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  1. angelamh66

    S15.E10: Week 10

    I think the reason Hannah was so upset was because she had moved past a lot of shit Luke did against her better judgment then he drops on her that he will just leave if she has done this one thing that he didn’t want her to do. And I know all I need to know about Luke from that conversation. He’s the self proclaimed spiritual leader of his family so he gets to tell them all what to do. He expects to always call the shots. She says she has clarity and wants him to leave but he doesn’t believe she could have clarity because he doesn’t. Dude is a total narcissist and people like that don’t change because they don’t think they need to.
  2. angelamh66

    S02.E04: She Knows

    Not to nitpick, but the person at the court that Renata met with is not a judge. It was the bankruptcy trustee. The trustee's job is to step in and take control over the bankruptcy estate (i.e. all of their assets) and preserve the assets for the benefit of the creditors. The trustee will make all decisions about settlements etc... for the duration of the bankruptcy. The distinction might not have been meaningful in last night's episode, but it could be going forward so I thought it was worth pointing out.
  3. angelamh66

    S33.E17: Reunion

    I think LeRoy caught feelings in the same way most guys in those types of relationships do — meaning that his ego got bruised when she was with someone else so he claimed to feel “disrespected.” But I guarantee if he had been the one hanging out with someone else he would have invoked the friends with benefits arrangement if Cam got upset. These relationships are all fine and dandy for guys so long as the woman doesn’t actually take advantage of the no strings situation. I find Cara and Paulie so damn insufferable as a couple that I actually wish they had spent more time on Paulie’s two-timing. Bananas accused him of dating Cara to make a name on the show, which is absolutely true, but I wish when Paulie had said that was only Bananas opinion that Bananas would have mentioned that Paulie himself said that to his other girlfriend. Just no to LoLo as a host. Is MTV trying to make her happen? I want to like her because of how accomplished she is as an athlete, but her personality is so odious that I can’t.
  4. angelamh66

    S15.E03: Week 3

    Happy to see Cam gone, but the way things were edited makes it look like Mike wasn’t entirely truthful with Hannah. I otherwise like Mike so I noticed this... Cam never said he was telling her the story so he could stick around (at least not that we were shown). He was saying his goodbyes because he said his health issues had been dealbreakers with other women in the past (frankly I think his personality was the dealbreaker but whatevs). So unless there is footage on the cutting room floor, Mike really did sabotage Cam. I loved that Hannah used the word irritating to describe Luke’s entitled behavior. That dude is simmering with barely concealed rage though. Good thing that cross necklace is always prominently displayed. Otherwise how would we know what a great guy he is. Ugh. Peter is the only palatable one to me.
  5. angelamh66

    S33.E16: This is the End

    Anyone who finished this final should be proud. I liked Ninja at first but not after she showed her entire ass going off on Turbo. But still, she finished that brutal final and didn’t complain much, so hats off to her. I also think it’s impressive that Wes, at his age, finished in the money. CT would have passed out on the first lap and I say that as someone who loves CT. It says something about this final that the top 2 consisted of an Olympic level athlete and a cyborg.
  6. angelamh66

    S07.E24: Reunion Part 3

    I don’t mind Beau. I do however hate the narrative that Stassi is just sooooo lucky to have him and all their fights are her fault. He isn’t perfect. No way. Stassi is a handful but she is bringing something to the table too.
  7. angelamh66

    S15.E02: Week 2

    Hannah’s picker is about as good as anyone her age. Just thinking back to some of the wastes of space I chose to spend my time and energy on in my early/mid twenties makes me cringe. Luke P strikes me as one of those guys that hides behind his big gold cross... like “I cannot possibly be an insincere d-bag because... God and stuff.” I’d wager at some point this season someone calls him on some crap behavior and he pulls the ‘ole “only my God can judge me” line. Ugh.
  8. angelamh66

    S33.E15: Death Race

    I’m so bummed about Georgia and Mattie. I so wanted at least one of the women to have a good showing and now the two left are the two I just can’t root for. Ugh. Jesus Cara, get the fluids. I don’t understand her saying she has a fear of needles when she has tattoos. That final is truly brutal. I wonder if they test the course with athletes to determine whether or not it could actually kill someone. I’m glad it is challenging though. The last few have been pretty weak.
  9. angelamh66

    S15.E01: Week 1

    I see nothing wrong with you getting a chuckle if you don’t like Andi and are amused that her life isn’t going well. But I don’t thing singlehood or couplehood is a measure of success or happiness.
  10. angelamh66

    S07.E23: Reunion Part 2

    I really do not like James, but good lord shut up Kristen. Shut up Katie. Shut up Brittany. Shut up Jax. Speaking of Jax, that was pretty interesting that he was not at all sympathetic to Ariana when she lost her dad. I’m glad she called his sanctimonious ass out on it. Katie’s gripe about her head injury etc... seemed to me to be a complaint about the minimal air time her telling that story got as compared to James’s family drama. She seemed to be bitching at Lisa that James was edited for some sympathy and she was not. I really don’t like Billie Lee. She acknowledged the girls night thing was an oversight but still wanted to beat the transphobic drum. I’m sure she is more sensitive to being left out of girls things because of her experiences, but that is not everyone else’s responsibility to remedy. I really want to like Lala, but I’m off that train. She is the last person who should be schooling people on life. Good for her for getting sober but she doesn’t seem to have learned a damn thing in recovery.
  11. I wish Bill would not have interrupted the first guest so much. I felt like he had interesting things to say that we didn’t get to hear. Other than that, I thought it was a good show.
  12. angelamh66

    S33.E14: The Waterboy

    I’m clearly heartless. Paulie losing spectacularly and then crying in his talking head made this entire season for me. I just wish Davonne had made the final and Ninja would have somehow lost this one. I have a sneaky feeling Wes might win this thing. And I’m good with that. I like Georgia and Mattie too. Just not rooting at all for Cara or Ninja.
  13. ASMR annoys me to no end but that bit was hilarious. Moby’s participation was there icing on the cake. So good. I also liked the end. When Bill originally said he felt owned I was thinking some Fox News jag off was going to have a field day with that. So I’m glad he rectified that. Not that it will stop said Fox News jag offs from using the earlier clip.
  14. angelamh66

    The Act

    In the beginning I had all the sympathy in the world for Gypsy. What an awful way to grow up and I could understand how she would feel like murdering her mother was the only way out. However, after the last couple of episodes and seeing her interviewed in real life, it is clear to me that she is a huge manipulator as well. It is probably all she knows, but people like that tend to not change. It is sad really. Her mother ruined her, but she is who she is now.
  15. angelamh66

    S33.E13: Final Destination

    In almost any other season I would be happy to see Cara secure a spot in a final. But since she got with Paulie the rage hole I just cannot with her. And speaking of people I've lost all respect for, Ninja, peddle that "miscommunication" story elsewhere. You were an asshole, plain and simple. No miscommunication. I hate losing Kyle. And I hope we don't lose Davonne. Whoever said last week that having a sense of humor about yourself goes a long way toward likeability in this game was absolutely right. Paulie, Cara, Hunter, and Ninja are just so humorless.