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  1. 3girlsforus

    Whitney Thore: So She Thinks She Can Dance

    As bad as Twit is, her competition includes 3 Kardashians so it’s highly unlikely she will make a dent in that voting. Those are some seriously narcissistic messed up people.
  2. How did you get the volume to work? I could see her talking and my volume was way up but no sound. Anyway - why on earth would she want people to “catch” being fat? Does she think it’s that wonderful or does she wish people could walk a mile in her shoes so they wouldn’t be so critical? Only a truly evil person would wish people could catch something that causes all the health problems associated with obesity but if she means she wishes people could experience her difficulties so they wouldn’t be so critical, she’s admitting she has difficulties and should be losing weight. It’s always amusing to watch her paint herself into a corner.
  3. So he’s her baby. Yea right. She posts photos of herself molesting people she isn’t dating and half naked for no reason but almost no PDA with her ‘baby’.
  4. But Dot - how could you doubt our Whit? Of course Chase is massively (no pun intended) in love with her. Isn’t everybody????
  5. So today Whitney is celebrating waking up in Tahoe for the NobarriersUSA Summit. These people haven’t learned. She’s a speaker again. https://nobarriersusa.org/people-type/speakers-and-performers/
  6. I haven’t a clue who she is but then again I’m not up with the ‘influencers’ and other fake celebs of the world so maybe she is famous and I just don’t know.
  7. To me the author of the article and Whitney are both making the same mistake, just interpreting it differently. The author assumes that if Nike (or anyone else) sells workout wear for plus size women and shows them on a mannequin that represents how a plus size woman would look in their plus size clothing that somehow that means ‘hey lets all be fat - it’s wonderful’ so she’s upset because she thinks it’s “glorifying being obese”. Whitney assumes the same thing and interprets it as ‘yippee I’m fat and it’s a-ok. I’m healthy too. See there is a plus sized mannequin wearing workout clothes’. They are both morons. First to Gold (the author) - This mannequin is not heaving in fat, sloppy, vile, disgusting or whatever else she said in the article. She is overweight - yes. But she is entitled to wear workout clothes and workout. And good for her doing it. Heck I’d give Whitney props for working out if she did more than twerking followed up with a giant Frappuccino. A kudos to Nike for showing how the plus size clothes will look on a plus sized woman. Much like using a 22 year old to sell wrinkle cream, using a size 0 model for plus sized clothing is pretty pointless. None of these things say that someone who is overweight or obese shouldn’t be trying to lose weight. In fact it says ‘hey look - you can do it too and we have the overpriced clothes to help’ Now to Whitney - This mannequin is not sign that it is ok to be obese. It is NOT ok to be obese. You can bitch and whine and moan all you want about fat shaming but the reality is that it is not healthy to be obese. You can’t change that fact and NIke isn’t saying it is healthy. They are saying ‘let us dress those who want to get healthy.’ And even if you buy into the Nike’s founder’s quote that if you have a body you are an athlete - he doesn’t mean you. He means those who regularly participate in athletic activities regardless of their level of expertise. Even with this definition of an athlete - you aren’t one. And it’s not because you are fat. And it’s not because you aren’t an elite competitor. It’s because you don’t actually participate in athletic activities. Twerking to the camera is not an athletic activity. Laying on the ground “taking a break” is not an athletic activity. Having someone pull you up 3 steps of a climbing wall is not an athletic activity. Doing leg presses with less than 1/2 of your body weight while FaceTiming with your dad is not an athletic activity. So no - you aren’t an athlete, however you define it.
  8. I do think the idea of plus size workout wear makes sense. If you are plus size you need something to wear while working to not be plus size. Contrary to what Whit would like people to believe, the fact that they sell plus size workout clothes doesn’t mean that being obese is ok. They sell 6X clothes - that doesn’t mean it’s ok. It just means that there are people that size who need clothes. I don’t have a feeling one way or the other on Nike clothing. I tried some on when I started working out and discovered they don’t make clothes for women above about 5’5” so I moved on to other brands.
  9. Nike as a company doesn’t say that as a slogan or anything but the founder of Nike has said that. However, from what I’ve ready about the quote it doesn’t mean what Whit thinks it means. To her it means she can twerk and wiggle around and do a couple of sit-ups and now she’s an athlete because she has a body. In context, the Nike founder seems to mean that the marathoner on TV is an athlete but so is the person working to lose weight by walking/running every day and comes in nearly last in a 10k but persists. I am not the Nike founder so maybe he does mean Whitney is an athlete, but I seriously doubt it. As far as the obese mannequin, Whitney wishes she looks like that mannequin. She’s probably 6 sizes bigger and definitely more flabby. Whether that mannequin is a good idea is another topic, but the idea that Whitney feels like she and the mannequin are similar in any way is comical.
  10. He is losing is patience with his oversexed tween-like partner.
  11. Pretty interesting since on Ryan’s Instagram his only mention of the weekend DC is about his boxing and working out. Looks like he went to a club or a boxing event. No mention of Whitney and certainly no mention of being the only person who saw non-existent shots being fired. Whit lives in a completely other reality.
  12. That’s what the local news said too. He was arrested at the spot of the altercation.
  13. Wouldn’t TLC need some kind of permission from the event organizers to include the event in the TV show?
  14. I hope you guys are right too but what a weird turn of phrase.... If she’s just standing on the street watching the parade it’s really bizarre to say “ we were judging the parade”. You say we are watching a parade. Assuming she wasn’t an official judge, that comment would only be made by a serious narcissist. She had to know a comment like that would make people think she had a role in the event. And if she really was an official judge - I’m not sure how to process that.
  15. Well if they were dumb enough to use her as a judge they probably don’t want to publish that anywhere.