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  1. I just came here to post the exact same sentiment. She is the most transparent fame whore I have ever encountered on my TV.
  2. I did too. He talked a lot about expanding, like into Brooklyn, which I assumed meant the company but must have just meant his team.
  3. I think the reason the carpet looks so bad is that it is inexpensive "builder grade" that starts looking worn out pretty quickly.
  4. None of the other kids visit her either. Isn't Meri supposed to be a "Mom" to all the kids? I believe several of them live in Utah, but no visits to Lizzie's that I have seen. ETA: I just saw on Christine's thread that she posted pics of herself and Ysabel with Maddie's kids. Unlike Meri, Christine seems connected to all the kids (Except maybe Robyn's).
  5. I think you are right about that, but it makes me wonder how they could have invited Dorinda back for season 12 when they were concerned about her hurting Tinsley in season 11. I would think Tinsley could have made a legal case for breaking her contract because she felt unsafe filming with Dorinda, and the producers didn't address it by removing Dorinda from the show. Probably gave Tinsley some leverage in negotiating an amicable exit.
  6. About whether Jaime and Beth really had Covid, the thing that seemed weird to me was that when they told the other couples the reaction of Greg and Deonna was the same as the other couples. I would have expected that they would have been alarmed since they just had Jaime and Beth in their home, and I would have thought that Jaime and Beth would have told them to get tested. Yet, there was nothing mentioned about Greg and Deonna possibly being exposed.
  7. At 8:56 I was thinking that it was nice that at least no one went over the deep end and started an argument at Sonja's party...cue Dorinda.
  8. I got a Comcast notification too, but assumed it was 10 seconds of new film added to a repeat of the episode where Scott visited the nearby ski hill to get a lift chair which he used to make a bench. Now I will know to catch it on demand. Thanks!
  9. Watching the Brown family with 4 kids. It always amazes me that people get to 4 children before they realize that they don't really know how to handle them. However, in this case, it seems like the older two, Ethan and Millie, were pretty easy going. Then Xander came along and was more obstinate, and the parents didn't know how to deal with him.
  10. I get what you are saying, but Henry is really losing me. In the Briggs Meyers personality test I score 10 out of 10 on the introvert scale, so I get people who are better listeners than talkers, but I just can't with him. He can barely put a sentence together when interacting with Christina. It's painful to watch and probably worse to deal with in real life. Maybe it is that he just really doesn't like her, but so far I haven't seen anything from him that resembles a personality. Christina isn't a patient person, but Henry isn't giving her anything to work with, IMO.
  11. I think Meri has essentially left, she just returns for filming.
  12. Whatever charm potential Lizzie's may have is completely lost with the 70's carpet and wallpaper. Both need to be ripped out.
  13. According to the article, Dorinda was blindsided by the firing, which once again shows her lack of self-awareness about her behavior.
  14. I always thought that if Pa spent less time butting his nose into everyone-else-in-town's business he could have been a more successful farmer.
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