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  1. I thought Destinee would be the first to shiv someone, but I think Lindsay may beat her to it.
  2. I kinda hate how all the women this season are so unhinged. I blame the COVID. Yea, that's it.
  3. Okay, Scott actually made me LOL with the "I met one in prison". Scott 1
  4. I always think of Lacey as one of those blow up sex dolls. I'm more concerned she'll perforate and deflate. edited for lack of up
  5. Where is that other Vegas couple? They got married in an elvis star temple or something
  6. Andrea is like no Mormon I ever met. He's the best part of this family
  7. Netflix and Chill. Somehow, I think chill has a totally different meaning at that motel
  8. I have to admit the sign for Desert Moon is cool
  9. There's a great series that is sorta related to this mess called Back to Life
  10. Tag said Michael was unemployed and paroled. So what has he been living on, his miracle peen?
  11. I just read that people all gave up on Dry January. I was like gone on the first day. I need it for the paroled crazy.
  12. When I was young (snicker) they said "There's your Uncle"
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