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  1. I’m liking the Ramona/Lu vibe, they seem different with each other. I don’t get the Leah hate, I think she’s amusing. Angel Marie McSweeney Cristofaro will be sweet to watch. Darling Coco!
  2. Let’s be real, everyone’s going to watch 🙂 Woo, I’m ready. Can’t wait to see Holla Mama in the group again.
  3. This is wild. To think once upon a time the ladies saw Erika as goals. The pretty mess is going to jail, Kyle has covid, Teddi was fired, everyone still hates Rinna...and Denise is working steadily (I assume), sipping on Casamigos.
  4. While Casita usually irritates me, I agree—she was cute and funny in this episode, and I also loved how firm she was with Elizabeth when they were by the pool. Also loved Emily’s “I don’t get it, I’m trying to get it” re: Elizabeth and Jimmy.
  5. I seriously do not know why Gina is on this show. She ruins it. And all the focus on Braunwyn...Vicki must be seething. I still will take B over V and Tamra tho.
  6. I looked at Beth’s IG story and the cake she had for her birthday was the same one I had for mine, entirely sprinkle covered. I approve! 🙂
  7. Well, this certainly gives Erika an actual storyline for next season. Lol Sad. 21 years is a long time.
  8. In Ramona’s words, “ohh, I don’t think so.” I think it’s simply her attitude and personality that rubs them the wrong way, and has since the beginning. The tiffs with Jill, with Bethenny. She and Luann have been frenemies from the start. Heather not inviting her to London. She’s not self-deprecating and lacks sincerity. That gets tiring.
  9. Eboni looks great. Just saw Leah’s “episode.” I don’t see what is objectionable about her at all. She’s very current. Looking forward to the next season...
  10. Well, obviously there are viewers that can relate to Leah, too. I enjoy seeing her joke and chat with Tinsley. I don’t really find Sarah or Bunny interesting, there’s something about them I can’t quite put my finger on. But Leah says certain things that give me a chuckle. Her bangs and sex choker were ridiculous but I thought her fawning over her dentist was funny. I liked the scene of all of them in the car. That aside it was kind of a boring hour.
  11. I dunno. Remember how Kelly gallumphed into that Halloween party in her playboy bunny costume? Lol
  12. Lovely - not one mention of regret re: Tinsley. I liked Sonja’s life is a circle. Lol
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