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  1. Damn, I didn’t expect it, but, not mad at it. Also, love Garcelle’s love of pink. Sutton seems exhausting.
  2. How many hats does Kyle need in her life? Erika looks beautiful with the ponytail and scarf. Teddi hasn’t said a single thing all episode.
  3. Fair enough. Though Ramona has never been shy about broaching difficult subjects with any cast mate before!
  4. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, it looks like... https://www.google.com/amp/s/pagesix.com/2020/07/29/ramona-singers-daughter-avery-singer-spotted-using-fedex-as-a-moving-company/amp/
  5. I don’t think Ramona was being thoughtful enough to “figure” anything out. She did not have to take what her friend (or Tanya or Avery) told her after looking Leah up on the web and discuss it with someone other than Leah.
  6. I get that but Ramona’s known Luann and Dorinda for years and even they said Ramona was overreacting.
  7. She was upset that Ramona was discussing her mental health/illness not to her face, but to Sonja. If Ramona was truly was concerned about her behavior and mixing alcohol with meds, she would talk to Leah herself, like she did about Leah’s issue with her mother. Why is it okay for Ramona to have different standards for Leah and Sonja?
  8. I love Luann's blue dress. She looks great. Agree on both. Also loved Lu’s “what am I putting makeup on for? It’s just dinner with the girls.” BH ladies, take note!
  9. I was beginning to feel completely alone, lol. Leah has a lot of fans off of these boards and Brad Goreski just said on WWHL he thinks Leah has been a great addition. Ramona is going the way of Vicki from OC, and if she keeps up the shaming and the OG diva behavior her apple might be in danger, I feel.
  10. But I think she does. Ramona can barely keep that seething anger contained. She has become very bitter over her lack of life partner.
  11. Huh? Ramona told Sonja this on camera. And by outing, I mean talking about someone’s personal issues before that person has brought it out of their own volition. I don’t remember Leah mentioning being bipolar to the others this season.
  12. That’s precisely what Ramona and her friend(s) were doing...gossiping about someone’s mental issues. I think it’s between Leah and her doctors whether she chooses to be on meds or not.
  13. But she may not have shared that information with any of the ladies yet. While it may have been put out there on the internet by Leah herself, Ramona is using it as an excuse. It’s gross.
  14. Outing someone’s mental health issues and dismissing someone because of it is so declasse, Ramona. Nice leggings and heels. Dorinda is right - Ramona wants youth and Leah has it. She said it was a celebration of herself, not Leah’s “body.” She knows the men her age want women Leah’s age and younger.
  15. I desperately need Tinsley to put Dorinda in her place. Will she be able to do it? I’m not sure. Hopefully she has been practicing her comebacks in quarantine. lol
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