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  1. So I decided to tune in for a few episodes, despite ignoring the season as a whole after I watched the first 2 episodes and could not stand Jenna. I see she got even worse as the season progressed. That bish actually came for me on Twitter. Pffft. Incredibly unprofessional. I'd like to think she's drumming it up thinking she's making "good tv" but honestly, I think this is who she is. And to mate up with Adam. Yeesh. They are made for each other and that is not a compliment. If she behaved towards me, the way she was to her crew in this episode, I would have told her to go pound sand, but in a
  2. Kelley was such a d!ck that season - and yet, it pales in comparison to the brus of the current incarnation... hopefully Kelley has matured, there was hope for him back then... Ashton and his posse? Not so much. Gawd I hope he gets DRAGGED at the reunion.
  3. I'm so friggen happy... I was ready to tune out next season if this bish was back... extra happy Vicki is gone as well... I'm ok with Shannon getting another season - I'd like to see what she brings without those two morons in her ear.
  4. Crapn Sandy would also have been hanging out with the Brus and defending them as tho her life depended upon it. She ALWAYS has Joao's back. She also meddled too dang much. I loathe her. LOL. We need someone btwn the two - one who trusts their Bosun/Chief Stew to do the right thing, without hovering all the dang time, as well as come around once in awhile and have their finger on the pulse of what's going on. I still like Capn Lee - and I agree he's been somewhat distracted this season. I'm guessing brining the brus upstairs to back what Asston said was producer-driven. Plus an opportunity
  5. Me too - I'd welcome Eddie back with all new deck crew. Or even Connie. Either one as Bosun. I think Eddie's last season he was way off his game and clearly dealing with personal issues that clouded his judgement. Not that he's innocent whatsoever, and not that it wasn't ridiculous how he handled the Rocky situation - but I'm willing to give him another chance. Speaking of Rocky -she looked like she lost quite a bit of weight (and she wasn't overweight to begin with), also - she did not lose that chip she has on her shoulder over her season. Like move on already hunny. And she poses as being a
  6. Regarding the candle Beverly put Marge's stuff into - wasn't it lit? It clearly got wax on Marg's stuff - and considering that, how in the heck would someone have to pay $600+ to cover it - when it's clearly the store's candle. I'm sure he can just expense it, or whatever stores do to sample pieces. It's not like the holder was broken and the wax was completely depleted, I'm sure he can still use it. And now that I think of it, why would he have a lit candle going in a store - unprotected? Ultimately tho - $600+ for a somewhat small candle. Ridiculous.
  7. It is confusing - given Kate went AWOL - wouldn't someone fill him in? I can understand not knowing the extent of what happened, but it seemed as though he knew nothing. Unless he's covering until the next episode airs.
  8. I honestly think Courtney was essentially forced to do the filmed date with Brian, despite being exhausted. And not that she doesn't like him, but, she probably would have rather waited until she had rested, but because of filming the show - there was no option to stay behind. Same thing with her looking bored at the club. In fact, she tweeted that they are not allowed to stay back on the boat on nights like that - unless they are sick or injured. She couldn't fake enthusiasm, it's one of the things that I actually like about her. She seems real. Shoot - I'd be a hot mess if I hadn't gotten an
  9. ha ha - I'm just so over Asston I'm grabbing at straws. Maybe they could just go with a complete unknown 😉 Tho they usually seem to want to cast a known for the Bosun position.
  10. I agree. I remember back in the day when drinking was strictly forbidden on the boat. Clearly times have changed - I think regrettably production wants it because clearly over consumption of alcohol brings the drama. I wish they'd go back to no booze on the boat, it would probably cut down a bit on the level of drunkeness, since off the boat they have to pay for their booze vs getting it for free. It has really been over the top this season. I'd be surprised if Ashton comes back, or as I like to call him, Asston. He's gone too far down the inappropriate rabbit hole. Not to mention th
  11. I have to believe in that after-show hot mess, the brus had not yet seen the actual video footage and were going based on their wonky drunk recollection - well, at least Brian seemed shocked via his tweets during the actual airing of the show regarding how it unfolded. As did Courtney and Simone, who were also not actually in the van with the others. All that said, Asston, after seeing the video, posted that lame non-apology on his insta story, he has no self-awareness. I doubt he'll be invited back next year, he's a liability. I tend to agree with others who have theorized that he got the Bos
  12. Totally agree with you - I'm 50 and I didn't give any energy to what Emily (and Kelly) said about Vicki/tres amoebas... It was more about getting under vile Vicki's skin and not a global statement, IMO of course. I didn't take it personally. Of all the things said on these shows, the "age shaming" was pretty bland (except that it rattled Vicki's cage and I'm all for that, lol). Even if Emily/Kelly said "all people over 50" (they wouldn't, but I digress) I'd still be like 'Meh, whatever, who are Emily and Kelly to me in my real life?" They're just two women on a reality program I watch that I
  13. Right there with you - I missed most of this weeks RHONJ because I was stuck in a youtube wormhole. I did catch bits and pieces. Jennifer can suck it about the bday party. Jackie's sons, and their friends (not counting Jennifer's kids) seemed to be fully enjoying themselves, because the party was about the kids - not the adults. Jennifer is too concerned with impressing HER friends, not her kids. Granted, her full-blow out parties are probably enjoyed by the kids, but so not necessary. Anyway. RHOC's trip to Miami and their terrible hotel rooms this week, are a far cry from seasons past of RH
  14. Agree with much that has already been said. I've come to the conclusion that I'm out next season. I don't see Tamra getting demoted or fired. That's the biggest reason for me. Second, the very thought of Vicki coming back full time and her wedding being filmed is a big nope from me. Hard pass. The only way I see myself tuning in, is if I hear they cast someone who is legit good at taking Tamra down - and not in that "needs anger management" way that Kelly does. I mean, I appreciate when Kelly goes after Tamra but it's not enough. I need Tamrat running down the sidewalk screaming how we'll neve
  15. not defending the Gudiasses but the pool guy said normally it would be 150K but Tre's cost would be around $50K-ish with the "family discount" (he quoted a number - it was far less than 150K) (which begs the question - why is he charging average customers 3x's what he charges his family/friends????). I agree about the marble stupidity - she's such a dumb arse... lordt.
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