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S11.E02: Things Are Going Southampton

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A fractured group arrives at the Hamptons; Luann, Bethenny and friends head to dinner to discuss the night that forced Luann back into rehab; Barbara tries to bring the ladies together by throwing a clambake, but things go from bad to worse.

Airs March 13, 2019.

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Just now, StevieRocks said:

Man, these zoo apes get more stupid every year with their moronic tag-lines. Glad NY is back, though. 

"I'm guilty... of being innocent fabulous!"

Do the HWs come up with their own taglines or does someone actually get paid to come up with them?

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Now the entire reason Luann’s kids were suing her is making more sense.  I would love to see the 6 million dollar house she wanted to buy.  The one she bought in upstate was around 1 million.

Speaking of real estate.  I am so jealous of that 3rd home Bethenny bought it the Berkshires!  Did she say it was from 1810?  That is really something.

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10 minutes ago, TexasGal said:

Ramona was so angry that the trainer was more interested in playing with Tinsley, and that Tinsley was so much better than she was.  HAH!!!

Dorinda’s assessment was spot on - Ramona is hiring men so she can flirt with them.  Poor dudes.  Hope she pays well.

Well, at least Ramona is hiring them so she can flirt with them, as opposed to Sonja who would flirt with her much-too-young, never paid male interns!  

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18 minutes ago, bosawks said:

Is Beth’s jean jacket bedazzled?

Yes, to within an inch of it's life!  And, if I can see correctly, so are her jeans - it looks like sparkly racing stripes down the front of the legs.

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I have realized why I said that I thought Barbara belonged on RHNJ -- if you close your eyes and just listen, at times, Barbara sounds EXACTLY like Dolores Cantania.  🙂

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12 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

The tucked in shirt Barbra .....No just no 

Not very flattering - although, the high waisted jeans do look nice on her (the whole outfit is very retro-looking!)  

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Team blonds are more fun.  Brunettes?  Lu's delicate condition and Beth's delicate condition.  Death and alcohol.  At least the blonds had some fun moments.  Tins and Ro playing tennis with the pro?  Loved the mermaid outfits.

Yep.  Beth was wearing a bedazzled jean jacket with bedazzled (Skinny Girl?)  jeans.  And that mumu at the clam bake?  It's a clam bake.

Barbara wore the green polo and jeans to see Beth's rental (of course, anything to promote her businesses) and wasn't it supposedly the next day when she wore the same outfit shopping for the clam bake?  I don't know.  In any case, last week I stated I'd give her a chance.  Her odds are going down a lot.

Dorinda can't stop drinking by herself?  Apparently she's done better than you Lu.  And stop bringing your kids into this for causing your relapse.

It's not a fun season with these women not interacting together.

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Tinsley looked cute in her tennis outfit.

Bethenny's silver muumuu... Holy Dorothy Zbornak.  However, she does have great style when it comes to interior design.  That rental property is to die for.

I think I can see why she blows up at Luann this season.  If it's about Lu being so full of herself I'm here for it.

Soooo Dorinda is happy to be left alone so she can drink right?

*small voice* I think I'm liking Ramona this season so far.  She is amusing and speaks the truth in that odd way of hers.

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32 minutes ago, njbchlover said:

I have realized why I said that I thought Barbara belonged on RHNJ -- if you close your eyes and just listen, at times, Barbara sounds EXACTLY like Dolores Cantania.  🙂

I thought she was to be “friend of”?  She’s in every scene.  She doesn’t have an Apple, does she?

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Hail, hail, the gangs all here! Yay! Great to see everyone again!!

Other than the Tyler Perry quote, my favorite part of the episode was when the blond heifers were talking about rehab:

Ramona: Only 14 days? That’s more like a vacation. Oh, what do I know, I don’t know anything.

Me: So true, Ramona. Now, STFU! What an idiot!!

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