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  1. I agree. I think it would be awkward for Leon as well, knowing that among the OG's, their Mom isn't included.
  2. Me too, but you can't mistake her voice.
  3. I would have broken down in tears realizing that I had taked the wrong ferry and basically had to start the leg all over again. I admired how calm they were through the whole fiasco of a leg.
  4. I think these MLM trips are rarely free. So, it won't say that they've "won" a spot on the Leaders Retreat cruise, because you have to pay to be able to go. Just speculating, but since Plexus bought out the whole cruise ship, I'm sure they got a hefty discount from what a person would pay for a cruise. So Plexus, can charge the people who go at their cost, make it seem like they "won" something, but really the cruise doesn't cost Plexus much, if anything.
  5. From the link: "Brand Ambassadors have an opportunity to earn Enrollment, Retention, Rank Up, and Consistency Credits to qualify for an official invitation to Leaders Retreat and several exclusive prizes along the way." People who work for non-scammy companies generally earn money, not a complex system of credits.
  6. Honestly, I think the time for Glenn (and Babs) to tell Whitney when they were disappointed in her behavior was starting when she was 3 years old. It's way too late now. She's a spoiled brat.
  7. I can understand why Indianapolis started to push back against developers like Mina who were building huge houses completely out-of-character for the neighborhood. Exhibit A is her personal home which I think is ugly AF and, at 3 stories, towers over the neighbors story-and-a-half house. https://www.hgtv.com/shows/good-bones/mina-starsiaks-family-focused-forever-home-pictures
  8. I'd bet Kody never even thought of getting a Christmas present for Savannah until the producers reminded him that he didn't for his couch interview. Then he's like, 'Oh yeah, I'm totally going to do that'.
  9. I have to say Celebrity is a step up as a cruise line. Cruise lines are broken into 3 categories and Celebrity is considered Premium: Mainstream - Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian; Premium - Celebrity, Princess and Holland America; Luxury - Seabourne, Crystal, Silverseas. I wouldn't turn down a Celebrity cruise but then I don't mind traveling with a bunch of other sinful heathens.
  10. They probably think they are victims of unfair editing. They're always the victims.
  11. Aurora can't even decide to get her ears pierced without having long conversations with Robyn & Kody about it. Kody said he appreciates how Aurora honors his role as head of the family. What I see is an unhealthy co-dependency between an adult Aurora and her parents. Kody inadvertantly told a truth talking about ear piercing and said, "Robyn started My Sister Wives closet". We always knew that was Robyn's baby, not something they all wanted to do as a group.
  12. I don't understand how this could happen. Surely, God was looking over their RV as they went about their important ministry.
  13. Even if what she wrote is true, why is she bragging about not making a profit from their print shop? They have a lot of kids to support, the responsible thing to do would be to run a business that actually supports them.
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