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  1. I liked the music from season 8 the best.
  2. Omg. Yes. Tinsley is Skipper. How would B react if Tinsley asked why B didn’t give Dennis an ultimatum about getting divorced? Tins is way too nice to even speak it. Didn’t B say it was his “ex-wife” in her therapy session? They never divorced. She is his widow. Luann calling Coco him was weird. How long has she known Ramona? I think it was deliberate. I think Sonja daring B to kiss Barb was Sonja poking fun at Barb because she keeps hinting (or, outright saying I guess, in a TH) she’s bi.
  3. Or he just thought she was hot? She’s looking much better since Botoxing her jaw or whatever it is she is doing. She also has the striking green eyes black hair combo.
  4. Yeah, Bethenny does look good.
  5. Tinsley has had dark things happen in her life...and she seems to handle them with as much grace as she can...respect
  6. Sweet Coco. And Ramona turned human for a second saying that Coco doesn’t have too much time left. Awww 😞
  7. What does Lu need a blow out for, her hair looks perfect lol
  8. Ramona to Barbara: “You can just listen.” Yesssss
  9. chewycandy

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Kyle, don’t wear the boob dress if you’re just going to be hiking it up all night. Christ, I can’t stand that.
  10. She and Dale have matching shoes and purses and Tinsley has her in her phone as “Mommy Cell.” I love it. I also loved the shot of Beth sitting in the corner writing “A Place of Yes” on her Lite Brite as Sonja devolved into madness.
  11. At first I thought she was extremely well-behaved but maybe this is how one becomes after living with Ramona that long.
  12. Plus Aaron, who kind of looks wolfish anyway. Denise is lovely. Lisa’s doggy teacup was cute. So was Ken, excited about his wife’s b-day. That’s all I got tonight. I’m sick of Rinna and Dorit’s wide eyes and Kyle’s hats. Counting down to RHONY.