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  1. Good lord.... As much as I dislike Amy, I dislike Chris more. No way I could live with with that guy. Geez "It has to be done on this day.....I don't want that becoming a storage place, I don't like the shape of these rocks", bla blah blah. Go live alone if you want your perfect, neat, untouched, uncozy house, and want stuff done on a certain day and not a minute later. πŸ™„ Omg....so cringey and I didn't blame Amy for getting pissed. Also, I'm sooooooo glad I live alone!! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰
  2. Plus I think I heard Amy say "world wind", instead of whirl wind" ☺️
  3. And let's not forget Chris is peeved when Amy leaves a closet door or a drawer open πŸ™„ πŸ™„ is that really important in life? People aren't perfect, and thank god for that.
  4. Wait, did I read somewhere on here that Tori is "pg", or pregnant again? Or did I read it wrong. Maybe I'm out of the loop.
  5. Did I seriously just learn that Amber had no panties on in bed? TMI 😐
  6. Uh, sorry, once your kids move out it's none of your business. You're done raising them.
  7. IKR!! You'd think they were in the same family for 25 yrs and were so glad to reconnect! All the hugs, tears, and "mom" and "dads"? Cringe, barf, are you kidding me? Wtf, they prob talked to each other like once virtually. So fake. To tell you the truth when they surprised Bert with Dannielle's parents, for the first second, Bert looked taken aback. Not at all thrilled they were there. Then the lovefest began...yuk. I was glad though, when Danni's dad was alone with GarrAss and warned him he better take care of Dannielle. I wished her parents were more upset with the whole situati
  8. I will say that I've been liking Trent so much more as a person than Amber. Yes, his sex jokes and innuendos do get out of hand...lol. I just find him much more likeable, and funny at times. I also noticed Amber didn't pay ANY attention to poor Anna. Just disregarded her through the whole episode. Very uncomfortable. I hope Anna makes it out of there and on her own, because her parents say she won't be able to do it without them. And Liz is soooo over putting up with the BS in that house.
  9. I wondered why Zach couldn't be there by virtually by tablet/phone for the whole appointment? There's a lot of virtual appts going on. I'd want to be there at least that way πŸ€”
  10. πŸ˜„πŸ˜†. You win for best comment of the week! πŸ† Or the one that made me laugh the most... lol
  11. I'm sensing a lot of tug of war between Amy and Chris. And they aren't even living together yet! Made me really uncomfortable. It's making me feel glad I'm divorced and on my own. Because I'll be damned if some guy is gonna bitch when I leave a coffee cup or 2 around and dont clean them the second I'm done using it. I don't understand people who have to have their homes so spotless that they don't even look lived in. A home is to live in, be cozy in. Not to be a show piece. And of course I'm not talking about dirty, really messy homes. That's bad too. It's just my opinion I gue
  12. Lol ...i do the same thing every week! I watch the first 5 mins and get so outraged, disgusted and indignant I have to post right then and there! You're not alone in doing that ☺️
  13. I'm to the point of saying, I hope she can't get pregnant.
  14. Gonna keep it short this week with only 2 words regarding GarrAss and this whole sick ass family (those poor kids)... Vomit Inducing
  15. I never see Amber hugging Anna and showing any love towards her. And not to the other kids for that matter. All I saw was Amber bitching because the kids left a blanket and a pillow askew on the couch, and an empty popcorn bag on the counter. Gimme a break. Does your house have to look perfect and not lived in? Pick your battles woman. The world won't end if a blanket is left on the sofa, my god. How about show your kids some love, make them feel special. Hug them often. Why did she adopt the kid's then? I felt really bad for Anna. She needed her Mom's love. She's walking on egg
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