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  1. Jennifer is a very bad actress and can't read a line to save her life. All this for fame. I don't believe she thought it through enough to realize it will bite her in the ass, but I'm new to the series, so maybe this is old news. Cat woman manager is scary. Also, way too much spin to make a happy ending. Nothing positive here except Pumpkin, husband, Alanna and Ella.
  2. I never watched Honey Boo Boo back in the day, but somehow got sucked into this season by watching a marathon. In other words I have no idea who these people are or why I'm watching, but I am. There is so much producer intervention, that it's far from reality. And Jennifer needs to leave the screen. Love the back posts I'm reading.
  3. Well, I wandered into the show thinking I was going to see last week's Top Chef. I think the last time I watched these ladies, Sonja and Ramona had dragged an air conditioner into someone's house in the Hamptons. Made through the whole thing and I think I'll bow back out again. Money Can't Buy You Class.
  4. Finally got through it, though stuttering all the way. What a colossal mess. I feel I learned zero this season. Zero. In fact, I think some knowledge was sucked out of my brain. Show, please. Get back to basics.
  5. Well, my Hulu went belly up after 1/2 hour and just won't come back. What I've seen so far doesn't make much sense. I kept thinking all Maeve had to do was find a local MRI machine and give Dolores one great send off.
  6. There's some elements of the movie Colossus The Forbin Project to this season. It's an old movie with hopelessly outdated technology, but it scared me to death as a kid. The central ideas still hold up: computers taking over the world. But Westworld isn't scaring me in the least. I'm not buying what they're selling and can't put a finger on why not.
  7. I want so much to care about this, but nope. 'Clicks Dorothy Slippers' there's no place like home, there's no place like home... And no Sizemore. Show, gloves are off.
  8. I actually liked this episode. Holy Cow. Show I promise with all my heart that if you let Sizemore walk the earth I will dial way back on my criticism. Thank You.
  9. So, here's the thing. I have a relative that was a miserable human being. Did drugs for years, stole money to live, drank like a fish and had a girlfriend of questionable taste. I wrote him off years ago. Then one day he decides to clean his act up. Quit drugs, drinking and kicked the bad girlfriend to the curb. He's now married, has a good job, house and kids. No one thought he'd make it. I certainly didn't, but he did. I enjoy his company and his kids are amazing. Serac and his love machine would have never given him a chance. The other reason I'm having trouble with this season is that it has veered seriously off track. It's saying "Remember all that great world building we did in season one? Screw it. We're going to change the rules as we go along."
  10. So Dolores is basically trying to murder future Google? I remember the Nolans originally said Westworld was a six season show. We have to suffer through two more seasons before they wrap this up? So much word to the person up thread about the medical stuff. I attended a talk given by the Cook County coroner and all the suicides had tons of fast food cartons and beer cans everywhere. Made me take out the garbage daily for a good long time. Also remember dolor, calor, rubor, pallor and tumor. Dolor is pain.
  11. I assume at some point we're going to be let in on why the Russians are the heavys for this along with the radicals. Why do they make all the women stupid? I mean, seriously.
  12. I totally forgot that. It's a son offscreen, right? I think the show died for me when Quinn died, but I kept watching hoping for better, only to be sideswiped with Max's death. Yes, he died a hero, but damn.
  13. Hugh Dancy needed to twirl his mustache. Obvious bad guy is obvious. The true definition of Darwin's Law is that one passes their genes on to a new generation. Who did that in this series? Saul? No. Max? No. Quinn? No. CARRIE. I may have to give up on this. My blood pressure is making a small vessel in my eye throb.
  14. Crazy theory. We've never really seen Dolores' mother except for one long shot of her dead on the porch entrance. Why is that when are motherhood is such a valued/exploitation in the series? I have nothing else. I feel like I'm watching a show that borrowed Westworld's name. The show literally dies outside the park for me.
  15. I must be the only one who is waiting for the new episode thread to unlock. Ah well. Will leave this here and not come back. This was just too weird for school. Lots and lots of Jude Law speechifying. Which isn't bad.
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