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  1. Marcelino is looking at 3 years of reality TV salary up in smoke.
  2. my favorite secondary characters were the actor/boyfriend with a bedazzled medic alert necklace of disco lady (name fails me) And Shawn of the Destinee's friend at the auto place who was also too smart for words.
  3. "Let me show you around." You can see everything from the door!
  4. Fine! Here's your ring back. ::Tosses fake prop ring at you:::
  5. Don't forget the ratty weave and toothpaste eye shadow!
  6. insert something pithy here as I clearly have no editing skillz.
  7. People love an underdog and one that is actually right. Sutton has had viewer support virtually all season. Erika stood on top Tom's Hill of Death™ and looked down on all the wreckage (real or imagined), but she doesn't own that hill anymore. And she doesn't own viewer opinion even if she owns Andy's.
  8. Are we really 17 episodes in? I'm going to be going through major physical withdrawals. The reunions are always exhausting, but I live for the episodes.
  9. Harry Hamlin acting like he's in East Berlin trying to get across The Wall lined with machine guns and landmines. "It's not safe." Run!
  10. Eirka is flirting with all the husband at the party. Ladies, you better hold them close
  11. It is so strange to see Erika acting completely smug, like she has everyone fooled.
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