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  1. If a fan showed up at her house, then yes. That is very wrong. I guess I'm at the point where I don't necessarily believe anything she says anymore. I can see someone doing a delivery, coming to the door for a petition, to sell windows, whatever (I've still had the occasional sales person even now) or other actual reason and Whitney creates a story that they were there to harass her. Maybe she comes to the door nude and the person freaks out, because a normal person would freak out if a naked person answered the door so Whitney gets offended and makes up a story. Basically ever since she vanda
  2. Got to love Whitney.... her Father's Day post is a video of Whitney as a child. This is followed by "I love this photo of Hunter and me'... which is a photo of Whitney and you can see Hunter's arm draped around her but not his face or body.
  3. Isn't the rule of thumb that if the client is out on bail.... postpone, postpone, postpone???
  4. Wow. You are right. I checked it out and all of that white part isn’t actually part of the outfit. She’s really stretching that fabric.
  5. It was less cute in the 'stick my leg in the air' photo
  6. I think Covid and Discovery+ has really helped Whit keep this shit show going. Covid made it very difficult to develop new programming. It's far easier to keep something already established going while dealing with restrictions. Also, they are really focusing on developing shows that will bring paying watchers to Discovery+. That doesn't leave a lot of time or interest in developing shows for the regular channels (which btw people pay for too but they don't seem to care). So for now it's just easy to leave this crap on the air.
  7. I remember that trip. They posted almost non-stop during that trip and there wasn't a single man. No way she met him then. Of course that's assuming she met this guy at all. More likely he answered a casting call.
  8. Not to mention Ryan started a new group when he lost Whitney and now he has 2200 members and his activity numbers are much higher than are showing on Whitney's group (just based on what FB shows - I am not a member of either group). That has to chap her considerable hide to know he's been more than fine without her.
  9. Are they going to try to sell us on the idea that she met this guy while she was in Paris getting engaged to Chase and has been pining away waiting for them to break up????
  10. I just saw the latest fake relationship is some guy who lives in Paris. Good grief.
  11. I stand corrected.... she posted that she paints those lips on with some kind of lipstick.
  12. I have no clue. I was afraid to listen to the video. It’s a shill for a masturbation aid so maybe she means a gap between men ????
  13. I think it's some kind of overdone lip enhancer. She has a new video on her regular IG (not story) about the "orgasm gap" and her lips look just as swollen
  14. I know - I didn't recognize her either. The photo I posted is a screen shot from a video so that makes it a little more weird but this is exactly what she looked like in the video. It was to demonstrate a fancy hair curler. It's gone now because it was on her story.
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