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  1. I don't get that either and I've seen it on several remodel shows. I could maybe see for food, as most dogs generally eat all their food as soon as it's served, but isn't it best for a dogs health for it to have access to water all day? I have cats, and would never imagine not having water available for them all the time.
  2. I can't figure out what her deal is. She's so proud of being persnickety. I'm wonder if she thinks it makes her seem refined or high-class. She's proud of being the picky whiner like Jake was proud of being the 80's guy.
  3. Myrla happily describes herself as a whiner. She also says that Gil should be taking notes on the things she does and doesn't enjoy so he can adapt. Hey Myrla, What if it turns out Gil doesn't enjoy being married to a whiner. Are you going to adapt to that?
  4. Finally getting around to watching this episode. I thought Sonja looked adorable in pigtails!
  5. On June 23, Clara posted a video of "save the date" cards for their NYE vow renewals on TikTok, along with decorations she had been making for the event. So pretty recently she seemed to think they had a future. RED is an album of songs about bad breakups. Clara titled her post "so casually cruel in the name of being honest". I'm not sure if that's a lyric from one of the songs. It really seems to me that something pretty dramatic happened that caused a sudden end to their marriage, and it seems like Clara was blindsided by it.
  6. This really makes me sad. A Bald and Beautiful podcast (on youtube) with Clara and Ryan was just released today and they seemed happy. It was apparently recorded sometime after the 4th of July. Clara posted the Taylor Swift song "Tolerate It" in her Instagram stories which may reveal some insight into what happened. She has unfollowed Ryan on Instagram and deleted all pictures of them together (Ryan has not). I have a feeling this was Ryan's decision or maybe he finally admitted he never really fell in love with her which she said was her biggest fear. I think he tried because he took th
  7. I agree. I think Ryan is a lot more fun in real life than how he was shown on MAFS.
  8. Can someone please start a Go Fund Me to buy Janelle a tripod or selfie stick.
  9. Multiple people on the Reddit MAFS board and in MAFSfan Instagram comments have said that they searched the public records for Fulton County (where Erik lives) and found no record of him having a DUI. It's pretty clear that Chris is still holding a grudge against Erik and Virginia.
  10. You are correct. There is a posting on the Laurel Mercantile blog about Miss Dot's cake and it quotes Miss Dot saying, "When I first worked for Miss Bunny, I'd do a lot of her baking for her because she was an older lady". Here's a link to the story: https://www.laurelmercantile.com/blogs/journal/miss-dots-pound-cake-the-secret-ingredient
  11. I liked the Game House too, but I think they could have saved money by having the 3 season porch just be a deck. The sunroom was great, but the unheated section with the dining table Scott called the "outdoor dining" space. I know that the windows could be fully opened, but really you're still inside. If I rented a cabin for a week, I would want a deck or patio with lounge chairs and a true outdoor dining area.
  12. I watched it. It was OK. They had top 5 people/couples in a bunch of categories. Two surprising things to me: 1. Among the "top 5 couples destined to stay together" was Jephte and Shawniece. WTF? 2. They included AJ as being in the top 5 jerks in his season (I can't remember the exact category name.) I didn't watch that season, so have only seen AJ and Stephanie on Couples Cam, and he seems like a nice guy. What was the story with him? Did he turnover a new leaf during the season or was he a jerk all the way through?
  13. She actually did. They had a second wedding on a Caribbean island that MAFS filmed. I think it was part of the series that followed Doug & Jamie and Jason & Courtney through their first couple of years of marriage. At the time TLC had launched a series with a guy who was a wedding planner and they had him come down to the island and coordinate the wedding which was hilarious because it was just their immediate family members who could make it so like 10 guests. I remember Jamie's mother attended so there was lots of drama with Jamie confronting her about how she had been in and out of
  14. I guess I am also cold-hearted, because Jaime pleading for Maria to stay annoyed me. I mean, is Jaime not familiar with the rules of Top Chef? Someone has to leave each week until they get down to one winner. That's it, that's the show they signed up for. Many great chefs are eliminated every season because only one person can win. If Jaime was so convinced that Maria deserved to stay, she should have volunteered to leave in her place. If she wasn't willing to do that, IMO, she had no business begging for Maria to stay. Maria lost the 5-chef round, it would have been unfair to Dawn, Shota and
  15. I've started muting the TV when she goes off on one of her hissy fits. It makes the show much more tolerable.
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