggests the same. Where other people are developing skills appropriate to the environment, she's still using the skills she has, which tend to be more short-sighted and petty. I guess that's also why it's hard for me to ever imagine
  13. Makes her killing the rabbits in her garden all the more satisfying. And also maybe explains her claims that she didn't have a high school experience when she obviously did--she didn't get the one for "better" girls like Jackie. Probably he meant to rub in that she wasn't ordinary like Shauna. Jackie's the most ordinary girl on the whole show, even when dropped into an extraordinary situation, so her parents probably see that as special. In a case like this, though, I don't think the diary is so much a clue that we're supposed to pick up for a theory so much as something that's
  14. It would make a lot of sense for at least one of the girls to have really bad periods, but I thought what we saw proved that Jackie really wasn't unable to do anything. She seemed to be using "I have cramps!" to the person who woke her up (I forget who--Nat?) the same way she'd use that excuse to her gym teacher to get out of class that day. I took it as another nice bit of characterization showing her being exactly who she would be back home--and that being very dangerous. When she did get up she didn't look uncomfortable at all and stepped outside brushing her hair looking like she'd spent s
  15. Agreed. I'm just getting into this show now - binging maybe before the finale and loving it, but wanted to weigh in on the supernatural vs not debate just to say that I love Folk Horror, and sometimes it's supernatural and sometimes it isn't. It's very possible that the group could believe in something spiritual/supernatural/pagan after their time in the woods that would feel real--and maybe still feel real to them--without there being an actual wendigo or whatever. That seems very in keeping with where the show sits. When you're living along in the winter woods with no streetlights, the
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