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  1. Why is Tre dressed up like Father Guido Sarducci?
  2. ^THIS. A thousand times. And yet Tre will never take responsibility for that fact. She’s all excuses and justifications. It’s disgusting especially considering Evan clearly liked her and was trying to set her up with a good guy. What a shit stain.
  3. Funny that Tre was so tired of hearing Jackie’s name in Lake George when she was literally the only who kept saying it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Nice to know that Jackie immediately said it was a analogy. I was wondering if her doing press and saying that now was revisionist history. So really Jackie didn’t put anything out there about Gia, Bravo is to blame for leaving a rumor hanging out there for a week before actually showing her true intentions.
  5. Interesting that Rob was a no-show AND that Rachel was the one defending him. I wonder if the fact that Elizabeth wasn’t able to complete a full sentence when given the opportunity contributed to the other girls maybe thinking she’s done and seeing the opening to speak. At the end of the day, if Lee is saying Liz is not cut out for the yacht or life, I’m going to take his word. Not that I ever thought otherwise but his validation seals the deal. Interesting season overall, Eddie and Izzy were my favorites, I’d love to see them return. I didn’t mind Ches, I say give her another seaso
  6. I kept laughing at Cynthia's facial reactions to everything going on. That totally would have been me. I would have stayed long enough to see what Bolo was working with, then politely excused myself. I would have died if production put a Subway footlong over his schlong like someone did with Jason Derulo. But seriously, that looked big. Big enough to add 15 more minutes to this episode. I'm not even embarrassed by my curiosity, I don't need to see him doing anything or anyone with it though.
  7. Absolutely team Jackie. Too bad Tre is too stupid to understand the point she was trying to make.
  8. I thought he said she could just make salad but I’m half asleep so I could be wrong.
  9. Soooo if Teresa doesn’t care about evidence, why was she walking around the party asking for people to corroborate the rumor??
  10. Tre fired shots first, she’s disgusting. If Jennifer won’t even dignify a rumor, you should know to keep you mouth shut. And on the poor guy’s birthday too. She’s been waiting for an opportunity to spill that tea.
  11. I can only hope that after the crew sees the season play out, they’ll have a better understanding of why Elizabeth was fired. She’s not learned a thing all season. Being sweet and nice will only get you so far, you do also need to be competent at your job. If she hasn’t learned by week 8, she never will.
  12. Elizabeth wasn’t fired for using the guest cabin, it was just the final nail in her coffin. She had a series of screw-ups all season and that one tipped the scale. Captain Lee specifically said that was James’s first screw up of the entire season. Not the case with Elizabeth. Also James was told if he screws up again, he’s gone. It has nothing to do with the leadership, it has everything to do with Elizabeth and James’s work ethic. As much as I dislike him, he gets his job done and seemingly well. It’s the 8th charter and Elizabeth still has no clue what she’s doing. It was time for her to go.
  13. WWHL is super tense with Elizabeth and Ash. 😬
  14. I do love that Madison got busted while “reading” her apology to Craig’s girlfriend. She lost her credibility right there. She’s a great liar though, she nearly pulled that off. If she faked that “receipt” I have no doubt she’s also faking the rest. Including Jay Cutler, who sucks. But really if she’s going after multiple professional athletes, it does seem to indicate her being something of a fame whore. I’d love it if her 15 minutes were up already.
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