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  1. I haven't been watching this show for months because I couldn't handle Bill moaning about cancel culture and carrying the water for the Repubs for one more minute. But I watched New Rules this week because I heard it was spot on. And honestly, I had a hard time sleeping. I know all these things are happening. But having it all pieced together like that was chilling. It is hard to have perspective when you are living through something like this, but I know this is how it starts in other countries in which democracy fell. I want to scream at the top of my lungs but nobody is listening. I
  2. Yes, that is what I thought I was seeing. But... But thanks to Falltime! I am so relieved. It makes total sense that MTV would have blurred it out if it were anything other than something that was approved as a sponsor. Crush is back on! Haha.
  3. Ugh... was that a fricking Q shirt CT was wearing??? I could barely focus on the conversation because I was so hoping it wasn’t. Guess my years long crush on CT is over.
  4. Two things come to mind after this premiere... Is this show’s base audience ready and willing to accept a same sex dancing pair? I hope so, but I doubt it. Is that same audience willing to accept someone who committed fraud by posing for fake rowing pictures to cheat and lie her way into college? I hope not, but I’m afraid so.
  5. Geez what a couple of a$$holes. They really thought they were clever but it’s all going to backfire. Bummer because I liked both of them before. I think everyone knows that instagram followers are an incentive to be on this show, but Brendan and Pieper are just coming off like shameless fame whores.
  6. If Kenny is truly naked he has already defiled several pieces of furniture with his bare sweaty business all over everything. Vomit.
  7. She really doesn’t have the demeanor of someone who is happily coupled. My guess is she did pick someone but the relationship is already toast.
  8. I too am shocked by how amusing I find Kathy (so far). And Kyle is actually likeable in scenes with Kathy. Their interactions are quite funny.
  9. I don’t mind Leah for the most part but this episode was not a good look for her. The coming for Heather stuff was so manufactured for attention. And I’ve always liked Heather. I was on her side on the trip when LuAnn told her to “be cool” about complete strangers in the house. Heather had a right to be pissed.
  10. I’ve only been sporadically watching the show since it came back after the election. This is mostly because he is stuck in a loop of the same crap and his viewpoint is not educated or supported by facts (i.e. his obesity rants and cancel culture rants). So seeing that McWhorter was a guest I proceeded with caution. And while I think McWhorter is dismissive of many people’s lived experience, I did have to laugh at his mocking of people “doing the work”. His tone just tickled me. I do support people trying to learn more about race and racism but hey, here’s an idea... no need to performatively p
  11. I was just thinking Margaret Cho has been doing that bit for decades and with more wit and subtlety. However Kam can shut it. It’s not her place.
  12. I don’t know how she takes life advice from someone who would wear that hat.
  13. I would LOVE to see Kam and Leroy on Amazing Race. They would be, well.... amazing. 😀
  14. Single funniest thing in this season was Cory holding up his hand saying just put the Fessy interview right up here and pretty much nailing everything he knew Fessy would say. Well played Cory, well played.
  15. I really noticed that in this episode. I’m seriously concerned about her health.
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