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  1. No, she never wore them IRL, just reposted that drawing of her wearing them.
  2. Interesting! My initial thought was she’d not like that but Rinna blows up too when she feels threatened (Amsterdam) so Erika probably feels she’s a kindred spirit…lol
  3. No. *raises hand* Rinna’s the worst. Melting into Erika’s side, hugging and holding hands and then posting this kind of stuff. Snaky behavior and will probably be addressed by Erika on her own IG/Twitter (if she hasn’t already)
  4. Erika, it’s not Garcelle’s fault that you’re picking and choosing what to tell one group of woman at dinner and one group on a hike. That aside, it did kind of seem like Garcelle was aiming for a “moment.” She brought it up first when it was her, Erika, and Crystal on the couch. What did she think bringing it up a second time was going to do? I want tacos now.
  5. She looks like her sister/best friend Avery. Seriously, she looks gorgeous there, and all the ladies are looking beautiful. I liked longer hair on Sonja, though. Has it been mentioned that Leah is “sex positive” but doesn’t know where her vulva is? Lol Gotta admit I wonder how Dorinda would do with Eboni and Bershan.
  6. I normally don’t have a huge problem with Leah but she was acting pathetic over the song. Thanks for telling us you really need the money, girl…better hope you’re on for a third season. This ep was quite boring. (Bershan voice)
  7. I need to see Ramona and Bershan having a night out on the town.
  8. No excuse, Luann? You threatened to kill a cop while drunk. Jeeeeeez….
  9. I did read there was talk about bringing Beth back. God, no.
  10. If they want to, they will, and the Bravo world will keep turning. Eboni and Leah reflect our current times. I don’t know how many more Ramona scenes zeroing in on her poop stains viewers can take. Or nonexistent scenes of her dating life.
  11. I think she dresses fantastically, stands up for herself beautifully, and has an interesting marriage/back story. Strong woman, but the racism she’s facing is deplorable.
  12. Crystal gave me so much life in the inappropriate awkward person scene. I love the way she asserts herself; she’s such a strong newbie. That aside I do like Sutton. I just want them to move on. PS Erika is sitting next to Sutton and reacts with a “wow” after Crystal delivered that line back in the season preview but I noticed she was muted in the actual episode. I was taken aback at Portia this season, I can’t believe she’s this old. I still picture her sassily telling Kyle to “buy it” for her.
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