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  1. I'm curious if they will acknowledge at all that it didn't really matter if LeBlur wanted to come or not. He couldn't because of travel restrictions. I don't think that's a spoiler because we all know there were restrictions at the time this happened. I'm not sure the purpose, from Whit's point of view, of questioning the motives of LeBlur if he had no control over whether he came or not anyway. For someone who is always convinced someone is in love with her, even when they've never met, it seems extra dumb to have her doubt the relationship, not because they've never met, not because he doesn
  2. Because it was a question about someone who isn't her. She's the only one allowed to wander around like an amazing gift to LBGTQ issues. Even though she was the one who referred to it, if people know Hunter is gay (if he is) they might pay attention to him. Plus he's evil because he called her on her shit. Same with the question the same poster asked about Babs. Clearly Babs has been looking tired so that was a reasonable question, too. But no one is supposed to ask about anyone else because the IG is only for praising Whitney and telling her she's amazing. After all this poster asked if she
  3. So she offers this guy that she's never met a vacation in Maine that does not have an option for him to sleep somewhere that isn't in bed with her. Can you imagine what people would be calling her if she was a man offering a woman a free vacation for sex?
  4. The only people who talk this much about the sex they are having (or going to have) aren't actually having any.
  5. Ours were closed nearly a year or at least had such restrictions on number of people that most couldn't afford to open. The only ones that survived were franchises (OrangeTheory, LifeTime etc). Independent ones couldn't survive the closings. My daughter was in NC at the time and I don't think it was quite as long for them but close.
  6. I don't know that someone has to actively be into chubby chasers or a fetishist to be interested in a fat person. Fat people are in healthy relationships all the time and not just because they were skinny when they met and then got fat. However, I think it's far more likely that those kind of relationships start as something other than a bar/internet pickup. They meet at work. They meet at church. They meet at an activity. They become friends. They discover they have a lot in common..... and it goes from there. This will never happen for Whitney for two reasons. First - she doesn't go anywhere
  7. That may be true but at some point it's all on Whitney. She's not 20 something figuring out that the bigger world isn't like home. She's pushing 40. Her actions are all on her. Her asshole behavior is her responsibility.
  8. Now there's a puzzler.... what exactly could a guy do that would make her not be into him?
  9. So who made the choice to visit Frenchman Bay, Maine? Did Whitney think it would entice LeBlur or show her love of all things "French"? Or did TLC think it the little play on words would enhance the stupidity which is Whit?
  10. PCOS does, in a majority of women who have it, cause issues with maintaining weight. Often a women with good eating habits and regular exercise will find it difficult to maintain her weight in a way she wouldn't if she didn't have PCOS. Not all women with PCOS have this issue. What PCOS does NOT do, is cause a 5'1" tall woman to be 350+ lbs. It causes excess weight and/or difficultly losing and maintaining ideal weight. It does NOT cause morbid obesity. The condition Whitney has is 'open mouth - insert food' disease with the 'lays in bed all day' variant. That is the condition that
  11. All the photos I've seen of her on an airplane she's in business or first class. She was pretty jammed in there but I don't think she gets two of those seats. Definitely a seat belt extender though. I don't think you have to pay for that.
  12. I assume it's because she doesn't fit in the seats. That theatre looks like it has arm rests.
  13. I think this sums it up best. Based on what I've seen of her through the show and SM, do I want her to have a baby? Heck no. Would I support a doctor actively telling her she shouldn't be a mother or denying her fertility treatments to make it happen (assuming we aren't talking about her carrying the child - that could be a medical problem)? Absolutely not.
  14. That is just cruel. I'm Team Cat too but wow - that's just not nice to that poor poodle. Also, can you return Halloween costumes for pets or did she buy a ton of them just to try them on the dog once?
  15. I agree but what I have read is that doctors do in fact refuse fertility treatments for patients who are not healthy enough - morbid obesity being a potential issue. However, that is almost always linked to the actual pregnancy. Here Whitney is not planning on having the baby herself. If any of this story was real I would assume she's been told she needs a surrogate because a doctor has explained to her that at her size a pregnancy is dangerous. If she finds doctor willing to impregnate her or a surrogate willing to have the baby, there won't be any way to prevent it on the grounds that
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