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  1. Are you f-ing kidding me? The photo on the home page of their site has half of the groom's head cut off? Who, in real life, would ever do that?
  2. I watched the rerun also and noticed that on the back wall of the kitchen (where the stove was) there was a door that was often open to a room that had french doors to the outside. I'm not sure what the room is intended to be, but it would make a convenient dining room if desired.
  3. Even easier, they could have put Ryan's roll away bed in Ashley and Todd's room, instead of Chase & Whitney's.
  4. Whitney and Chase want Ryan to leave them alone in their hotel room for 30 minutes....so she can call her "Dadwee"? I just can't stand how impressed Whitney is with herself.
  5. Yes, Robyn, I'm sure God is going to provide a 6-bedroom rental for you. It's not like God would ever let anyone be homeless. Oh, wait.
  6. Quick survey for the ladies on this forum. How many of you have had a meeting with your business partner (who you are not romantically involved with) while just wearing your bra? Anyone? Just Whitney? I'm just so sure Ashley has enough air miles to pay for a flight to Paris, and she's using them to go with Whitney and not, say, the father of her child. TLC is obviously paying for Ashley's plane ticket. How dumb do they think we are? I think Chase looks like a dweeb. I am so tired of Buddy.
  7. This. She does so little on any given day, that she has to write about packing a lunch as if it is some monumental feat, and piece of health advice that no one else ever thought of.
  8. It's not a pond. It's a drainage ditch.
  9. Meri, We all heard you say you didn't want to be in the trees anymore because your rental is in the trees and you've realized how dark that makes it inside the house. Why is she trying to pretend she didn't say that?
  10. They showed a 'guest house' in the backyard when they first toured the house and said that was where her son would live. They didn't show it in the reveal, so I'm not sure if it was part of the renovation. In the episode where they moved the tiny house because it was too close to the client's mother's home, Erin said that they really like doing small houses because they can renovate every room. So, I think in larger homes they only renovate some rooms, depending on the budget.
  11. Because none of them are good enough actors to pull off their scripted lines. Seriously, at this point they should just fire Whitney and her barnacles and hire professional actors.
  12. Janelle still had packing boxes stacked up in her house because she had only moved "a few weeks" before she went to visit Maddie. A few weeks! I would have been unpacked in a few days. I could see it taking longer if she worked full time, but what does she have to do all day except unpack and the occasional filming? They are just trying to play up Meri being the outsider making it look like they don't want to gather at her house. I'm very sure they were at her house on Christmas Eve. They also did the vision boards at her house, and all got together to discuss that houses weren't selling at her house. They gather at her house plenty. If they gave her the side-eye when she suggested it, it's probably because she is always out of town at her B&B or traveling with her Lularoe friends so they can't get together at her house unless she is in town because they are filming.
  13. They replayed the episode with the house inherited by the young woman again last night. This is my favorite episode so far. Erin talked about having the two-toned house, but didn't explain why they did that. I'd bet it was because the original house had a narrow clapboard but the porch, which had been enclosed later, had a wide clapboard. With the whole house the same color, it made it look odd to have mismatched clapboards. But by painting the two clapboard styles different colors, it highlighted the difference and made it look very intentional. Brilliant solution!
  14. So Meri didn't want to eat Christine's food because she was "more picky about what she eats" and "watching what she eats". That's understandable given that Christine was serving fish sticks, tater tots and corn. But Meri sends her daughter to eat Christine's food? WTF? I guess she didn't bother to watch what Mariah ate. I also recall that, when they were talking about leaving Las Vegas, Janelle said that Savannah would really miss living next door to Christine because every morning before school Savannah would walk over to Christine's so Christine could do her hair. So even in the cul de sac Christine was seeing to the needs of more than just her kids.
  15. I wouldn't normally defend Kody, but they showed him holding a bunch of small purple gift bags, and on the couch he said he bought gift bags for all his kids.
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