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  1. Oh my goodness I see familiar Apple carts here I can’t wait to see all your posts about married to medicine… I’m rolling my fingers in anticipation… It was a fun episode in my opinion I’m hoping I can post this… Give her a world
  2. Couples trips and all of the OVER EXTRA...constant straight up...or undertones of “couple’s therapy” gets old...ITA I live for “Buddy and Daddy” dancing like nobody is watching!!!! 😊 oh… And Texas gal? I love the picture of the doggie on your apple tart
  3. Wh...wha...wha..WHAT is hyappining... wh...why am I’m missing epeesodes!!!??? This show really F’s with my mind man… It seems where I am it comes on different days of the week and now we’re on season two number 38, 39 I can’t keep track? maybe it’s my cable? Maybe it’s my DVR but I don’t want to miss a bit of Angela and Tony… Boy he is something else when the sister of Angela shows up... and if that was last episode I don’t know now I can’t keep track… He..Tony SUDDENLY takes off on using the southern accent when talking to her what a ConMan what a groomer… As at were... He’s from Oregon... But he claims California… But that’s probably where he was in jail… I don’t know... Point being he doesn’t have a southern accent never did it I’ve never heard it and they’ve been on since the season one… He’s just a very conniving person. Anybody that malleable or can create a person to be AS malleable is the devil...IMNSHO
  4. He’s back after 4 days...yesss ..Evidently he’s been “cattin’ around”...he is so dirty...dusty...who knows??? apologies for being So off-topic actually...this IS!☝️... it is AFTER ALL the RHOC on Bravo... ..not PBS...and Downton Abby...lol.... the people on real housewives of OC are pretty animalistic in my eyes… but really...Sorry for all the pet an animal posts…Just seems that there are quite a few people out there suffering the same loss at this time of year oddly enough
  5. True ❤️ Tamra in 10 years when she inevitably gets facial hair...and a new dawg...🥴 She was told to pick up crocheting afghans...she just went and bought one...with her meeelyuns of $...!) i have always figured....10 years from now?...her dog would be prettier than she is... ...and the botch would still wear extensions and make her look alike dog fo the same...Where is Peta when you need them?...😂 (Poor Bronx 3 looks sad 😞) It looks like her baseballboobs have fallen and can’t get up...even Dubrow can’t help!!! that Botch Tamra!!!!)
  6. You know?... i’ve given props to many of these posts… I’m sorry about your losses..truly.. Perhaps it’s because I’ve just been going through my own shit ... and all self involved and my cat Blackie has gone missing and I just can’t quite handle right now.. in other words I don’t want to face it... I’m so sorry for everybody else is going through the same thing I just thought I’d lose it if I got too into it because I’m probably avoiding the obvious...😩 ive been in my own head hoping for good results as my beloved cat Blackie (my grandfather’s name)...is missing... Blackie… Who is a totally black Manx adopted me…thankfully Bless his heart… I needed to be adopted at the time... He was abandoned…As was I... After an elderly couple had to pick it up and move when their kids came and got them and took them out of state… could only take two cats and left 3 feral cats they fed...) I didn’t know about the details of the story above until I saw this cat with a broken leg in my backyard and finally drew her out and fed her until now she’s the bad ass bitch of the neighborhood… After she arrived… It was about two weeks later this black Manx cat ( my missing Blackie)...from the same couple came and man...they didn’t get along … At all... but that’s been five years ago and now they lick each other ears in the morning when I feed them good dry food .. then I feed him a little bit of wet food in the afternoon… and I’ve made/built their winter houses with heating pads...They are made of Home Depot boxes… They work pretty well after all… Point being I love them and they are part of my family and I feel so sorry for losses of those family members by fellow posters. i just named them Blackie and Whitey because I didn’t know if they were lost to begin with... all these years later...I haven’t seen Blackie (the Manx) in 4 days...and I am worried sick… Anyway I’m sorry not to show my respect for you I just had to ignore my own loss I don’t know where he is or where to start to find him...Other than the obvious phone numbers we call to find an animal.. Thank you for listening… I’ve been out of my mind for several days and my posts probably reflect this… Thank you for listening Dammit I’m trying to put up an emoji Okoboji of a black cat and they’re all white... thats BS...
  7. Oh my gosh I love your posts “else left!!!!” That biotch Siri..That came back “else left” when I’m trying to say L slut.... ive already strangled her sister Alexis.....nope..what is her name? aaah... Trust and believe…hah ....It was Alexis… She’s gone as well... I’ll cut a bitch if I have to… She lost her Extension cord and I don’t really give a shit…I don’t So go figure…bossy? Neither of those sisters are BOSS of Me!!! “Alexis and Siri? ...Don’t you ever.... either of you try to tell me ”I’m NOT bossy...I just know what you should be doing!” again... dont dare say that to me again “you’re not bossy...you just know what I should be doing” ??? well I have scissors and I’m not afraid to use them I will cut your charging cord and a New York Gina second! They are both dead to me those sisters Now...Back to the post and THE TEST OF THE STORY!!! trying to get a hold of you Libertarian slut but I can’t seem to get off one push letters on my phone to type so I had to give Siri another chance...… that with the caroled..Oh my God I don’t understand speaker text somehow it just garbles up everything...(dammit who invited Karl?) Eff it!!! speaker text I’m trying to say libertarians light… or liber taarians Lut!!! but it keeps correcting me to “Jane...you Ignorant Slut”.. ‘Jane Curtin.... Oh my gosh are you related to Lynn Curtain? the cuff lady from Howife from OC! (Eewornge kyouwntee kyaleefournyu?) love ya slut! im a biotch.beach ..bitch...... Dam..we..ALL...know what they say… Life’s a bitch until you’re lucky enough not to marry any three of us!… Dont marry me today..tits...been a rough day! health issues and upcoming holiday cooking... Why the fuck am I hearing football music in the background on repeat constantly?… It’s driving me crazy and I’m off my rocker I have not slept for too many hours I can’t even a race this post if I tried so…so sorry to all of ewe!!! Go Rams... Thank you for putting up with my shit... just please MoveOn… There’s nothing to see here... 👮🏽‍♂️👮 Maybe I am just flat out losing my shit because this is crazy town… Or is it orange county?
