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  1. Ok peeps, I’m out. Little dog wants to go potty and I’m already missing out on Don Lemon’s priceless facial expressions as he delivers the latest news. Y’all be safe out there!
  2. When my cousin was little bitty, the first time she saw a giraffe at the zoo, she said, “Mama! Look at that CHICKEN!”
  3. Nah, he’s over Teretha. He’s making notes about what to include in his online dating profile.
  4. Or following the diet. Or getting off her ample ass.
  5. I have an aunt who insists on it. And she’s always wearing red lipstick and too much Obsession. Family. 😂
  6. I do housework during zoom meetings. I stop by the computer every once in awhile to give a random thumbs up. There, I got that off my chest.
  7. Maybe you didn’t jiggle your drainage tubes seductively?
  8. Agreed. It pisses me off every time I hear that schools should reopen because kids aren’t at risk. They can still *carry* the virus and I don’t hear much talk about protecting teachers and staff. No offense anyone, really, don’t throw things at me!!! But I don’t see any politicians volunteering to babysit so we can open up the economy again.
  9. I start mine every few days. OMG I really still cannot believe this is our collective life.
  10. This is pretty funny...When even your dog has had enough of you 😊 https://apple.news/AK-tviFwcRz6ztytSV5lweQ
  11. Ours have been open for a couple weeks now, but they have strict rules they have to follow. That’s why I can’t get in until next week. Of course, with all the opening up around here, my state’s cases are going up again, so I’m going to get mine done before they shut down again. Plus I think my stylist needs the money. We’ll both be wearing masks and I’ll do an extra shot of bleach before I leave the house. 🤣
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