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  1. Dear God Hester and her fashion of many colors in conjunction with Command wall strips? The eyeball apocalypse is nigh.
  2. I've missed you Ray. Glad to see Lena. I'm so old, I thought they were giving Terry straight up Peyote, but that's smoked right? Btw, for those up thread that may have forgotten, Ray had Terry released once via Governor pardon. I'll buy the trucking accident by throwing my disbelief out a 10 story building.
  3. I know I'm way behind, but what happened to the girlfriend that was locked in a basement and then disappeared outside Carl's school? No Gallagher went to his graduation? Fiona would have been front and center. Debbie isn't Fiona and shouldn't be. The baby has blue eye, blatantly ignoring her father's genes? And Frank. If they throw in a fake marriage with his friend, I'll be out. Just kill this sucker off.
  4. I remember those. I'd say powder pink or baby pink and they were Cadillacs too, weren't they? Giant gas hogs.
  5. Was that a Mary Kay pink car? Oops. it is.Talk about MLM crap. I like the actor who plays Ramirez, but it's causing me terrible inner conflict. Thumbless is just cheesy. The last concert at Camp Redwood. I expect bleeding trees. And Billy Idol. If they don't show Billy I"m going to send them that scene from St. Elmo's fire with Billy's big head and neon earring in catatonic Demi Moore's apartment.
  6. I re-watched to make I did like the ending and it wasn't some emotional response to it being the last episode. I still really liked the series, as strange and uneven as it was, but so is life I suppose. I did want Helen to come clean to SOMEONE that she was the one who killed Scotty. For a show where two murders occur, it seems odd how bloodless the series in general felt. I'm okay with Helen and Noah getting back together. I know of no less than three people who knew each other from high school, broke up and then re connected via facebook (the boomer book). At least two have gotten married since then. The Joanie and Eddie storyline was superfluous. I think someone here said Joanie was to fill Allison's shoes for the ending, but I would rather have had more closure with the other characters. I have to weigh in on the 'inherited trauma thing'. This is pre-Darwinian thinking. It's like saying if I come from a long line of dark haired people and consistently dye my hair blond, then my offspring will have a propensity for lighter hair. Last I checked, hair dye does not change DNA (I hope). I did like the idea of eventual forgiveness and Noah alone on the bluff at the end. I will miss this show.
  7. Sappy, sappy, sappy ending, but that's okay because DAMN Whitney is, at the very least, a sociopath. I swear they I thought they were going to have Joanie and Eddie standing on the shore of Montauk as a giant wave wiped it out.
  8. I thought this was the I-5 killer at first, but he was caught in 1980. He would rearend some poor girl and then pull out a fake police light. Might be The Green River killer. Same p@rn stache.
  9. Really enjoyed this one. Story threads are finally coming together.
  10. Judith is going to cut off those friendly ears some day (AHS 1984 crossover!!!)
  11. Camp is the wrong word for Haunts. It was deadly serious at the time, but it might seem campy to the younger viewer. I remember seeing it as a kid and Daddy Brady being so bad was scary enough.
  12. There's an great old campy movie called Haunts of the Very Rich. I thought they might be going that direction and so far they are. But this felt like an ending, not the beginning of 5 more episodes.
  13. YES. My user name is a tribute to both Walter Skinner and Walter White. I've had the good fortune to meet both and they are amazing. I never really liked MP's Supernatural character, but a relative of the boys is always a good thing.
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