  8. Intelligence vs Intellect... One is intuitive...and most often the other is learned... One can have more degrees than the thermometer qualifying them as ‘brilliant’ and educationally as an “intellectual “... however...they might meet an EXTREMELY-INTELLIGENT person with zero degrees and a second grade education that is smarter than themselves Trust and believe ...compare school learned “intellect” vs organic “ intelligence”... Organic intelligence will win and be ‘smarter every single time… Those that have the blessing to have both education and intelligence… Take it to the moon… It doesn’t get better! But for gods sake’s use it for good... and ultimately those that cannot afford the education but are as smart or more intelligent than yourself... Don’t be pretentious look at their CV and give them a chance
  9. I loved it...every second until going into “basement” ? Cellar? shelter? Omgosh it was scary..and sirens... CBs on radio!?! exciting and scientifically fascinating at the same time (being a private pilot and knowing cloud formations)... I loved it almost as much as Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin pork tenderloins! BOOYAH!! those tenderloins a dank AF....toatalllyyy prawps! (Aka totally props..in kyaleefournyun lingo...lol) that said... My heart breaks for ppl Whenever there is a hurricane… Or a tornado… Flood… Anywhere out there east of myself… I’ve always considered it the right coast… While I’m on the left coast. We have our earthquakes and we have our fires… Pray for us also please… im from Ventura CA... And my little town/city suffered horribly on December 4 from Thomas wildfire… Many friends I have had had for 20 plus years left the area in seconds..everything including any contact behind.... Fortunately the phone companies gave them new phones but different phone numbers...different phone numbers...sucked in some cases....and my own garage roof was burnt from embers on lemon tree in back yard... We cannot “board up” or “sandbag”...ahead of time earthquakes and fires...ZERO warning.... I am so blessed… It just seems like there’s always a disaster...please... just keep us in your prayers as well…we need them... Thank you
  10. Right? Between phone and/or cable service...it’s become unbearable... on repeat...fo both.. They tell me it’s an “update”... then they say it’s “progress”... and half the time when I call I can’t get a hold of a real person and then when I do I realize I’m outsourced to Venezuela and enjoy to speak Spanish..great.. ...But when I am “outsourced“ to Mumbai...I‘m not familiar with Hindi language enough to converse efficiently... okay..AT&ATTor AAT...! JERKS...!...you INSTRUCT your employees (“slave labor”) to tell me the customer...it’s all “progress”?.... eff that... contruction of all tiny little mini McMansions in the OC California in the 80s-90s used to be called “progress“… Look at orange county today? Did we progress? I think not
  11. Just wanted to say...hope things are better omg I’m shitting Twinkies I just had to suffer one of the longest phone updates ever... suddenly ended up with all these weird unicorns… I didn’t push any of those… But they somehow ended up in post and I can’t remove them… the only up side is they’re kind of cute in a “my little pony” way... rut roh...that last one just said “In Vino Veritas”... nah...they’re not that cute... they also speak Latin and “I definitely hate them” Doc Holliday… Circa 1881 I think I’ve been hacked by Tamra that’s stupid bitch conniving bitch omg...Seriously..Can you please help...? I’ve already tried calling my carrier and Apple....you’re all super smart and I’m old AF and lo tech...no shit... these damn unicorns just showed up on an email I sent to the arresting officer/arraignment judge of kid that jumped through my kitchen window....I don’t think he will take me seriously I can’t seem to get rid of these unicorns!!! They suddenly showed up after my last phone update....and I cannot remove them!!! They’re like leaches (at least leaches have a redeeming value..) but these amojiOkoboji avatar things are creepy they have taken over...send help if I don’t answer
  12. IMO ...this is the most gorgeous version/image I have seen thus far of Emily.. those pumped up pursed lips are pulled back..natural look.... keep laughing gurl...and you just might make your season three!!! just don’t sell yourself out to the devil like Gina has fuck you Gina!
  13. Fuck you Gina... you’ve never been to a weaneeing party unless we count the time you drank a bottle of wine by yourself after finishing your breastfeeding.... let’s change that to “times” you drank the bottle yourself since breast feeding and it never stopped party on Garth...Wayne and Gina!!! you kill me with you warbler uptone voice and feigned “responsible-like” BS gawd she Irks me...
  14. Oh Brownwhen...thanks for this odd memory no..Obvi it’s not the same dress… But still...”simyuolar but dinfrent”... (That was a running inside joke between my late bestest friend...these weird terms we would make up.. We also called the store “Smart & Final”... we called it ”Dumb & Tentative ” 😆
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