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  1. Yep - I assumed this to be true so I looked up the websites for most of the gyms in my town. All of them specifically say shirt required or shirt must cover midriff. They also give guidance on what kind of shoes and bottoms to wear to be most comfortable. Hot yoga is different. So then I went to the website for Will and Jessica’s place. Nothing that says anything about appropriate clothing or even what kind of clothing to wear. There was nothing even under the descriptions of the classes. I would have expected at least a “wear closed toed shoes, comfortable clothing’ type thing, but nada. Guess their place is just a free-for-all. The place Whitney and Ryan film their workouts looks like a gym in an apartment building or something like that. I guarantee they have a dress code and it isn’t - wear a bra.
  2. So wait a minute - someone walked by her on the treadmill and said ‘You’re doing great honey, keep it up’ and that’s horribly offensive. But when her fans bury her in praise on Instagram with ‘You are doing great - look at you go - great job - you are an inspiration’ what is that? She seems to love that. And no Whitney - most people don’t workout just in their bra, regardless of size. Running outside - yes - in a gym no. I go to a small, independent gym. Our town also has a couple of CrossFit gyms, Orangetheory, PureBare, and several others. Yes women wear sports bras there - UNDER their shirts. Wearing clothing is not body shaming. Expecting people to wear clothing is not body shaming.
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/whitney-way-thore-people-fat-212554536.html 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮
  4. Can you imagine how bitchy a carb cutting Whitney would be?????
  5. Ok - this is weird but what really strikes me is that he has no shirt on. Do either Tal or Whitney ever wear a full set of clothing?????
  6. Well nothing on Instagram yesterday about Passover and nothing today about Easter so maybe she has moved on to Heaven’s Gate. 😂😂😂
  7. Yes and we would be criticizing that form if she was skinny too. It’s not because she’s fat and exercising. It’s because she’s doing it poorly.
  8. Let’s not sell her workout routine short. Everyone has goals with their workout: get stronger, lose weight, get healthy, reduce body fat, etc. so everyone chooses a workout to meet those needs. For someone Whitney’s size the priority is almost always to lose weight and reduce the strain on her organs and joints before she ended up dead. For that, this workout routine is totally idiotic. Whitney’s goal is to post snippet videos for her fans to swoon over. For that you have to have something that looks so impressive regardless of whether it does anything for you physically or is even done correctly. So with this workout routine she’s meeting her goals. 😀
  9. I hadn’t heard that about Princess Diana. If she was willing to put up with what sounds like horrible pain to get it done I guess I could understand. When you are the most followed and photographed woman in the world you’d hate to constantly worry that your eyeliner is smeared or running, which in her case would probably be headlines around the world. ‘PRINCESS DIANA HAS SMEARED EYELINER’ READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Can’t you just imagine??? But since no one gives a shit if Whitney’s eyeliner is smeared, it seems unnecessarily risky and vain. Although I still say that I don’t think she has eyeliner tattoos based on her photos.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. There are many recent pictures of her where there is either no eyeliner or it looks different than the pool photo. I suspect she painted the eyeliner on with photoshop and then had to cover that falsehood with another.
  11. It’s that face some people make for photos, especially selfies, where they purse out there lips and look like a duck. It’s supposed to be sexy but it’s stupid.
  12. I agree that Miley Cyrus is horribly crass and crude, as is her tongue thing, but I do want to defend her just a LITTLE in comparing her to Whitney. As Whitney has reminded us several times over the last few days, she’s a 35 year old woman. Miley was a teenager when she started her stupid ‘look at me and my tongue’ crap. It doesn’t make Miley any less crude but it’s far worse for an adult to pull a teenager thing. Kind of like the duck face - it’s really stupid when the teens do it but way more pathetic when I see full fledged adults doing it. It screams desperate to be “cool”.
  13. The tongue thing is nasty. I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s attractive or sexy to stick your tongue out. I also don’t understand her photos. Her weight and her horrendous dressing make things worse but she chooses the worst angles and makes the worst faces. It’s like she’s trying to look terrible. The photo of herself on the chair in the workout and this one on the stairs are taken from below looking up with her crotch basically being the center of the shot. It’s a very rare person that looks their best from this angle.
  14. I noticed that comment too. I hate to break it to that person but I’m pretty sure Heather isn’t Todd’s type (and vice versa). Not that it matters to them when oozing all over imaginary couples.
  15. Happy Birthday!!! (And I’m not telling you that - but yes)