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  1. Looks like Kody couldn't be bothered to drive down and see his daughter who lives on the other side of the country. He's been pictured in the past few weeks in a restaurant and a shopping mall with Robyn (on separate occasions) so its not like they are still in quarantine.
  2. I was thrilled to see Ryan on the race, just to see that he seems to be happy and thriving. For those who are interested, there is a Netflix documentary of his story called Dream Killer. What happened to him could have easily crushed him, so I'm glad to see his resiliency.
  3. For people like Lexi, Morgan and Gabi, I think their career aspiration is social media influencer, which I actually think they can make a pretty decent income from (at least for a while). I just finished watching S2, and I absolutely hated the way they edited the Daytona routines. How is it possible that I invested several hours in watching teams prepare for Daytona, and I feel like I never actually got to see their performances? They way they would focus in on a few people at a time, and cut to the audience frequently, I didn't really get a sense of the full performances. I had to go and
  4. My guess is that if Kody took significant amounts of time to connect virtually with his kids, Robyn would be all, "Kody we need your attention", "Kody get off the computer Ari & Sol need you". You know she would have complained about not having his undivided attention. From Gabe's talking head, it sounds like he tried to reach out to Kody to connect with him but Kody never really made the effort. Please, please, please let their be a multi-part reunion episode at the end of this season. I want them to show Gabe crying because his father won't make the effort to spend time with him,
  5. They really have. She seems to have a knack for being on the forefront of the next thing. I mean, I had never even heard of shiplap before she starting doing it and then it was everywhere. With more people working from home during Covid, open floor plans aren't working as well as they have in the past. In both of the first two episodes of Welcome Home, she separated the office with a large wall of windows, still keeping an open view, but more quiet when needed. Very clever, and both window walls were gorgeous. Also, neither of the kitchens were white, so she has moved on from that as
  6. Also, it's actually dangerous to sit that close. If the airbag went off it could do serious damage to her face.
  7. Is Robyn cutting Ariella's hair because of Covid? Ariella has the world's worst mullet.
  8. From the very beginning, Kody could have said, "I will be out at Coyote Pass every Sunday, everyone who can make it come out and hang out with me". I have literally never entertained as many different groups of friends in my backyard as I did in 2020. It was easy to get take out from a local restaurant, and set up chairs 6 feet apart. It wasn't that hard. Kody made no effort to spend time with his older children.
  9. Even before that, I think back to when Kody revealed that he had gone with Robyn to pick out a wedding dress, after telling the other wives that Kody wasn't going to see her dress before the wedding. Robyn said that she didn't think that was something they needed to tell the other wives. She even took the other wives dress shopping, as if she hadn't already picked out a dress. I thought it shady at the time, but given how things have turned out, it really foreshadowed how Robyn was setting up her and Kody as a couple kind of against the other wives, and to keep secrets from the other wives. Sh
  10. In the time Meri spent putting up all her Christmas tchotche's throughout the inn, she could have taken down the wallpaper in the living room and painted it. Also, I wonder if she has looked under all the very dated carpet to see the condition of the floors. Given the age of the house I would think there would be hardwoods at least in the main living areas. Even if not in perfect condition, ripping out the carpet and exposing wood floors could be a huge improvement.
  11. Since My Sister Wives' Closet is long dead, I'd like to propose a new title for this thread. Robyn Brown: What does the nanny do?
  12. I wonder if they are jeggings (leggings meant to look like jeans). It seems like jeggings would be more likely to have the seams go sideways than regular jeans.
  13. Unfortunately for Meri, Kody's already got Janelle for a quiet break from Robyn's. I think that's why Kody and Janelle seem to get along pretty well. I'd bet that Kody's night at Janelle's house involves sitting in a couple of recliners watching TV, and that works fine for both of them. I don't think Janelle asks for much from Kody, other than friendship, and Kody enjoys the quiet time away from demanding Robyn.
  14. Why are Brett and her friend sitting on those filthy chairs? Gross! I think Johnny was very unhappy when Bao said she was sticking with their marriage. I feel like he wants to make her so miserable that she quits so he can be the good guy and Bao the quitter.
  15. I felt sorry for the neighbors who had to live next door to that tower. I think the only situation where those big folding doors would be practical is between the house and a screened porch that would keep the bugs and critters out.
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