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  1. Omg! I love You're Wrong About! I discovered it about a month ago (all late to the party and whatnot ), and the episode on AAVE is one of the best ones. On Topic: It looks like no one on this show remembers last season. Why would any of these ladies believe anything that Gizelle tells them about the others? Gizelle was even caught misrepresenting things to Robyn, her bff! Why would either Monique or Candiace rely on Gizelle for information? The one smart move Karen has made on this show is maintaining her Gizelle distrust and distance. Robyn and Juan are the will-they-won't-they story that even they don't care about. I hope Robyn has something more, perhaps her public relations or real estate career, than being a sidekick to Gizelle or Juan.
  2. The Weasley Twins were not funny, and Molly Weasley's characterization was weird. Throughout the series, readers are constantly being reminded that Molly's biggest fear is that Voldemort and his followers will kill her family. She's already lost her brothers and can't bear the idea of losing her children. Yet she doesn't seem to worry about Ron's adventures with Harry, which are increasingly life-threatening. She even seems to favor Harry over Ron; l get that she wants to be compassionate toward Harry, but what about Ron's safety? In the Final Battle, it seems as if losing Fred wasn't nearly as important to Molly as almost losing Ginny. [Gif of people dancing under a sign that says "What up with that?"]
  3. Good to see the ladies back! Fun! I like Robyn's two-tone hair, but not in her talking heads. Monique's bird thing is strange to me, but hey, if she's into it, then great. Gizelle' s conversation with her daughters made me sad. It's one thing to forgive Jamal; it's another thing to get back together with him. I agree with the girls; this isn't a good look. Literally groaned when Candiace showed up on screen, with her "low-key" one-year anniversary celebration. I'm glad she's pushing back against Gizelle, however immaturely.
  4. Really, Dorinda? "Some other juice"? Does it count as a double entendre if you just point to your crotch? Oh, ffs Ramona. Trust Ramona to visit Mexico and express joy that there are so many servants there. [Gif of Lucille Bluth rolling her eyes while holding a martini glass]
  5. My guess is that Ramona's known the others for much longer, so she's more forgiving of them, even though they are terrible people.
  6. I'm glad that Luann fulfilled her promise for the Fortune Society Spa Day. Some part of me doubted that she would follow through, so I'm pleasantly surprised. I just wished the other RHONY weren't there, bringing their idiotic drama to the event.
  7. Tulsi Gabbard challenged Kamala Harris on her enforcement of marijuana laws during a debate and briefly caught Harris flat-footed. In Meghan's mind, this was incontrovertible proof that Harris was a faulty candidate. Meghan's the only person to hold a grudge against Feminism because a) most feminists are pro-choice and b) no one sent an engraved invitation to her. They had a party and didn't invite her! Now they must pay! Entertaining from someone who only acknowledges sexism when it's being used against her or one of her endless parade of "friends."
  8. To begin with: Thank you for introducing this sentence to my life. I plan on using it frequently in the near future. With the constant scandals, catastrophes, and controversy, it can be hard to focus (did we ever get to the bottom of the whole Russian bounty thing? Or the Emoluments Clause? Or the federal judge conservative pipeline? Or Pence's coronavirus task force?). It takes an almost admirable level of single-minded dedication to see the kaleidoscope of topics in every news cycle and think, How can I make this about ME? And Meghan comes through almost every time: Kanye West's mental health issues -->depression-->mourning--> Meghan/Meghan's father Mary Trump' s book-->her family-->political families-->Meghan's family Unicorns-->fantasy creatures-->animals-->hunting-->Rootin' Tootin' Meghan the Hunter Mary Poppins-->nanny-->children-->Meghan the mom-to-be (who will probably employ a nanny; no judgment for that, though) It's like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon except more annoying and entitled.
  9. Oh, Meghan. Your argument is that Mary Trump is not a reliable expert on her own family? Had you actually read the book, you hard-hitting journalist, you'd know that Trump mainly discusses the contrast between her own father and Uncle Donald. Surely you can understand a daughter discussing her late father and his legacy?
  10. I used to be a heavy Sandra Brown reader when I was a teen and I agree her older works don't age well. My least favorite wtf moment was in Exclusive when our intrepid journalist heroine hunts down the reclusive hero for an interview and begins by giving him a blowjob before introducing herself. Then, she tries to interview him. I hope Brown's more current suspense titles have better characterization.
  11. It's yet another attempt to "both sides" this. Apparently, Dr. Fauci must be held responsible for changing his advice as the coronavirus situation evolved, but Trump can't be held responsible for undermining Dr. Fauci, lying about covid testing, and waiting several months before donning a mask. As for Meghan vs. Joy, I'm tired of (wait for it) both sides! Meghan's bad faith arguments, word salad, and sense of entitlement generate buzz at the expense of insight or well-researched commentary. While Joy is more likeable, her arguments are repetitive and she apparently enjoys the "sparks," so there's that. I really dislike the way Joy brings Trump to every conversation. We know, Joy.
  12. Only if Meghan could make the brouhaha about herself. Just like how Tucker Carlson's history of racist statements and the firing of his blatantly racist writer became a soliloquy about Meghan the Brave's Uphill Fight to Carry the Conservative Banner on Television. She's actually become adept at centering herself in all topics. I'm surprised she hasn't hired a group of schoolchildren to sing folk songs about her Heroic Struggle. Maybe when her little one is old enough? How does one moderate a popular talk show for nearly a decade and a half and still get away with acting like it's your first day on the job? It's bad enough that the women tend to stick to their prescribed roles, but worse that "the most important political show" can't get its shit together and handle things like beginning the show, taking a commercial break, discussing things as planned, or ending the show.
  13. Sonja even half-asses taking her clothes off, which--judging by her conversation--is one of her favorite activities. This show definitely needs new blood, but Elyse is not it, and I don't think Jill is it, either. It also needs far less alcohol. I get that the producers add alcohol to create instant drama, but what's the point when it devolves into slurred screeching in conflicts the audience can't quite understand? Especially in so many episodes? I was really happy at the beginning of the season; the show really lifted my spirits. It was entertaining to see the Fashion Week activities and catching up with the Luann's legal issues. But then it became clear that the ladies were just taking field trips, getting drunk, yelling at Tinsley, and embarrassing themselves. It's getting boring. Give the ladies something to actually do, producers.
  14. It's no Caburlesque, but at least it's more feasible than the Nigerian soccer team. As for her participation in Luann's show, I think it's one of those arguments in which everyone is wrong. Sonja does get paid for her Dingbat Exhibitionist cameo. If she had a problem, she could talk it over with Luann and the directors instead of trying to make Luann look bad to the other Housewives. Luann is delusional and not-so-secretly enjoys pontificating to anyone who slights her in the smallest way. Her show has a very niche audience, many of whom are familiar enough with RHONY to enjoy Sonja's cameo. Luann can calm down and refrain from acting as if her show is doing a huge job of exposing Sonja to a larger audience.
  15. Same. I read the first three and tapped out. Out of curiosity, I looked up the rest of the books in Wikipedia--talk about diminishing returns! In recent years, I've started paying close attention to how both rape and mental illness are written. A lot of writers use both as a weird shorthand to explain the problems of one-character-removed. Like the reason the protagonist is seeking vengeance is because his wife was raped. Or the villain is clearly evil because she neglects her autistic son. I'm not articulating this well, but I hope you get what I mean.
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