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  1. I would say she can come for free if they can film her trying to do 30 minutes of HIiT and 30 min of yoga and then show it on the Internet. That would be comical - assuming she didn’t have to call 911
  2. How about establishing and maintaining relationships? They take time, effort, give and take, togetherness, etc.
  3. I call foul on that not because a dog wouldn’t eat salad but because Whitney wouldn’t have that in her house for the dog to eat in the first place. Of course if I salad ever did get into her house she’d definitely feed it to the dog over eating it herself.
  4. Well remember too that Chase lives in Wilmington while Ryan is in Charlotte. Plus Chase had a pregnant girlfriend who may have said no way to Chase taking the risk of going out with a group of people then coming hone to her. If there is another season Ryan has probably been instructed not to have Chase on his SM just as it appears Buddy had to remove his girlfriend.
  5. I guess it depends on what you mean by that. The program is definitely still going on. The FB page for members has 1900 people. On Ryan’s SM there have been comments and posts about it. But does WHITNEY still do it? That’s questionable at best. I know from comments on SM that Ryan often has ‘guest’ partners. Then of course there was the quarantine. At one point Ryan posted something about filming the workouts via Zoom or other similar thing. But he’s also responded to questions saying he hope Whitney will return soon (which I’m sure is a lie LOL). So yes - the program still exists. No clue if Whitney is involved anymore and if so, how much, although I’m sure she’s still demanding her cut financially.
  6. Theoretically I agree. I could potentially support parole after 30+ years. But it’s not just about the number of years served. Parole requires two elements. She still openly talks like a victim. She still has no concept that she did anything wrong. She still thinks they deserved it. Until that happens, I don’t think parole is warranted. She hasn’t even come around enough to just play the game. Even criminals who have every intention of committing another crime the second they are out know to express remorse. She just doesn’t get it. She is still baffled that anyone things it was a bad thing. Parole needs both remorse and time - a long time for murder. I will say one thing though, saying no parole hearing for another 15 years seems excessive to me. If she hasn’t come around to her crime by now , she probably won’t ever, but saying she hasn’t even got another shot for 15 years seems excessive. 5 years seems more reasonable to me. If she hasn’t figured it out by then, another 5 years. It’s not like the next parole hearing requires her to be released.
  7. I agree with this. It seems that all of them have lives, friends, jobs, family etc. Buddy less so than the others but he does seem to have a relationship and has gotten sober and stayed that way for 3 years as far as we can tell. The show shows little to none of this. Whitney is really the only one with nothing outside of the fake life of the show.
  8. I’m in touch with a few high school friends, mostly because of FB, but we live in various places so we don’t see each other. I think with the exception of Buddy, these friends don’t either except when it’s for the show. Occasionally getting together, maybe, but the show makes it look like they hang out almost constantly. However, if you watch their SM, it seems clear they have lives, friends, family etc and really only see Whit occasionally or when it’s required for the show.
  9. Not only that but she says she looked through 1000s of photos of the two of them before settling on one that is just him, as if that was lesser. Whit, other people’s birthdays are NOT ABOUT YOU!! If you are posting a photo of someone on their birthday, it should default to a photo of just them. If you can’t find one then you look for one with other people.
  10. They could have broken up but I think it’s more likely they took the picture down. The woman’s IG is completely gone or at least very restricted, I get an error when I try to go there, so she probably decided she didn’t want all of these morons telling her that Buddy belonged to Whitney. Or TLC told them to get that down because otherwise people won’t believe the next big storyline - that Buddy loves Whitney.
  11. So this is on her story today. I see she chose not to post it on her actual IG page that would allow comments. She knows the absolute stupidity of this comment and doesn’t want to give anyone an opportunity to use common sense, logic, and facts to remind her how stupid this is.
  12. Does Whit just troll the internet looking for other obese, exhibitionist women?
  13. Interesting. I had no idea you needed to train a dog like that. This is why I’m a cat person.
  14. I’m a cat person, not a dog person, but why would the dog have a leash on in the house? Wouldn’t you take that off as soon as you get in the door?
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