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  1. I thought the same thing but I do think it’s possible that her top part is a bit smaller making her bottom part look even bigger. Either way, I guess it’s a good thing that she doesn’t like weight loss. She certainly isn’t losing anything significant if she’s actually lost at all. I believe last Halloween was after she claimed to have lost around 60 lbs since the Hawaii mess. I do think she’s smaller than she was in Hawaii.
  2. Well that’s just nauseating. The funniest part of the video is Chase’s body language as he trudges after her. Even with his back to the camera you can see his eyes roll.
  3. Exactly same thing one year apart - so .... has she lost weight?
  4. Someone just told her if she hates being on Instagram so much then she shouldn’t be. 😂😂😂
  5. I love how she had to tell us she isn’t doing the Thriller choreography. DUH!! You were doing the same crap you always do. Thriller requires actually dancing and has actual steps.
  6. Is there a mental condition for someone obsessed with their own ass?
  7. Oh I see what you are saying - they are leaving but she’s staying. That’s probably it. I was thinking since they were leaving then she was as well. Probably not a correct assumption. ETA - It was the ‘thats a wrap on the townhouse’ that made me think she was leaving because the show filming was over.
  8. So from today’s IG story it looks like TLC rented Whitney the Charlotte place just for the season. She’s moving out.
  9. Funny I was thinking the opposite. Paris was filmed for the show so Heather would be required to be right there praising Whit as she shrieking her way through a bike ride and pretending not to be grossed out by Whit hanging all over Chase. But the cruise isn’t filmed and Whit will have all of her adoring fans so Heather would be able to find her own space to sit by the pool with an umbrella drink.
  10. Twit needs to learn a little Hamlet - Methinks thou doth protest too much....
  11. So if this is the approach they followed Chase’s friend doesn’t believe they are dating. She just posted a photo of the two of them together from the Paris trip. She is really upset that we don’t believe her.
  12. We just went through this about a year ago when my daughter got married. The invitation will say ‘X and guest’ if they are allowed to bring a date. This is used only for not married people. If the person invited is not allowed to bring a date then the ‘and guest’ is not on there and you assume you can’t bring a date. However, I’ve not really experienced that although the instructions for it were in the wedding books. I wouldn’t ever do that, personally. I do realize that it can cost a fortune for a wedding so every person adds up but to me I’d probably cut the person from the guest list rather than tell them they can come without a guest. Of course you might know someone well enough to know they don’t have a plus one and don’t plan on getting one just for a wedding so you would leave the ‘and guest’ off in that case and it wouldn’t be rude or tacky. If you are inviting someone who is married it’s ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ or whatever is appropriate for the couple. If you want that couple and the kids you add ‘and family’. I’ve never heard of a situation where you invite a married person but not their spouse. Not sure the etiquette for that since it seems seriously wrong.
  13. Oh I completely agree. I just thought the post was supposed to mean he wished she could have come but was otherwise engaged - as if the combination of that post and Whitney’s showing that she was at a rap show was supposed to convince us she just couldn’t go even though she’s really his girlfriend. If there was any way she was invited to that wedding she would have been there and we would have heard about it ad nauseam. As far as I can tell, they haven’t gone anywhere together that wasn’t filmed for the TV show, including his trip home.
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