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  1. Exactly. The Kenya/Latoya thing is so tedious. It's even worse than the annoying Kandi Clique (starring Don Juan) from a few seasons back, because at least those friendships pre-dated the show.
  2. She said that they (the insurrectionists) "should be in Gitmo," but will get mad if Joy agrees with her. I really want one of the other ladies to ask Meghan why she always asks Democrats to embrace "the other side," but never asks that of Conservatives.
  3. HOW is it that the ladies STILL can't throw to commercial smoothly? How is it that they STILL can't talk to each other without awkward starts, stops, and interruptions? I know The Powers That Be love the "sparks," but take the time to be competent. Other shows can manage the flow of conversation, why can't The View?
  4. I know, right? I was as disgusted as Kevin was. I really hate the Needlessly Bitchy Gay Man trope on these types of reality shows. Kim might not have instigated the Bathroom Exploration, but she did take it upon herself to ghostbust Anna's home, and throw the sex toy out of the window. Yet, she's acting like Anna did something to her by getting angry over this invasion of her house and privacy? Please. That made me like her even less than I like Christine, who obviously acts out her insecurities with her One-Upper nonsense.
  5. I'm with you all the way. Sandra Brown was my gateway romance author when I was in high school. Looking back, I'm glad I eventually moved on to better authors who don't write things like (inexact quote from Exclusive here) "She rode him with unabashed lust. From what pagan ancestor did she get this dark knowledge?" I'm really surprised she's still popular, as she often recycles storylines and characters; Fat Tuesday and Ricochet are basically the same book written a decade apart.
  6. . . . So now that they're all agreed that Trumpism is a cult, will Meghan apologize to Tara Setmayer?
  7. Star Jones (pre-engagement, original cast) and Ana Navarro (current cast) Favorite Guest Co-host: Yvette Nicole Brown For some reason, I've never really liked Joy, even though I agree with her most of the time.
  8. I was wondering how those two even ended up in front of the Sharks. The idea doesn't sound good, and neither of them were convincing. They should've been weeded out by production. And this is on a show that gave money to wine for cats.
  9. Now Meghan fears Big Tech's overreach for intellectual property. She can't possibly be in favor of goverment regulation, right? That's evil socialism that would turn the US into Venezuela. 😯 Let me get some pearls so I can clutch them./sarcasm Y'all know what this is, right? It's a setup so that the next time Meghan bothsides, she'll call back to this moment as an example of how she "calls balls and strikes" or holds Republican feet to the fire, etc. to shore up her false equivalencies.
  10. Lisa won SnarkPoints from me with her comments on Whitney's middle-school hip-hop twerking. It seemed to be Whitney's night for middle-school shenanigans, with her passing along gossip that the Brunettes are scared of Jen and that Meredith's marriage was in trouble. If it requires "liquid courage," Whitney, then maybe you shouldn't be doing it. Her pot-stirring was so amateur, even clumsier than RHONY's Alex with her "message from Bethenny."
  11. She's afraid The Other Side will win. That's it. She wanted be on the Winning Team as part of Myfather's legacy, and the team's actual performance means little to her. Absolutely. Meghan's perception of themiddleofthecountry seems cobbled together from country songs and Dodge Ram commercials. Her faux-populism shows when she's condescendingly explaining Trump supporters to her cohosts, but they are not that hard (for everyone except the New York Times) to understand. For the second day in a row, Meghan can't focus after a heated discussion. Perhaps she's "triggered"?
  12. I also think that this season is dragging because it's lost the balance between drama and fun. I know it's hard to find the fun in these Covid Times, but watching terrible marriages implode is definitely not the way to go. I felt bad for Kenya in the first episode this season, but I'm over it now. It's as if she was offended that people expect her to be shitty after she has treated people shittily. Her sour-grapes response didn't help, but it was nice to tread familiar Housewife ground over party invitations.
  13. I totally let out a studio-audience-type "Ooooooooooooh" at this! Too funny! Jamal is so gross. I’m curious about Chris's unshakable faith in The Plot. He came out saying how he wanted those involved to take responsibility, and when he heard the whole story from Candiace, and Gizelle explained her part, he still felt like there was a plot and that something was being hidden. What was it that he wanted to know that wasn't addressed? The Samueleses said that they felt betrayed by Candiace, but neither of them really changed their attitudes toward her when they learned that she hadn't (or that she didn't attack Monique first). Is there a word for giggling and shuddering at the same time? Hahahaha! and Ewwwwwwwwwww! Speaking of gestures, I know I'm not the only one here who nearly hurt themselves eye-rolling at Chris' confession of how much Monique's inner strength made him love her even more. It was tied with Monique's Father excuse as the most "C'mon, Really?" part of the show.
  14. I don't know how much more of Runaway Ralph I can take. He really needs to get off my screen, with his "so now the therapist has your biased take" nonsense. My gut feeling is that the money for the new house was earned by Drew, so his whole shtick about how the closing is his responsibility is bullshit. I'm not here for the Kenya/Latoya Shade fest, either. I found it interesting that Kenya was cackling with Latoya over the wig/cat comment when last week, she was shaking her head at it with Cynthia, all "we don't do things like that." Number one, there have been worse wigs on this show. Number two, I hope they don't expect Drew to be cordial with them after seeing how they gleefully took her apart on the first day they met her. I liked the Portia pool party. I thought it was hilarious how the women went from rough-housing and making WAP jokes to earnestly and insightfully talking about Black Lives Matter. These women have layers. I hope Portia stays in this space; Post-Dennis Portia is far better than Post-Kordell Portia.
  15. It wasn't stated but implied on RHONY. Consider Luann's attitude during her whirlwind relationship with Tom, Dorinda's tirade when Sonja dared to compare her divorce to Dorinda's mourning, and Ramona's infamous Brooklyn Bridge conversation with Bethenny. Yikes. I need to get out more.
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