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  1. If I remember correctly, the justification for Dolores getting involved was that they have known each other forever and she is therefore considered fambily and can comment on such matters. The real issue here is there is a special set of rules where Teresa is concerned. She can find a way to justify any behavior that benefits her.
  2. I assumed this choice was because it was cooler there. Weren't these the guests who asked to eat inside because it was too hot? They didn't seem to mind it so I just assumed Kate was trying to accommodate the guest requests. Also, she doesn't have much say in location when it is dependent on where the boat is anchored. She's told which beach to go to, she just has to make the best of that situation.
  3. Yes, 100% she is and did make appearances earlier in the show. Unrelated, I want to see more of Evan. I need him to shave that beard though, it's too much. He seems like a good husband and father though and so far has not displayed any disgusting behavior thus far.
  4. Simone must really have it bad for Tanner if she a) fell for that ultra romantic line of "I wanna hook up with you so bad; and b) had no problem making out with his puke mouth. I would guess she's probably not so happy about hearing waking up next to her the next morning was a total surprise to him. He couldn't have been too disappointed though if he hooked up with her again the next night AND went downtown. We definitely saw a new side of Tanner on this episode, and I'm not just talking about his ass climbing into his bunk with Simone. He was just completely gross, including telling Ashton about his sexcapades. Ashton further solidified his reputation as a douche by having Tanner repeat it to Rylee. Stay classy, deck crew!
  5. I believe Brian was sent off the boat to a hospital or doctor, where he got the meds and came back to the boat.
  6. What was with Kevin's comment "Kate understands food being served through a Burger King window, she doesn't realize how much work goes into this." Shots fired. For all everyone's complaining about Kate talking behind people's backs and not to their faces, I appreciate her being direct with Kevin about how she felt. Meanwhile Kevin talks behind her back undermines her and her abilities. If he thinks his service is more important than her meeting with the Captain, he can kindly suck it.
  7. I don't hate the character like some do -- but I agree -- Mere was never going to love him like he loves her. I don't hate the character either, I actually kind of like him. I really liked him for Maggie who I can't stand. I feel like the show often just throws people together without doing any kind of screen test on their chemistry. I don't see any sparks between DeLuca and Mer though it is not as terribly offensive as it was between Callie and Penny. Sara Ramirez could have chemistry with a baked potato but didn't with this woman. Like, at all. I'd love for them to stop putting characters together solely because they are single and have nothing(/no one?) else to do.
  8. It definitely is though we don't ever fill it in entirely. Everyone just takes a scoop of dirt and moves along. Not just family, everyone present and comfortable doing it. I always liked that custom. Pretty sure cemeteries just fill graves in with backhoes now so you don't actually have to pay a person to fill the grave in. Another Jewish tradition, quick funerals. I was watching this thinking "what is even happening, Rome isn't Jewish!"
  9. I was wondering if either of them was on before, like on that nightmare trip to Vermont where Tre's friend and Jacqueline got into it. I don't remember her friends' names but I was thinking maybe we have seen them before and that could be it?? Anyone who cares more than me know?
  10. My sisters and I all used a college counselor. Of course there was barely any internet back then so it was much harder to figure out which schools I was qualified for. We basically just used him to narrow down schools based on the criteria we were looking for. I feel like the admissions process can be easily overwhelming for teens, especially those who have basically had every important decision made by their parents.
  11. Culturally speaking, as far as I was raised, the only way to eat tongue is on a triple decker Sloppy Joe (the Jewish kind, not the loose meat kind). Unless its mixed in with corned beef, pastrami and turkey and loaded with cole slaw and Russian dressing, i'm not interested. I mean, I'd probably try it if a skilled chef served it to me on a luxury MY but it would not be my preference.
  12. Rutgers is decidedly easier to get into in state than it is out of state. At least it was when I went there. RU HUNGRY!!! It used to be a Grease Truck (RIP). Now I'll be jonesing for a Fat Darrell all day. I really loved my 4 years there.
  13. I mostly enjoyed this episode. Low on drama but still not boring. Kevin pitching in to help with the deck crew being shorthanded, Simone checking in on Tanner, Ashton and Brian agreeing to have their bodies painted to serve dessert. Good show of teamwork across the board. I thought it was cute of Brian to take Courtney away for a little bit and actually get to know her. He is willing to do the work because he seems like he really genuinely likes her. Its refreshing to see juxtaposed with Ashton's efforts with her to just get his dick sucked. I definitely do not think the "Lady of the House" would be up for those shenanigans, much less Kate. Drunk Ashton is not attractive in any way. Certainly not for anyone who will need to continue to live with him for the next few weeks. He seemed pretty successful with hooking up with tourists and locals alike last season. He should go back to that playbook instead.
  14. He also thinks he's above the law and this is not the first demonstration. Remember when his license was suspended due to a DUI and he took his twin brother's license? I actually think he looks more like Non.
  15. I'll always be here for anyone/anything that brings Tre down a peg. Her comment about people treating Melissa they way they do because she's Tre's sister-in-law speaks volumes about what she thinks about herself. I thought Melissa handled herself well in that situation and in asking Jackie to respect her boundaries. Jennifer...is not funny. Except when she said she was the face of her husband's business. That was hilarious. Also, i'll tip my cap to the editing monkeys for showing her back fat rolls immediately after she mentioned her back fat lypo. I like Marge but she has done something to her face. I didn't notice during the episode itself but during the Cash Cab commercial that came on, it was clear she's done some work. I don't know if it's the lips or the chin (or both?) but it's mildly terrifying. I'm totally content with liking Dolores the most this season. Yeah, she's boring but she's mostly level-headed. I totally think the living situation is weird but i'm so glad to see her boyfriend has not only consented to be on the show, but has made more time for her. She seems really happy and I think it's nice he gets along so well with Frank and Frankie. Not looking forward to the scream mask, aka Danielle, to pop up on this show again. Why is this still happening? She's the most vile person across all franchises. Yes, worse than Tamra Barney.
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