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  1. Just a few observations from the show tonight.... Cassie’s interview- if you don’t want to talk about the Colton breakup, maybe don’t agree to an interview. It is literally the only thing anyone wants to ask you about. This franchise really commits to a narrative, all facts to the contrary notwithstanding. For example, Chris kept trying to sell the heartbreak and devastation of Trista in Season 1 and Charlie in Trista’s season despite the fact the neither of them seemed anything more than a bit disappointed. It was kind of nice to see adults react normally to a breakup instead of the histrionics we are subject to now.
  2. Josh is so annoying! When he kept prattling on about his game and not wanting to risk being paired with Aneesa during a final, I said out loud, alone in my house, don’t worry about it Joshy, you aren’t going to make it to the final. And TJ wins again with his comment to Kyle... “and you... beat a guy that cries a lot.” Never change Teej.
  3. I usually start a season rooting for Nany and by the end, I’m rooting for her failure. She is just so entitled sometimes. I think she’s just used to getting by on her looks. She certainly wouldn’t be the first like that on this show.
  4. Josh is just so incredibly delusional. It’s like he’s saying things he thinks a veteran of The Challenge would say without having a single clue what he’s talking about. He doesn’t have an ally in Johnny, Johnny is just willing to ignore him and use him when it benefits Johnny. Nobody considers Josh a threat so it’s easier to just let him be delusional.
  5. I loved Kaitlyn as B’ette and watching tonight confirmed why. She was just so natural and fun. And she took so much crap from the pearl clutchers out there about her decision with Nick. Sex is typically part of dating so I don’t get why there was so much judgment directed at her. Still ticks me off.
  6. Watching Dorit and Garcelle watch TV. This is what it has come to. It’s clear neither of them is enamored with Kyle.
  7. I agree they should just run the rest of the season as originally edited. When Camilla went off the rails they still aired it and just didn’t invite her back or to the reunion. Easy enough.
  8. My only issue with this firing is that the timing seems disingenuous. It seemed pretty clear at last weeks reunion that Bravo intended to forgive Brett and Max. And this Faith situation was public knowledge long ago and nothing came of it. To be clear, I’m not defending any of these people, just giving Bravo the side eye for their supposed tough stance now. I guess better late than never...
  9. I am so OVER Brittney. That is all. For now anyway.
  10. Tucker Carlson... the “human boat shoe”. Oh how I love this show.
  11. I skipped the interview with the doctor because I figured it would be more of the same as to his obsession with not eating sugar. Sounds like it was close. I did enjoy Michael Moore because he did most of the talking. And the monologue was decent. I used to look forward to this show but now I much prefer John Oliver, Hasan Minhaj, and Samantha Bee.
  12. Yes. It was a little vague. They are writing songs together remotely but they were pretty noncommittal about the nature of their relationship. Chris and Bri are still together but doing long distance.
  13. Well that was.... an ending. Very lackluster. Chris and Bri are good but Rudi and Matt were just on a different level musically and I’m bummed we were deprived of a finale performance from them. On the upside Lauren Zima posted a where are they now... Rudi and Matt talk every day and haven’t ruled out anything. Trevor never moved to Nashville and he and Jamie are not together. Shocking, I know. Julia tried to get back with Sheridan and he gave it a hard pass. Good for him.
  14. If there is one thing rich people know how to do it’s stay rich. I’m sure the various team owners will come up with a way to put others in harms way in order to still get that television money. And I say this as a huge sports fan.
  15. Oh Nelson... dude has issues. And when he apologizes he always says some form of that’s not who I am. Well dude, since you do this sh&t on every season, I’m thinking it’s exactly who you are. Zach is the living worst. Jenna is in for a lifetime of everything being her fault. Sounds super fun.
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