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  1. So does the book encourage weight loss? For most people the kind of diet you are describing would go hand in hand with weight loss. How will Whitney rationalize this? Or does it just focus on what foods to eat, not the volume, assuming people will know portion control and that it isn’t ok to eat 5 gallons of mung bean soup a day. Does it specifically say only to eat these things or is Whitney going to rewrite the rules and say ‘well she said to eat Mung bean soup so I had mung bean soup - then I had 4 pizzas and 2 venti Frappuccinos but I followed the diet. I suspect her take away from the book will be that her issues are hormonal and therefore part of “her” and don’t need to be fixed.
  2. Anybody with an IG account able to post to her to suggest that Metformin is more easily tolerated when you are eating low carb? I’m sure there is some excuse for why that isn’t true for her.
  3. Interesting you say ‘initially’. Since Whitney strongly implies she isn’t taking it because it makes her ‘so sick’ I have to wonder how long she tried it before declaring it ‘not for her’.
  4. This post has some interesting comments and what seems to me to be more responses to comments from Whitney than we usually see. Some interesting comments: Someone asks her how she is diagnosed. She said she was 21 and her OBGYN looked at her chart and the fact that she had no periods, facial hair, balding, acne and said he thought she had PCOS so they did a blood test for insulin resistance (which was positive) so she was diagnosed. NO mention of weight. If she’d gained hundreds of lbs (I think it was 100 lbs during that time in her life if I remember correctly) because of this disease wouldn’t that be on the list of reasons to suspect PCOS? Then there were several comments recommending Metformin. She responded several different ways to this. One response she said she’s tried it off and on for the last 15 years. One response she said it makes her too sick (which implies she isn’t trying it). Another response she said she’s had a prescription for it for 15 years. Of course that doesn’t mean she’s taking it. I have to wonder if one of the reasons she posted this with that weird face, which I think was supposed to be coy, is that she wants to imply she’s researching more to try to help her fertility. Dear God please don’t let us have a ‘Whitney is trying to get pregnant’ story line. False pregnancy story lines are horrible. Whitney constantly talking about “trying” would be nauseating.
  5. This. Is what Whitney doesn’t get or at least refuses to acknowledge. People’s desire to see her put a shirt on isn’t just because she’s fat. It’s because people are supposed to wear clothes in public. People expect both fat and thin people to wear clothes. I saw her ‘I’m more comfortable in a bra and leggings’ excuse. Well I’m most comfortable in my pjs and no bra. But I don’t leave the house that way. It’s called being an adult. Look into it Whit.
  6. Well if that’s the case then I think that’s fine. She was clearly trying to be more upright, the last one was much closer, and her squat was much lower than we’ve seen when she’s 1/2 assed things. So if her workout videos become her doing a few exercises that she’s trying hard to do correctly, I will cheer her on. If she stays dedicated to that approach she will make progress.
  7. I don’t think she does. I think she’s being sarcastic. Somehow she’s decided that the criticism of people saying she needs to wear clothing outside and bathe regularly is a demand for her not to be “authentic”. She whines that she never wanted to be an “influencer” or “reality TV star” (bull s*&%) so she’s upset about the pressure to conform. So her video of “Am I doing Instagram Girl right” is a sarcastic “so I have to be like this or you will criticize me’. As usual, she has no self-awareness. She sees it only two ways - she dresses inappropriately no matter what she does and only bathes once a week or she has to be all made up and “fake” looking. Apparently just putting on a shirt and taking a shower more often doesn’t occur to her as still being ‘authentic’.
  8. Well that’s disappointing. I thought it was a good sign that he’d convinced her that she needed to learn everything over again. She isn’t usually open to the idea that she’s doing something wrong or needs to learn something. Maybe there is still hope. We’ll see.
  9. I agree but I do get the impression this guy is competent. Having her relearn everything is an excellent start. Her squats still have the forward bend but he does comment that the last one is the best and she leans forward the least in that one. So I suspect he’s been telling her not to lean forward. She seems to be trying not to lean forward and her squats are deeper. I pray for this poor man’s sanity.
  10. the new guy is making her do actual squats
  11. That’s a person vomiting. 🤮Kind of like what we all want to do when we see Whitney doing her ass wiggle.
  12. I agree - when I first saw the comment that she is acting like a college kid, I was offended for my college kids and her friends LOL. But yea - at a Halloween party when everyone is drunk - sure. But this woman is alone, in her 30s, not during Halloween, and appears to be sober. Even college kids wouldn’t do this under those conditions. She needs some serious psychological help. Apparently she got some for a while but it doesn’t seem to have worked. Time to try again with a different approach.
  13. So I don’t see the whale in her skeleton dance video. Is he lost in the folds?
  14. The bolded item is the best advice she could get. She needs to rethink pretty much every one of her life choices. I don’t even know what to say about a woman who goes into a garage and makes a video of herself dirty dancing with a plastic skeleton then posts it online.
  15. Ok - I love Glenn today. Apparently he texted Twit and told her ‘the disadvantage of displaying your ever increasing amount of tattoos on Instagram is that I can see them’. 😂😂😂😂😂