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  1. Just wanted to note that Jackie and Evan are really cute together. You can tell they are in love without having to make pronouncements about how much sex they have all the time. There were just little subtleties in their interactions where you could tell there was a genuine fondness there and their good-natured jabs at each other before the bottle chugging competition were adorable. There's a real ease there that's enjoyable to watch. Also, I think Evan is hot so that always helps.
  2. Yeah, regardless of whether or not Tre told her to drag Marge by her hair...Danielle still did it. I mean, what if next time someone suggests Danielle should slap the taste of out someone's mouth, she will go ahead and do that as well because someone egged her on? That’s not really the point though. Yes, Danielle did that on her own and should be 100% accountable for her actions however, so should Teresa as a so-called friend to Margaret. What kind of garbage “friend” suggests and/or eggs a person on to pull another person’s hair? Defending Danielle’s actions was insane but it’s so much worse to be a party to a premeditated violent action. Margaret was a good friend to Teresa and that is how she was repaid. I’m not sure I understand how anyone does not see that as problematic.
  3. To be fair, in last year’s season finale, every cast member except for Teresa said they didn’t want Danielle at group events anymore. Not one of those women want her around so I have no issue with a Melissa speaking for a group of people who will never be with Danielle one-on-one again. Teresa soon to be included. What an idiot to even entertain that possibility with Danielle, even jokingly. And on camera, no less. I’d be PISSED if I were Marge. But I guess we now know why Tre was defending Danielle in that scenario, she thought it would keep her from getting ratted out. Can’t say she wasn’t warned.
  4. He was neither speaking nor being spoken to when he left so I’m not sure how he was running away from being questioned. He answered everything asked of him before and after he walked off.
  5. Andy really is the worst. He would never have a hosting job if he was not a Bravo bigwig. Plus Kathy Griffin once pointed out that he has a wonky eye and now I can’t unsee it.
  6. I love me some Courtney. Smart, well-spoken, composed and taking no shit from anyone.
  7. Leon? He’s the only POC I can remember offhand. But would you take it from Tanner’s mom? Because Rhylee really isn’t wrong in this scenario.
  8. In case anyone wondered if Rhylee was exaggerating her story about Tanner’s mom... ”Parenting isnt abt being ur childs best friend. Its abt doing/expecting the best of ur child. For a mom who acknowledges @TSterbs promiscuity on a televised phone call (& signed a release to allow) i for one am extremely let down you'd condone such behavior. #belowdeck”
  9. In eyeliner. This make-up is not his friend.
  10. She didn’t so much as go on a date with him let alone have sex or a relationship so I’m not sure how that breaks girl code unless we’re talking about that chaste kiss in the van that Tanner didn’t even remember.
  11. Soooo all this time Brian has been hiding that he’s dumber than a box of hair?
  12. For those non Jersey people, nobody would drive from Paramus just to go to Panevino (Livingston) for date “night.” There are far better places that are a much shorter drive than 30 minutes. Oh and of course Bill has a yellow car. Ugh.
  13. I’m a little insulted by the implication that just because people like Kate, they are unwilling to see that she is “obviously” racist. I like Kate, I’m willing to admit when she’s mean, shady or a bully AND I don’t think her behavior toward Simone was either bullying or racist. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  14. It was definitely last night’s episode with Chef Adam. The cast was all seated on stools and in their reunion outfits—pictures of that have been posted. It started with Ashton giving Kate advice. Lee then said something like, given your limited management experience, do you think you’re in any position to give advice? And that’s when Ashton went after both Kate and Lee. Cooly and calculated like he was just waiting for his moment. It’s definitely going to be entertaining.
  15. There was a clip of the reunion on WWHL and it looks nuts. Ashton actually has the balls to go after Lee and Kate and ask when the last time was that they had real yacht experience. Kate then asks whose boat he’s working on now (rumor is, it’s his girlfriend’s).
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