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  1. I had to laugh at Ryan accusing Brett of "making a scene." She's talking in a calm tone that's almost monotonous. Yes, she's saying something he doesn't really want to hear, but that's a scene? So of course, Production edits this so that the very next scene is Zack's divorce-but-not-really word salad and Michaela's invisible flyswatting response. You see, Ryan? That is how a conversation becomes "a scene." 🙄
  2. I get that no one wants children to internalize prejudice and bias, but I'm surprised by Condoleezza Rice's priorities. Critical Race Theory is a graduate-level concept, but there is a widespread mischaracterization of what it is, what it means, and what it includes. There are many who label truthful accounts of America's inequities as CRT and then protest the way history is taught. Lying about history is not an appropriate protective measure. Does she seriously think that 7 year olds have not encountered race yet?
  3. This can't be said enough. Coming on to Christian was eye-rollingly inappropriate in itself. But cracking under pressure and presenting someone else's work? GTFOH! I know Bones' time/effort was limited, but I wish his official look had boob support. I'm going to go ahead and blame that on Darren, too. As for Team Cool . . . I question some of their taste issues. I actually liked Chasity's design best and preferred that to the teal getup with the polka-dot poncho top, which was just as bad as the lavender bathrobe. And the judges are full of shit. If Chasity had trusted her gut, they
  4. Johnny. At least Chris knew he was terrible; he just didn't care. Johnny melts down every time Bao acts as if she has interests other than catering to Johnny's Manufactured Need of the Moment. How DARE Bao interrupt Johnny while he's moving the goalposts to suggest that HER emotional needs are important, too! 🙄/sarcasm If the "experts" are going to troll the participants (and the audience), then make the combinations more interesting. I wonder what would have happened if Michaela were paired with Gil. Why would Zack expect to sleep in the same room if they're heading towards a "no" o
  5. Kyle and Dorit's updos were giving me Friends energy. Is this back in style? I hope that Garcelle ends up realizing that it's a good thing she doesn't fit in with this group of backstabbing gaslighting assholes. Keep not fitting in, Garcelle! If you start to trust Rinna, believe Erika, or understand Dorit's content-free monologues, then you know you're in trouble.
  6. My apologies to Whoopi Goldberg. I've been carping about The View's awkward and clumsy transitions for at least the past five years and primarily blaming her for it. Yet today, we have Sherri interrupting Sen. Warren mid-abortion-sentence to say "let's talk about something lighter." Geez . . . Get it together, show.
  7. Maybe he's paying two mortgages? Either way, a European vacation is Rachel's priority, not Jose's. They can find a way to be economically prudent and see new places.
  8. It's going to get old soon. I'm not liking how these ladies say "you need therapy" like it's an insult. I hope that both Mia and Candiace find good off-screen therapists and work out their issues.
  9. You'd think the presenters would know by now that anything less than a 10% stake is going to be scrutinized or rejected by the Sharks. I think the Uprising Bread couple (3%!) were just looking for exposure because they certainly didn't seem to have a workable plan for investors. I guess it's too early in the season for Mark to yell at them for using Shark Tank as advertising.
  10. It depends on the brand. Some of the Oral B electric toothbrushes instruct users to brush as if they were using a regular toothbrush. Jose is wrong but right. They COULD try something relatively local and build up to a vacation in Europe. Why not a weekend in New Orleans or (if it must be Texas) Galveston?
  11. She reminded of that episode of The Simpsons when Marge was in a musical version of A Streetcar Named Desire: "Ah have always depended on the kahnd-ness of strangers." Erika definitely sees herself as a heroine; she's performing her role as A Delicate Flower Who Somehow Finds the Strength to Go On. How many times has she said to another housewife, you don't know what I'm really going through, and then follows that with some car-flipping tall tale? Ridiculous. I will say, though, I admire Kyle's restraint when Erika hesitated: He uhhhhhhhmmm--. It was the perfect time to bare her teeth and
  12. Rachel can go with Brett; Brett will probably be available this summer. Ryan can act as if he's too noble to fake attraction for Brett, but he's actually insulting her intelligence. She knows you're not physically attracted to her, Ryan. You guys might have a chance at working things out if you stop treating her like she's made of neurotic glass. Now that I think about it . . . what exactly happened with Brett on the airplane? It seems like that is where this battle was lost. He is. Apparently, Bao is being a terrible wife by cooking, cleaning, memorizing his family's Mandarin nam
  13. Vanderboom

    Author Antics

    The Bad Art Friend saga contributes to the debate about how many real-life details add up to personality plagiarism and adds kidney donation, writer cliques, and subpoenas.
  14. I hope the rumors are wrong; I like Wendy and Eddie as a couple. They were so fun when they first got to the house. Positive Wendy (not tries-too-hard Zen Wen) is the best Wendy. Candiace has come a long way since her first season, but she still has a lot of work to do on herself. Why give Mia that kind of power? It looks like she still loses control of herself next week. Mia seems like Gizelle in that she kinda hazes and picks at people before she befriends them. She has antagonized Karen, Wendy, Gizelle/Robyn, and now Candiace. She might have too much in common with Ashley to fight
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