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  1. Leanne reaches out to her Twitter followers to have racism explained to her? What about the Mexican family that raised her?
  2. Okay I didn’t think this was going to be good but Kelly calling Tamra a burnt, uneducated, bad mom? Heeeeere for it
  3. Looks like Andy was really not having any of it on WWHL. I hope it means she is gone next season. I used to like her a lot but can’t abide what she’s said this season.
  4. Is Vicki rubbing off on Shannon? Telling the young men “hold my hand.” And then one of them called her ma’am. Haha
  5. Um, Dee Junior wearing the dress in her TH is everything. Kary has a very mean side. She also seems insincere around her family. I’m just giving her the side eye all around. I feel bad for Leanne but...she’s a racist. It’s not “talking Mexican” or “talking Hispanic,” it’s talking SPANISH. I would think being a lifelong Texan she would know that. Brandi looks beautiful.
  6. When D’Andra said she had 275 dresses as a child and let’s get real I wanted Ramona Singer to appear behind her and say “let’s call a spade a spade” with a glass of Pinot Grigio in hand. You’re right Leeanne, no one will ever throw you a party as nice as Kam’s ever again. Kam seemed to let her guard down in the scene with her husband. I loved her line “you’re the one who introduced me to Neiman Marcus!” Loved Stephanie’s whole look at girls night.
  7. Scott isn’t even that much of a catch. She can do better and should.
  8. Her name was Braunwyn Windham? Win win? Yes, Kelly, the woman was a wacko jacko! Daaamn what was that? And I thought she started out so well talking about miscommunication.
  9. I was wondering how many 12 year olds Vicki has seen dirty dancing.
  10. Not interested. Lol But very interested in seeing their trip to Newport!
  11. Kameron must be an exhausting bore to live with. An “effin” bore—since cussing scares her. Cary was the hottest one there. I actually miss her, but not Mark. Kary’s hoarse voice is starting to bug. Stephanie crying behind her veil! :(
  12. What. Did. They. Eat. I thought “The Pig” was a name for a more general dish. Casita looked so drunk at the end of that scene.
  13. I agree. She looked amazing in the pool, red lipstick and all. Now, FaceTiming her daughter at the same time, she didn’t have to do that, lol. But she is always well put together and sexy. She was pulling off the southwestern look with the turquoise and boots. She is nice to look at unlike some of these other women.
  14. Sounds like Bryn wrote that to a distant relative.
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