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  1. Why did it take me until part 3 to realize how much Kyle looks like Maleficent?
  2. So which is it, Tom? I was taking a 15 minute break or I was 18 minutes in and got virtually no break?? Was he going down on Malia when Sandy knocked? Why wouldn’t he answer for himself? Also, he’s a douche nozzle.
  3. I like Tinsley. I miss having her on the show (though I absolutely would have left too in her position) and I really enjoyed watching her hold her own with these ladies. Say what you will about her but I can’t recall a time where she ever lashed out at another cast member unprovoked unlike every other woman on this show. That’s refreshing, especially given the ya these women behaved this season. Good for Tins, I hope she has a happy life.
  4. He did say that he thought the comment was nasty, I’m not sure he needs to say more. Add me to the list of people who thought it was a vile and unkind thing to say. I have many friends with fertility issues who would give anything to be pregnant and I’m pretty sure if anyone made that comment to them, they would have become a puddle on the floor. It was absolutely meant to shame and hurt Tinsley.
  5. I’m glad she doesn’t look up to Ellen Barkin’s plastic surgery because...yeesh.
  6. Hence why most of the focus of this season was on the Denise/Brandi situation. Everything else this season was petty and/or boring. The show has jumped the shark. And possibly a whale or two.
  7. I feel like giving her WWHL is worse because it’s more of her just spewing garbage and Andy laughing at her. I’m personally not watching WWHL because I don’t think she needs to have this platform to tell the story we have already heard and read about for months. Also I think WWHL is dumb and makes Andy look even more terrible. If he wasn’t the boss, that show never would have made it a full season. I’ll occasionally watch solely because a particular guest is on but it is always painful due to Andy’s awkwardness.
  8. Revisionist history for Andy. Denise confirmed being friendly with Brandi but never said they were good friends or even friends at all. Friendly and friends are very different things. I’m friendly with the mailman at work but I’m not friends with him.
  9. Did y’all know Teddi was pregnant this season? 🙄
  10. If anyone knows about gaslighting, it’s Rinna.
  11. What is Sutton looking at? She keeps looking up and to the side one other people are talking.
  12. And not remotely calculated to wait until the reunion like 6 months after the fact. 🙄 Kyle sucks.
  13. My take on this is that the lie was 100% because production wanted her there and likely told her she needed to honor her contract and show up. Brandi casually showing up as Kim’s plus one confirmed that for me and the producer trying to gaslight Garcelle even further solidified that for me. Producers are pissed they didn’t get their carefully choreographed gotcha either time they attempted it. And clearly they were going to try again with the reunion, hence the cease and desist. Good for Denise, as far as I’m concerned. We all know Brandi would have put on one hell of a show for the cameras so I can’t blame Denise for trying to avoid it. Much like Denise, this is probably my last season of this show. I’m just totally grossed out by all of it, including the absolutely vile looking preview of the reunion I posted in the media thread.
  14. Well, this looks disgusting. Not sure I can stomach it, especially in 3 parts. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/denise-richards-walks-out-of-rhobh-reunion-slams-andy-cohen/amp/
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