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  1. And to my knowledge, unless he goes to some Dr who would do it on the sly, he couldn't get snipped without Anna's knowledge, because she'd have to sign a paper acknowledging that she knows he's getting snipped.
  2. Pretty much! I was mainlining coffee. Sleep was irrelevant. 🤣 Fortunately, my son was a super helpful 5 year old, and loved helping with the twins. My MIL came and helped for a time too. But it was harrowing. I can't believe they will be 6 on Monday. 😳
  3. We did! They are brother and sister. Their original owners were PCSing to Japan, and didn't want to take them. They were going to take them to the pound. So we adopted them instead. We had no idea what we were doing. 🤣 Our son was 3, and then we got the dogs, who were 2, and the twins came 2 years later. A full house with a 5 year old, 2 dogs, and newborn twins. And a husband who got deployed when the twins were 3 weeks old. Fun. 🤣
  4. We had our doxies when our twins were born. The dogs thought they were puppies, and were extremely protective of them. Still are.
  5. My doxies are 8 years old. They're the only pets I've ever had. Mr InND had a Golden Retriever that lived to be 18.
  6. So using the IPS default fixed the one problem, but now, when I click on a topic with new posts, it takes me to the first page of the topic, instead of to the new post. 🤦‍♀️
  7. Happy birthday, @doodlebug!! And many more!
  8. Well considering they're both immature and stunted, consider a 13 year old would think this was so awesome.
  9. This is the problem I'm having with the new update. Really annoying trying to figure out who the author of the post is.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CN-fAd_Fvns/?igshid=ldmivn9es5db
  11. Are most people having problems with the update using their phones or on a computer? I haven't noticed any huge changes or problems on my phone.
  12. That's so cute! The kids playing in the snow and making a snowman! Normal kid stuff!
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