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S07.E13: Kelly's Story LIVE CHAT

Message added by PrincessPurrsALot

This is a LIVE CHAT thread.  No spoilers or outside reports.  Let's watch the show and snark!

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Kelly is on the verge of immobility when she decides to make the trip to Houston to visit Dr. Now. Her journey gets off to a painful start when her long travel day grows longer as Kelly gets stuck in a cab on her way from the clinic to the hospital.  

So the clinic put her in a cab that she got stuck in?  Will she do a 600-pounder slow roll to get out or will the jaws of life be needed?  Let's see how she gets out of this predicament and figure out why she's being sent to the hospital, since we know it's not because she was qualified for weight loss surgery day one. 

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the US East Coast showing and again during the US West Coast showing.

Original air date 2019.03.27  

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Hey y'all doin'?! Today kinda sucked; I need some snark!
Tonight was a breakfast-for-dinner kinda night; scrambled eggs and an English muffin with too much Kerry Gold butter. Yum. And I joked last week, but I am actually eating an orange with my breakfast/dinner this evening.  🍊

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 Hi my pounder friends. You are the bright spot in my hump day. I can’t wait to spend the next two hours with you all. I just finished making sloppy Joes and tater tots and I have a side a little dill pickles  

 Let’s get this party started! 

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Hi All!  I thought my eating habit will be ham steak and asparagus but right now I want an ice cream, so I might have that first, or only that.  

I am super happy to see small improvements every day now that I started occupational therapy, so I hope to see a success story today.  I will take a train wreck too, though.

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How ya'll doin'? 

Hey, someone who lives alone and takes care of herself. She sounds reasonable and reasonably concerned about no longer being independent. So far not looking like a delusional trainwreck, but it's early yet.

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Such big arms - this is where I wonder why these people don't stop at 3-400 lbs? The bariatric surgery is one thing, but she will have to have a number of skin surgeries, to get anywhere near normal looking. 

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2 minutes ago, Concerned said:

She lives in Greensboro, NC along with Whitney Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Hope there’s a meeting in this episode.

She should enroll on the Big Girls’ Dance Class

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1 minute ago, Wanda said:

Too depressed to,snark. Soldier on my brethren and fill the void of making this season halfway interesting. I shall be with you in spirit.

Thinking of you my friend. Are you all right? Hang in there. 

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How y'all doing? My eating habit was pizza and cheesy bread tonight. Dat pretty bad sit-shashun there.

Wait a minute, where did that woman's pizza come from? Who keeps pizza in their bedside tables?

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