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  1. Clemency


    When I was a teenager, if my mom thought she detected the slightest hint of hypochondria, malingering, or "woe is me" behavior, she would suggest a walk around the block. It was her cure-all. "Oh, you've been lying around all day, no wonder you feel bad--why don't you take a walk around the block?!" At the time, it was maddening. But watching Afflicted, I have never wanted to suggest so many walks around the block in my life. I just feel like these "illnesses" can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sitting around all day in your darkened bedroom, staring at the computer screen, trapped in an echo chamber of your own thoughts and those of like-minded internet denizens. . . . it can start to feel like an actual job. Pretty soon, you are ensconced in your bed like Camille in her big death scene (looking at you, Jamison). Although, in typing this, it occurs to me how *active* a lot of the Afflicted folks were. Sure, they are expending most of their energy trying to prove that they are sick and traipsing all over creation for crackpot treatments. But in their own way, they have way more energy and determination than I, a nominally healthy, admittedly fairly lazy, person have. Huh.
  2. Clemency


    He really did! Which I thought might lead to him taking to his bed forever, Jamison-style, but toward the end of the show, it seemed like maybe he was taking some cautious steps toward becoming a real person again. Apparently collaborating on music, doing some basic stuff like celebrating his dad's (I think?) birthday. . . .although still faithfully taking his Lymogen, no doubt! Has Pilar mentioned anything since the show about how her doctor seemingly admitted to treating her with placebos?
  3. Clemency


    I wasn't familiar with Laetrile, so I looked it up and found this: "The side effects of laetrile treatment are the symptoms of cyanide poisoning. These symptoms include: nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness, cherry red skin color, liver damage, abnormally low blood pressure, droopy upper eyelid, trouble walking due to damaged nerves, fever, mental confusion, coma, and death." Hmmm. . .perhaps the stars of Afflicted have been hitting the Laetrile already? Problem solved! That'll be $25,000! Each! Plus, of course, the $6.75/minute for my time spent googling and typing this post. Did anyone else catch Jake saying (toward the end of the series, when he seems to be getting back into music again), something along the lines of "I was being very narcissistic?" I thought that was interesting.
  4. Clemency


    All you folks who can't make the trip to the Hansa Center to buy your own Lymogen will be happy to know that it sells on Amazon for the low, low price of $55.20 for 4 ounces! Also Borrelogen and Neuro-Antitox! And all you naysayers can rest assured that Lymogen contains BOTH aloe vera AND apple cider vinegar. It is a life-giving elixir! This makes me think of when Jill's friend was in her house, looking over her huge array of supplements and quack remedies, and he said, "Now, Jill, you know that at least some of this stuff isn't working," and she was just gobsmacked. She was all, "what in the what now?!" As if it had never occurred to her that each and every supplement wasn't 100% necessary to her survival. But isn't that just common sense? If you take a lot of anything--vitamins, herbs, or regular pharmaceuticals, something is going to cancel something else out. Something will mix badly with something else and give you side effects that make you feel even worse. And if you're so very very extremely chemically sensitive, wouldn't it seem that Jill shouldn't be able to tolerate at least a FEW of those potions?
  5. Clemency


    Right?! Yes, his mouth & vocal cords are way too debilitated to speak, so he has to use some kind of computerized voice, but his hands can type like the wind!! And you're right, from what I have read, he and his mom both pooh-pooh the idea that he might be depressed like it's the most ridiculous thing they've ever heard. It seems to me like he has the most clear-cut reason (the horrible accident) of all of them to be suffering from lingering mental difficulties. I don't doubt that his survivor's guilt has manifested itself in physical symptoms, so it's strange to me how much he and his family freak out at the very suggestion of depression.
  6. Clemency


    SO glad this forum is here! I have been wanting to discuss this since I watched it. Though I have capital-F feelings about everyone on this show, I want to start with Jamison, the ME/CFS bedridden former bodybuilder guy. I thought he was SUCH a drama queen, gasping out in a dramatic little whisper "I want to see the stars." Blech. However, I do think that he is probably suffering from some major depression and maybe even PTSD from the accident he was in. The accident where he *killed* a guy. Not blaming him for that. . .I think it was determined that he was not at fault, but still, if you accidentally kill someone in a giant fireball (which he mentions in his own essay about the accident), I would think it would leave some mental & emotional scars on almost anybody. And I got the impression that his symptoms started appearing within a year or so of the accident.
  7. Clemency

    S08.E04: Caramel Week

    So. . . .am I the only one who can't stand Stacey? She hasn't really done anything in particular that I can put my finger on, so I guess she's this season's BEC for me. I find myself actively rooting for her to fail, and that usually doesn't happen to me with this show!
  8. Well, that was a depressing exercise in futility. All that recitation of her church duties and proclaiming of her supreme religiosity seemed to be aimed at disproving all those non-existent nasty allegations that "went viral" against her, sigh. Her computer skills must be severely limited if she can't/didn't think to do a Google search of her own name to see if she could find those "viral" rumors herself. Wow. I really do feel sorry for this woman and her family. Is Phil providing any aftercare for her? Also, what do other posters think--would it have helped get through to her if the real Tyler Perry had appeared? Or would it have only twisted her delusion in another direction, somehow?
  9. Clemency

    S01.E06: Social Life

    I don't feel like George is resentful or jealous, but maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention. To me, he just seems increasingly frustrated about not being able to help Halie with her homesickness. And like you said, George probably feels like he has to compete with Halie's family, which may be a tad hurtful to him. I kinda don't relate to homesickness, so maybe it's me, but I do feel like Halie is wallowing in it quite a bit and her family is not helping her at all, from the phone conversations we're shown.
  10. Clemency

    S01.E06: Social Life

    You guys are much nicer than I am! I find Halie's "boo hoo, I miss my faaaaaaaaaaaaamily, me me me me me!!!" crap to be utterly ridiculous and fairly selfish. I feel sorry for George.
  11. Clemency

    S05.E03: Leuh & Justin

    I once worked with a woman who made her son's name "unique" by spelling it Adum. Which made me want to ask, "a dumb what?" Apparently Leuh's mom went to that same school of originality-through-misspelling.
  12. Clemency

    Mercy Street

    Didn't Aurelia say Roanoke Island, specifically? I thought she said that at one point. I'm not sure how big Roanoke Island is, but it is more believable to me that her family could be found on an island than in the entire state of NC.
  13. Clemency

    S03.E09: Highwire

    "Ol' Pumpernoggin?" heeeeeee! Best nickname ever.
  14. Clemency

    S03.E08: The Back Story

    I'm going to guess that the language in that video is Finnish, or Estonian. Not that I speak either.
  15. Clemency

    S03.E07: Song Of Myself

    I legit thought Andrea said she won a "Golden Squirrel" Award. Mildly disappointed to find out the true name. I love squirrels.