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  1. Right there with you - I missed most of this weeks RHONJ because I was stuck in a youtube wormhole. I did catch bits and pieces. Jennifer can suck it about the bday party. Jackie's sons, and their friends (not counting Jennifer's kids) seemed to be fully enjoying themselves, because the party was about the kids - not the adults. Jennifer is too concerned with impressing HER friends, not her kids. Granted, her full-blow out parties are probably enjoyed by the kids, but so not necessary. Anyway. RHOC's trip to Miami and their terrible hotel rooms this week, are a far cry from seasons past of RH shows where they traveled to fabulous places and showed us all a slice of life most won't experience.
  2. Agree with much that has already been said. I've come to the conclusion that I'm out next season. I don't see Tamra getting demoted or fired. That's the biggest reason for me. Second, the very thought of Vicki coming back full time and her wedding being filmed is a big nope from me. Hard pass. The only way I see myself tuning in, is if I hear they cast someone who is legit good at taking Tamra down - and not in that "needs anger management" way that Kelly does. I mean, I appreciate when Kelly goes after Tamra but it's not enough. I need Tamrat running down the sidewalk screaming how we'll never see her again, and then actually never see her again in future episodes/seasons of RHOC. This season has been terrible. I feel compelled to hang in until the reunions out of habit - but, I have ZERO expectations that Tamrat will be called out in any significant manner. Re the episode- those hotel rooms were AWFUL. OMG, a step up from a Motel 6. Maybe. I can't believe Vicki didn't complain. OC has gone so far away from a peek into how the wealthy live, we're now just watching aging women who refuse to mature mentally, act like fools. Gina's Matt. Is she sure his name isn't George Glass? Is he taking her to the school dance?
  3. not defending the Gudiasses but the pool guy said normally it would be 150K but Tre's cost would be around $50K-ish with the "family discount" (he quoted a number - it was far less than 150K) (which begs the question - why is he charging average customers 3x's what he charges his family/friends????). I agree about the marble stupidity - she's such a dumb arse... lordt.
  4. Man I loathe Tamra. I'm seriously out next season if she returns - exception being if they bring in someone who will take her down. Some type of Dorinda or Bethenny personality. Then I'd be back for the shenanigans. Whatever Tamra poo pooing Shannon's alleged fear of not getting any $$$ from David. Tamra says it's "just money" - meanwhile back at the escapegoat (TM Eddie Judge) cave, she's crying a river about the Bellino lawsuit costing her so much $$$ it's "draining her kid's college fund" - Sure Jan. You set up a college fund. I pretty much assume Simon is funding his kids college. Tamra can go take a long walk off a short pier. Brayawnwin's husband totally reads "gay bestie" to me. Whatever floats their boat. Maybe they are both batting for the other team, but married for companionship and having kids? His necklace looked like a shrunken head was hanging from him overly tan head... interesting "fashion" choice.
  5. I felt the same by the end of the scene - Shannon was WAY too calm throughout. I feel they planned this stupidity out and tried to execute a confrontation scene. Yawn. they can both go, along with Vicki, come next season.
  6. Right there with you - if we HAVE to have one of them, I'd pick Vicki every time over Tamra, simply for the OG status, and she's not Tamra.
  7. Boy David's midlife crisis ho is a complete arsehole. I hope she's proud of herself. I'm guessing she is - deluded gold digging bish. She and David make a perfect pair.
  8. Hope this copies over, Heather McDonald on Instagram posted the following video (re; David B and his thirsty gal)
  9. But... But... she's a Best Selling Author who "wrote" her own books! LMAO. She's the most ridiculously inarticulate "Author" I've ever seen. At least most, if not all, the other HWs with books seem to be able to complete a sentence without slaughtering it - even if they also had ghost writers... And sweet jeebus - the plastic surgery she has had btwn last season on this. Yikes. When she attempted to cry it was painful to watch - and not because of the mock emotion she was trying to muster... Lordt.
  10. I decided to rewatch S1, and moved on to S2 - I honestly don't understand how ANY of these women can befriend Danielle - she's either completely delusional or has a chemical imbalance that needs to be attended to. She was SOOOO off the rails in S2. Full nutter. I guess Tre can stomach that clown because the clown kisses Tre's arse and she (tre) is cool with surface relationships. Danielle seems seriously disturbed. I do wonder how her daughters seem to have matured normally - maybe they know she's full nutter and cope as such. I don't get it. And Danielle's full-nutter-ness is not entertaining. At least not to me. She's not as exhausting as Soggy was, but maybe that's because they limit Danielle's time on the screen (as compared to Soggy). Oy.
  11. It bugs the beejeezus out of me too. And it's not like it looks "sexy" while it's down - all impacted by the humidity, it looks like a wet mop on her head. And incredibly uncomfortable. Most importantly, a safety hazard. If she were a stew it would be a health hazard. And her balony about having "one elastic". Come. on. I'll be surprised if she lasts the entire season. Maybe she'll have a "come to Jesus" moment and straighten up, but I'm not expecting it.
  12. The Dr who removed Ryan's tattoo is the one who was on Big Brother twice, as well as Amazing Race I believe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not Brownie's husband.
  13. I was referring to last season ๐Ÿ˜‰ (that I'm currently watching on Hulu) Margaret (and her hubs) falling out with Danielle, as well as the post-season divorce shenanigans... No clue what happens this coming season, hopefully very little Danielle.
  14. Watching last season ahead of the new season starting - I never watched during the original airing (post-soggy flicker syndrome,I couldn't take it, even tho she wasn't' on the show anymore). I continue to not understand how anyone could be friends with Danielle. What do they get out of the relationship? She's ridiculously exhausting and narcissistic. I'm currently watching the episode where she's demanding her bridal party spoil her rotten. That crap didn't float with me when I was in my 20's and sure as shat wouldn't float as I approach 50 - the same range as these ladies. I know what ultimately happens this season with her, but still. I'm so confused why people continue to put up with Danielle. I think during S1 I had a very brief moment of feeling sympathy for Danielle, that ended quickly as I recognized her energy vampire sucking ways. She must kiss Tre's arse since Tre is willing to still entertain this jerk.
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