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  1. This is definitely going in a direction I hadn't anticipated. Parasite? Infection? Is the series so dark no one sees that giant rash? Glory is just so strange. I find her as strange as the new PI.
  2. Thank you and to the others up thread. Vanilla is my middle name.
  3. That was depressing. I don't think one character came out better at the end and rays of hope (pun intended) The Alan Alda character has a duty to report a suicidal patient. If he thinks Terry is serious, he can get the police involved, so I think Terry must have said he'd changed his mind as they both stood there shaking in tandem I hope this is not the end, but if it is, I can live with it. Can't imagine a more fractured family. Are they imitating The Godfather?
  4. FWIW, since I asked the question, I think cultural appropriation is just stupid. I was curious to see if anyone else thought so too. The world is a melting pot and if a girl wants to wear a Chinese style dress on her prom date, she should be able to. I thought she looked great. ETA I've worked with something like 7 Native Tribes all over the US for about 15 years. Some ceremonial items are sacred and shouldn't be worn by anyone. But, one tribe had a Halloween contest with the winner receiving 50 dollars. A group showed up as the guys doing the YMCA dance complete with cheap headdress. When I asked him about it he said "As long as the feathers aren't eagle feathers, it's okay". Sacredness can be a fluid thing, apparently
  5. I can see people aren't understanding my question. Deyoung is the designer but if someone who is not of Korean descent wears it, is it appropriation? I'm thinking of the American girl who wore a beautiful kimono to her prom and was eviscerated on Instagram. I personally thought it was great (as did most of the Japanese/Chinese who posted in response)
  6. The winning coat is already up for sale. Customizable but one size fits all, which can be dicey.
  7. I seriously would have quit the season if Delvin had gone home. Sergio, girl take some acting lessons before you try to win with the tears. Brittany is right. They are obsessed with Victoria and I, on a very shallow note, think it's because she looks the part. Loved the winning look. One question though. Had the Korean look won, would it be 'cultural appropriation'?
  8. This. I had to watch the episodes twice to figure out what was going on and because of the darkness. The second time was in an airport with hundreds of windows, so that became an exercise in listening. Posters upthread have already expressed the major frustrations I have, but one more question. For all they make of the detective seeing a therapist, why on earth is Glory paying a lawyer and his investigator to clear her husband, but her girls have multiple nightmares and they're not in therapy? One wets the floor? (or is that the same goo on the clothing in the barn?) Very intrigued so far. ETA, I'm not reading the book or reading the spoiler tagged items, so if this has been addressed, I have missed it.
  9. Yes to all the posters who said Circus, Beetlejuice, and 'girl you got toilet paper in your stiletto" I think we would have seen far more creativity with this challenge if it had been an individual one. I'm frankly appalled by what was presented. If any challenge deserved a double elimination, it was this one. The 80's were a weird time. I remember my mom showing me an article in Newsweek about the battle of the Pop Princesses- Cindy and Madonna and asking who would win. I think we all know.
  10. I have a general wiretapping question. I live in Chicago. Illinois is a two party recording state. I only learned of this because a company I used to work for would tape our conversations and I had no idea until they said we could no longer talk by phone, email only. New York recently changed the all party to the one party, but if Ray was still in California, Smitty couldn't wear a wire, is that correct?
  11. I've been enjoying this season because we are finally seeing the family and how Mick's bone headed decisions have hurt people so much, they're still echoing in the present. Smitty, dude. You're days are numbered.
  12. Well, there was that time a fan came up called Nina Garcia, Meana Garzilla. It's been rougher.
  13. If the family is so traditional, why are the grandkids going for schiksas? edited for too much info
  14. Oh puhleez with the Kushner gasp. Tyler needed to go home, but not for the comment. I love Nancy, but that pink top is a mess. Why are the judges loving messy looks this season? I know it's a failing of mine, but I really dislike the asymmetrical look paired with the hated cutout. but overall it was the classiest of the three they picked. Does anyone remember the challenge when the designers had to do horrible retired trends and both cutouts and asymmetry listed?
  15. Weird observation, but Liev has the same walk as Jon Voight (when Ray is tailing him). Sort of a 'tall guy walking bowleg'. I don't know that I still love the show, but I'll watch for Liev who is always good.
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