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  1. Dorit claiming that the designer loved her style while we were looking at her wearing that hideous, wrinkled, ill-fitting jumpsuit was the most Dorit thing ever.
  2. Wow, this was one of the biggest transformations I can remember. Dan truly did look like a completely different person after treatment.
  3. John and Lori talking about potentially adopting DJ takes on a different meaning if John is the father.
  4. Courts typically defer to keeping custody with parents. Luna's grandparents would have to show abuse or neglect (a revolving door of childcare and spending little time with the child don't meet that definition) or Luna's safety was in danger. I also doubt a judge would issue an order that could be perceived as punishing an essential medical worker for keeping his child safe during COVID by having her live with her grandparents. (Judges are human, too!) It's realistic that grandparents could think this entitled them to custody, but the legal reality is it's very unlikely. Shows love to make it
  5. There is no way grandparents would get custody in this scenario. The show was so obviously moving toward this, but didn’t do anything to show Max as remotely unfit.
  6. I can’t take this show seriously at all. These storylines are insulting to viewers’ intelligence.
  7. Yeah, I don’t care what Tiffany did. His statement is a general statement, and it’s disgusting.
  8. Brandi thinks being racist is fine. She’ll never change because she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong.
  9. This isn’t even the least believable thing about this episode, but are we supposed to believe that Bloom contracted with the NYPD to provide security, ended the contract, and hired a bunch of security guards, all in ONE SHIFT?
  10. Was Brandi’s anti-Asian video how she practices her religion?
  11. I feel like Ken during the episode was all of us. He just kept saying, “What? There’s more?” Have we ever seen anyone with that bad of an infection from shooting up? That was, to put it mildly, intense.
  12. Agreed. I hate this trope. She’s an adult and he had no business interfering. It’s patriarchal and sexist.
  13. All I came away from this episode with was: those weren't lemons on the leggings. They were yellow flowers.
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