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  1. Because Whitney and TLC told Babs that is the storyline and she’s supposed to wish it was Buddy.
  2. This is exactly my point. I don’t judge anyone for not being able to do a pull-up. I certainly can’t. Not being able to do a pull-up doesn’t mean you aren’t strong or aren’t in shape. It’s certainly impressive if you can do them well but for most people, especially morbidly obese people, it just simply isn’t needed for a good exercise program. I find it funny that Whitney claims to be all about fitness for everyone and shows modifications for “people like her” in her nobsactive class because she can’t do what Ryan does, but when she’s working out on her own she’s attempting things so far outside of what she can do it’s foolish. I’m sure she thinks it’s “pushing herself” but there are so many steps between her and a pull-up it’s dumb to even be trying.
  3. I’m confused by the obsession with the pull-up. Why would a pull-up be on any list of things to do for Whitney. It may be a well-known exercise but it’s actually a pretty advanced move. I know a lot of women who are in very good shape, lift weights, and have well-defined arms but don’t do pull-ups. If she wants to do strength training and muscle building it seems like there would be a lot of other options rather than focusing on a pull-up.
  4. So apparently Whitney did shut down NoBSDance for a while. I guess it’s only a business when she isn’t on vacation. No wonder the FB page only has a few members. I wonder if anyone will sign back up. They only had it for about a month and then nothing.
  5. I’m not sure what Henchi’s health concerns were but this isn’t the first time Henchi has had health issues just in the nick of time for a storyline. I don’t think Whitney is a Muchausen by proxy cat mom but I do wonder if she either puts off doing something for Henchi until it’s time to film or rushes him (her) off to the vet for a storyline when he’s really fine. I’ve never felt like she takes very good care of those animals.
  6. Now that makes a lot of sense. They are close enough to have the conversation but he’s a guy so wouldn’t really have much, if any, knowledge of PCOS even though he’s on the show with her. Also, he would be close enough to Chase to point out to Whitney that this is a big deal and something that might actually be a problem in their relationship.
  7. I know she said it was a friend but it just didn’t ring true to me, unless it was Chase. I’m not sure how to describe it but if you are talking to someone you don’t know well, you don’t usually get that worked up even with a difficult situation. And frankly anyone she knows pretty well would know about PCOS. So it seems like it would have to be someone either with credibility or with an additional emotional component. It being Chase made sense too. It’s actually pretty worrisome from a relationship perspective if it was Chase because she left so upset. If they are a real couple, you think they would be upset and cry together and then he could comfort her while they discussed it. I didn’t get the impression that there had been any of that. Unless of course they are a real couple and he told her he can’t deal with not having children. Regardless, I do hope whatever this was is a wake up call to her to start paying attention to those more serious effects of PCOS and actually do something about it - the biggest of which is losing weight. She’s clearly lost weight so if she would get her nutrition under control she could do it. Whether it would be enough to allow her to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy, I have no idea. But it would make her a healthier person. Age is going to become an issue for her as well. Even without PCOS, fertility is going to start decreasing as she ages. Obviously plenty of women have babies into their 40s or more but when you are already morbidly obese and have PCOS, it’s going to be hard.
  8. So I didn’t watch it but I did see a commercial. In the commercial they show Whit and Chase supposedly on the first date and Chase is already asking about Buddy. What I want to know is in the commercial it looks like Chase is barely able to get the line out without laughing. Is that just how it came across in the commercial or did you get that feeling in the show too. I know a big storyline for this season is that Chase is jealous of Buddy but he’s going to have to act a little better if he wants me to buy it.
  9. We are old together then because I thought she just looked understandably sad as well. My eyes get puffy like that too so I didn’t think much of that. One thing that did occur to me is that this mystery friend wasn’t a friend but a doctor who basically told her childbirth is a slim option. That would make most women ugly cry.
  10. I don’t know that I would assume Chase isn’t supportive of her potential infertility issues but her coming unhinged now could very well be related her relationship with Chase. If we assume it’s a real relationship, this is the first time she’s really facing the reality that that she might not be able to have children with Chase (or anyone). Fertility issues are more of an abstract thing when you aren’t looking to have children at that time and don’t have a person you plan to have them with. If now she’s found someone she plans to marry and have children with, it is more real and the reality that it may very well not happen is more present. As much as I dislike Whitney, that was a painful video to watch. Now this last comment I’m going to couch with multiple caveats to hopefully avoid misunderstanding. First - I have absolutely no idea what Chase knows about her fertility issues or what he thinks about them. He may be fully and completely supportive of having a family another way. I have no clue. That said, if he is upset that she might not be able to have children and only wants to raise his own biological children, I hope he owns up to that feeling and doesn’t marry Whitney. To be clear - I wouldn’t think that’s a good thing to think - the idea that ‘hey you can’t have kids so I don’t want you’ to me is awful. But it’s not nearly as awful as hiding that thought and getting into a marriage where this would either break them up or even worse, lead to Chase raising an adopted child he didn’t view as his own. I’ve said it before, as have others, fertility issues in a marriage can be catastrophic. Not everyone knows before the marriage there will be issues. My heart was breaking for @sixlets reading her story. I’ve known many women who have dealt with fertility issues of various kinds over the years and it’s always difficult. Whitney and Chase know now. So as bad as it sounds, they both need to make sure they are on the same page on how this will impact their lives and what to do if it does come to pass that they can’t conceive before they actually get married. And they need to be honest about their feelings even if they sound bad. Don’t pretend you want to adopt if you really find that weird or creepy. Don’t minimize the fertility issues if a doctor has told you the chances are slim to none. Don’t pretend you will be ok with no children if you can’t imagine live not being a parent. If they can’t get on the same page, it’s better to have the pain of a breakup now than a marriage disaster later. Many marriages survive awful fertility issues. I think this marriage would have less of a chance to survive because this was ‘pre-marriage’ info.
  11. I REALLY hope they have had a reproduction discussion. I do feel for Whitney with that. It is difficult to tell your future spouse you might not be able to bear children. My mother knew she was infertile before my parents got married - not potentially couldn’t have kids. Absolutely couldn’t have kids. (I’m adopted). She told me once it was terrifying when she had to tell my dad. She wasn’t sure he would still want to marry her. He was surprised she was worried LOL. Men LOL. Anyway, I’m sure it would be a tough conversation to have but absolutely necessary. You would think it would obvious they would have discussed children even if she didn’t have potential infertility issues but I am repeatedly surprised by the number of people who don’t have that conversation.
  12. I understand what you are saying and I don’t disagree. I do think, though, that there is a difference between hoping she’s happy and thinking it’s a good idea. If she and Chase are really a couple then I hope they are happy. Everyone deserves to feel loved. I don’t think you need to be ready for marriage to have a happy, dating relationship. But do I think getting married is a good idea? Hell no. Maybe someday. Who knows. But again, if they do decide to get married, I hope they are happy and that they make it. I hope that for everyone who gets married even if it’s clearly a stupid idea LOL.
  13. I don’t know about needles and fetishes but there is something called cupping that is a real therapy. It’s used by some chiropractors and physical therapists.
  14. Is that vape? I wonder if she’s really quit cigarettes and if not, would Chase know? They don’t live in the same city so I could see her vaping in front of him if he’s opposed to smoking. If she’s actually quit smoking that’s great but vaping isn’t any better. Her lungs have to be in serious trouble between the smoking/vaping and dealing with all the extra weight.
  15. True but it seems like an even larger gap because Heather has children. A 27 year old guy (or however old Ryan is - he’s upper 20s right?) would seem very young to a woman in her mid 30s with elementary age children.
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