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  1. esco1822

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    Anyone else notice the jazzed up version of Rubber Duckie playing as Pat and others arrived at the party? It cracked me up.
  2. That's so you can add weight "plates" to the sled. The plates which are the same used in bench pressing, etc. have holes in the middle so you can add them to whatever machines you are working on. At my gym they put a tennis ball on top of the pole after the plates are added so there are no accidents like you are describing.
  3. esco1822

    S04.E10: Docked and Loaded

    June really has nothing but air between her ears. If that, even.
  4. esco1822

    S09.E24: Reunion Part 3

    Thanks for proving my point that Rinna is a manipulator. It's not empathy if its fake.
  5. esco1822

    S09.E24: Reunion Part 3

    This was Rinna being a total phony. She certainly had a lot to say about Camille throughout the season AND after she stormed off-stage. This is not to say I'm a Camille fan because I think she's batshit but I am baffled at how Rinna just gets a pass on all the shit she starts/stirs. Meanwhile she just sits back and acts surprised and compassionate. For all the talk of LVP being a manipulator, when will people pick up on Rinna's manipulations? I'm not sure i'll tune in next season, I'll have to see who they add to the cast. I understand people enjoying everyone getting along but that will get boring in no time flat. My own life is boring, I watch this crap to be entertained.
  6. esco1822

    S04.E09: A Whole Different Ball Game

    I thought about that too and it's totally valid. I assumed Anastasia went light on lunch because she made them a bunch of snacks right after they boarded at noon. So probably no need for anything heavier for lunch. Dessert could go either way, she maybe just didn't want to give them a ton of food midday.
  7. esco1822

    S04.E09: A Whole Different Ball Game

    I was on the fence about June until she said: “I dropped my life for them, they needed me.” B*tch, please you’re doing the job you were hired to do, not a favor for a friend. Continue collecting tips and selfies and try not to get your dumb @ss fired.
  8. esco1822

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    I'm not sure what went wrong but from what she said last night about moving the fender so he could see, it seems that she wanted him watching both to see when the anchor was in the pocket and to make sure it was coiling properly and not sitting on the deck in a heap. When it happened he was solely watching the anchor come into the pocket.
  9. Tins said she was getting a vibe from Dorinda and wanted to nip it. It was very clear Dorinda and Sonja were going to confront her at that party so Dorinda was already prepared for what she was going to say. Tinsley just initiated it first. Make no mistake, it would have happened either way.
  10. BTW why is everyone blaming Barbara for ruining Sonja's surprise? Am I mis-remembering this? Wasn't it Ramona who actually told her after Barbara pitched a fit about both events being on the same night? I'm actually team Barb in that argument, which I will probably never say again in my life. It was a crappy thing of Ramona to do and I think Barbara was trying to be a good friend when she talked to Moaner. I'd say the fault of ruining the surprise sits with crazy eyes who chose a shady date and actually said the words "i'm throwing you a surprise party."
  11. The restaurant was the former Beautique, right next to the Paris Theater and across the street from The Plaza. Remember they filmed a girls night at Beautique and there was some secret bar there? I had dinner there once, it was meh. It was also down a bunch of stairs from street level and kind of awkwardly laid out. Because it's so far removed from the street it's impossible to know how busy/popular the place actually is.
  12. That Santa did the lord’s work by dipping Lu and making her dumb hat fall off. I wish someone had kicked it out of her reach.
  13. Lu looks like a Bee Gee in that outfit.
  14. I have a Tim Riggins candle. #texasforever
  15. Just a note, Pomona, the place where they are having the surprise party is the restaurant formerly known as Beautique.