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  1. What the fuck Fox!?!? Moving Lego Masters so you can show some bullshit TMZ alien show. Thanks for disappointing little Judgey. This is seriously the only show she watches. Move Mental Samurai next time! Fuckers!!!
  2. No, you little brat. You are not cute and you don’t have dimples.
  3. That is a sociopathic smile if I ever saw one.
  4. “When I eat, there’s no pain, no sadness, no judgement.” Oh there’s judgement...
  5. Oh how I wish that was the case in my house. Mr. Judgey’s knowledge (and DVR space) of shitty tv shows is huge. If it’s about some idiots looking for gold/treasure, doing “illegal” street racing, or making stupid shit like moonshine or swords, he’s gonna watch it.
  6. Oh how I share your pain. Does Mr. Dreadful watch Goldrush too?
  7. I have obviously corrupted little judgey. She saw a commercial and then later told mr. judgey, “I want to watch my feet are killing me show. It’s like dr. Pimple popper.” She’s 7...
  8. Does anyone else have an advertisement for “lipstick for women in their 40’s, 50’, and 60+” on their page? It’s like primetimer knows I’m a couple of weeks away from my 40th birthday...
  9. Yeah, that’s a whole 50 feet from your chair. That’s amazing...
  10. What’s happening pounders! Welcome to 2020. I wish I could say I was watching along with y’all but Mr. Judgey changed the tv to Alaskan Bush People...
  11. How do you not wear socks with sneakers?!?!? Oh my lord, the sweat...the stinky feet...gag!
  12. There definitely needs to be some sort of inverse formula created with regards to the length of one’s shirt to the tightness of one’s pants. And I’ll be an asshole and add an extra variable of one’s weight. NASA, please get on this!
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