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S12.E03: Don't Mansion It

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The girls weekend in the Hamptons continues; Ramona brings the ladies to a local winery where they learn about Leah's past and Dorinda's present; Ramona's hosting continues at a mansion party that evening with a group of new friends.

Airs April 16, 2020.

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I disagree with Leah’s assessment that it’s normal to expect Luann to lie about going to a winery because Luann is “struggling with sobriety.”  People who are “struggling with sobriety” are supposed to tell the truth.  What would have been wrong with Luann texting that a winery wasn’t her scene?  Luann will never “get” sobriety.  It’s time to end the charade.  Her relationship with the truth is rather tarnished as well. 

Tinsley finally opens up, and Leah interrupts a million times to tell Tinsley’s story?  Ugh, Leah keeps reminding me of the obnoxious parts of Heather Thomson’s personality, with some Bethenny sprinkled in.  

Notice how Tinsley, Leah, and Dorinda had to give real info with tangible details in order to be considered “opened up”, and Ramona, who started the “game,” got to skate with some esoteric bullshit about her dead mother and music playing?  That’s some 12 seasons of reality TV right there.

Sonja is just a babbling mess, always has been.  Only now her feelings appear more bloated.  

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Lu going to the chiropractor to deal with jealousy over Ramona’s Hamptons house is way more believable than the spider infestation necessitating a trip to the chiropractor version she’s selling.

The mugshot thing made me laugh out loud.

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Touring a house is an American thing. I did not know that.  Sonja is being really rude and obnoxious, but she is trashed already. Wasn’t she married to a multi-millionaire? She would have probably been to stuffy parties like this before.  

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11 minutes ago, AuntieDiane6 said:

The fancy designer house where Ramona is taking her friends?  It was the set for the mansion featured on the TV show REVENGE.

Thank you!  I couldn't figure out why it looked familiar

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Tinsley, this is why you’re single—you won’t accept a man who is short or a man who doesn’t drink.  Ramona, take note.  These women are so goddamn picky, except a wandering prick doesn’t seem to bother them all that much.  I get the feeling they wouldn’t date outside their race or certain ethnicities.  It’s just a feeling I get.  I have no evidence.  

Sonja is getting on Ramona’s case for bragging about someone who has a yacht and fancy friends?  The irony is rich!  Anyone remember P.Diddy saying “baby girl is confused” when Andy asked him whether he’d partied with Sonja in St. Tropez?  At least Ramona has some scintilla of evidence that she knows these people.  

Tinsley looked 55 if she was a day at that party.  She could have been one of Ramona’s cocktail party friends with the tight face and the overdone dark eye makeup. 

Luann’s flowered housedress was awful.  Just totally missed the mark in a way I haven’t seen on anyone on this show in a long time.  It looks exactly like the dress in which she got arrested!


Tinsely exhibited the Tinsley that I hate when she freaked out about the way Ramona was acting and exclaiming that Ramona is pretending to be the person that Sonja, I guess, used to be.  She gets really mean about stupid, kind of snobby shit every so often.  Sure, they didn’t have gin and there weren’t a ton of people there.  So what?  When Ramona brings her friends to a $38 million mansion, why can’t they take it at face value and laugh and smile and maybe give an eye roll or two behind her back at worst?  Why get up in arms about it, as if anyone in the continental United States thinks Ramona is a part of high society and Tinsley has to set them straight?  Just let her have it.  

And the house is too “tacky” and “American” for Dorinda?  I am dead over this hypocritical bullshit.  

The only thing I agree with the women on is that Ramona should definitely try to date this man.  She probably fashions him too old, though, which is hilarious.  

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3 minutes ago, pieinmyeye said:

Ramona, you stupid bitch. There are women in Atlanta who have more class than you could ever dream of having. Now go put on a bra, nitwit.

Was that a dig at RHOA?



When Dorinda says you're drunk that's pretty damn bad.

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7 minutes ago, LibertarianSlut said:

Tinsley, this is why you’re single—you won’t accept a man who is short or a man who doesn’t drink.  Ramona, take note.  These women are so goddamn picky, except a wandering prick doesn’t seem to bother them all that much.  I get the feeling they wouldn’t date outside their race or certain ethnicities.  It’s just a feeling I get.  I have no evidence.  

It's not that they are too picky, it's that they're picky about the wrong things.   They won't be picky about a man's personality as long as he is wealthy.

Luann just split, huh?


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10 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

OMG , Ramona grabbing Sonja and pushing her out the door while Sonja was screaming about her vajay-jay was actually kind of funny and sad at the same time. 

 I lost it when Lu opened the door, only to have a gust of wind blow her back inside.

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Yea I've had family reunions like that party.

I think Dorinda needs to do something with her time. Just like John doesn't understand obligations with his business, payroll, employees, a place to live nope he doesn't have any responsbilities and as much as I don't like him, why is he sticking with this harridan who really despises him?

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18 minutes ago, Neurochick said:

And Sonja, you should talk about someone looking "rough around the edges."

Yeah, none of these goofballs should be casting any stones.

My take on Luann is that she left Ramona's so that she could continue to get was drunk as she needed to be.  As a long-time sober person, the expression goes: "It's the first drink that gets you drunk." Meaning, once we have a taste, we oddly lose the ability to stop until we're out cold. It's also why I see really bad things in Leah's future - I was so bummed when she took that first teeny glass of wine.  Next week's previews confirmed my worst fears...I feel for her. And her daughter - having a sober mother who starts drinking is rough.


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