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S14.E10: Big O’s And Broken Toes

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Gina’s date with Shane’s cousin is canceled due to a broken toe; Emily goes to Tamra and Eddie for help losing weight; Shannon gets an O shot; Emily catches up with Alexis Bellino; Kelly tries to reconnect with brother Eric and mother Bobbi.

Airs 10/08/19 at 9:00 PM Eastern

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That guy totally did not want to go on the date with Gina. Can’t say I blame him tho. But what a wimp, I broke two toes, went to work where I was on my feet for eight hours plus went bowling because I didn’t want to let my league down. 

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I only know one side of the story but I do think Matt is trying to shame Gina. Still that conversation could have waited until after the camera stopped rolling. It does seem to be her storyline. Also that she wears easy off clothes on a first date. Her snap wouldn’t keep closed. 

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Just now, chewycandy said:

What. Did. They. Eat. I thought “The Pig” was a name for a more general dish.

Casita looked so drunk at the end of that scene.

That’s what I thought too! I could not eat with a pig staring at me.

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1 minute ago, Mindthinkr said:

I thought that Eddie was handling the chat not Tamra. He seems stable and neutral unlike his wife that is demanding and excitable. I can hear Tamra screaming insults as a means to motivate and that’s just mean. Not helpful. 

I wouldn't even want Tamra in the room. The first thing she does is mention that Shannon's BMI was 40. Just wait until she's in a room with any of the other women to blab about Emily's weight and the other things they discussed.

Eddie was fine, but he said they didn't need to talk about weight, but the way he was holding the print out, it was inevitable that Emily (and Tamra) was going to see it and obsess about it. Turn the page toward yourself. (I realize this could have been edited.)

Ugh, Alexis.

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12 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

This show is scraping the barrel to stay interesting and failing IMO. Threesomes, O shots (and showing it being done). No, just no. And all natural Shannon high on Valium and Percodan ( or did she say Percocet)? I don’t like any of these women anymore, they all act and talk like ho’s. 

If Shannon did that O thing now, why didn’t she do it when married to David?  Maybe she would still be married.  I’m not liking Brownstone since she came on the show.  All this sex talk should be between her and her husband.  She is poisoning everyone with her crazy talk.  Keep it to yourself, you have children who have ears, you skank.

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The bible says "Return a phone call". I think that's in the book of Leviticus, right?

Cut Fitness must have been "closed" again specifically for Emily's visit.

Gina was just looking for some stooge to drive her around so she wouldn't have to uber everywhere.

And then there's Braunwyn. We haven't had this YACHT excitement for the OC fashion Show (?) since Sonja and Lu.

Edited by rustyspigot
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46 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

Oh no Jesus Jugs. I’m changing the channel for awhile. 

I feel for Emily. She was brave for letting her weight be shown like that. I thought Eddie was very professional in how he counseled her. Unlike Tamra who was making faces about the diet and tacos eating confession. 

They are concentrating on food.  What about all the alcohol they consume?

49 minutes ago, TexasGal said:

Yep.  Not to mention telling other people how much you weigh and that you are obese.  

All very personal things tonight.  Too much info.

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Dear Bravo, 

I do NOT need to see any more of these HoWives having vaginal procedures ever ever again. The bizarre fascination with this is perplexing. I mean, do what you need to do, but maybe without the film crew. Just saying. 

Also no way is Emily 191 lbs. I would have guessed 150 tops. It makes no sense unless she is much taller than I think she is. 

Also, also STFU Gina. She is just looking for reasons to be mad at Emily. I’m surprised that cross necklace Tamra was wearing didn’t burn right into her skin. Evil. 

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God.  Why do we have to watch procedures on down there on these housewife shows?  Waxing (multiple times). rejuvenation, whatever Shannon had done and who knows what.  It's just so....

I thought Eddie handled Emily well.   I couldn't believe she weighed that much.  Actually I was kind of shocked.  Emily 'should' be concerned.

So much Archie tonight.  Yay.  Looks like he doesn't tear his stuffed toys apart.  Good boy.  I wish I could say the same about my dog.

I'm not interested in Gina's dates or her ex husband.  Actually, I'm not interested in Gina at all.

I hope Shannon continues to do well with her food line.

Kelly?  She just is disturbing on so many levels.

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29 minutes ago, esco1822 said:

This is not cool with me. Love her or hate her, it was not Shannon’s fault her marriage ended nor her individual responsibility to keep it in tact. David straight up wasn’t interested in having sex with her and we now know it was because he was doing it with someone else.

I’ve always liked Shannon.  Remember the time they went away for a romantic weekend and David was in the shower?  Shannon was drinking vodka straight out of the bottle to loosen up just to have sex with David.  They were trying to save the marriage, but for some reason, she had to force herself to do it by drinking loads of vodka.  It takes two to hold the marriage together.

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