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  1. Jackie needed to die this episode because she'd served her purpose already. I really thought she'd make it into another season before being offed, but it's probably better this way. What was she going to major in at Rutgers, sorority rushing? Warning: opinion ahead. If hypothermia was a pleasant way to go, everyone would just drive north with a bottle of opiates in their pocket and jump in the nearest lake during winter. Think of the worst sunburn you've ever had and translate it to cold. It's tissue death. Jackie also didn't do the paradoxical undressing seen in late hypothermia, but I d
  2. I truly hope this doesn't go the way of Westworld. First season was epic and then every season afterward was a shadow of the one before. AND we had to wait for it. I understand another season is coming.
  3. Because Shauna, Misty, Tai and Nat all said the geometric symbol was only known by members of the team and the reason they paid the blackmail money. If there were photos of a the cabin, the symbol is carved into several spots in the attic and a few trees as well.
  4. One thing that's been bugging me. In 2021 it should be simple to find their cabin, lake and crash site. There should be police reports at the very least. Shia LeBeouf put a live image of a flag on the internet and the internet found it by mapping, finding position of stars and airplanes flying by. Photos would be all over the internet. If Citizen Detective Misty can find Travis, all those people driven crazy by the crash story should be able to find the area. They used to give guided tours of the Donner party trail and camp.
  5. I liked it much better on second viewing. It was the cult sweeping in at the last minute that got me. The Branch Davidian compound burning to the ground should have been fresh in everyone's minds in 1996 and given them second thoughts about forming one of their own. The adults in the present keep giving them a pass saying they were young. I'll give them some leeway, but even they realize the situation went too far when they got back home. Misty is trip though. She still does not know how to read a room. That poor daughter at the funeral.
  6. I think Nat was asking if Misty was going to take some of Adam home to consume later. There are so many overt hints of cannibalism, I think it's a given at this point. And I can't believe I just typed that.
  7. BTW, no disrespect intended calling Lottie a fruitcake. She had, at the very least\, a duty to tell the others that she was on medication. She can't tell them now and that's a shame. Might have saved some lives.
  8. I think Jackie gave up. Sex was probably on her bucket list, her best friend is pregnant with her boyfriend's kid, and the group had turned against her. All attempts to leave or be rescued have been a disaster. She could have gone back inside; I don't think anyone would have denied her, but dying in her sleep was preferable. If there's a splint in the group, it might happen now. Shauna will head the 'Lottie is a fruitcake' group and the rest will think she's the second coming. Tai might go with that group initially, but she doesn't buy it and they will know. That would tear Van and Tai ap
  9. No, no , NO. I want closure, not some hyped up cult and Jackie freezing to death. Will have to sleep on it (if I can) and re-watch when I'm not so pissed about this finale.
  10. I'm glad we got the movie and and ending for the Ray and Fam. I feel like we've been inundated with Boston Irish Southies for 20 years: Wallbergs, Afflecks, Donovans and a Damon to name a few. This movie could have used a healthy dose of Aunt Sandy for a few laughs, but I like it as is.
  11. So, did this prisoner do a consolidated of his settlement and she's burning through it?
  12. This girl reminds me of Mary Elizabeth Winstead a bit.
  13. This lady is a mortician and only dates over a phone. She has serious commitment issues.
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