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  1. You're on a yacht, Brian! If you didn't want your relationship talked about among co-workers, then don't have a relationship with one on them!
  2. Now being a "surface friend" to Kam is calling her a dumb blonde? Oh please, what a complete stretch (or outright lie)! And she thinks it's outrageous that Brandi doesn't like being called trashy!
  3. Establishing slander when you are a public figure is incredibly difficult. Why waste the money?
  4. I think she meant that, because she wouldn't use the word 'chirpy' that the entire phrase, including the negative connotation of 'Mexican,' couldn't be true.
  5. The drunk running and hiding in a bush is pretty damn funny!
  6. Ugh, Tamra, you know very well that, since this is the finale, Kelly was required to attend this party. So it is as gracious as Kelly gets for her not to lay waste to your pinterest fest.
  7. My issue is that you never know what a doctor is going to say and kids are often scared by the prospect of their parent having surgery. That, combined with seeing her mother in obvious pain and then in tears, was something that Emily should have spared her daughter if at all possible.
  8. I hope Emily had no other choice but to bring her daughter to this appointment. There was no reason to upset her like that. Breaking News: Shane is still an ass.
  9. Natalie is still in love with her ex-husband.
  10. It feels like the producers are constantly telling us he not really rich enough to live in Greenwich.
  11. Mursel isn't innocent in this, but Anna is handling this so badly. She isn't supporting her kids or her fiance. She's just hoping it will somehow all work out.
  12. Leanne has never even seen the high road, let alone taken it.
  13. The screeching makes you look REALLY innocent, Vicki.
  14. Why did they drive to Key West? Bronwyn couldn't afford a private plane?
  15. The use of "This is Me" for a Friday's $12 appetizer commercial makes me laugh every time I see it.
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