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  1. I would have loved to see Natalie's thought bubble during Sonja's Walk the Walk rant. I guess Eboni and Leah think they're helping poor poor Sonja out, but they're really enabling someone who is a toxic friend.
  2. There you have it; Meghan's wildest dream is to be the star of a Kenny Rogers song. How could you forget how much she loves secondhand service to America? 😉
  3. Really, Whoopi? You seriously think that no dark-skinned Afro-Latinos auditioned for In the Heights? That their noted absence was accidental, even though the setting is WASHINGTON HEIGHTS?! I'm glad Sunny spoke up. LMM is arguably one of the most powerful Latinos in the entertainment industry, and if he is willing to ignore Afro-Latinos, then how much success will less famous/powerful filmmakers have?
  4. Yes! I loved the Gethsemane Brown books! I remember hearing that the series was discontinued because of some issue with the publisher, but I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Disappointing conversation about Toobin. He lost his job with The New Yorker, but was sidelined by CNN temporarily. The unintentionality puts him in a different category from Louis C. K., Joy. Whataboutism is irrelevant, Ana, even when it's about Trump. I think Whoopi was getting at whether Jeffrey Toobin's return indicated privilege, which would have been a little bit interesting, but she could only ask Would this happen if it were a woman? Maybe Meghan is off because of the Ilhan Omar topic. Meghan's obsession with The Squad would have turned that conversation into a complete shitshow.
  6. You're right about what was said, but I think both Luann and Eboni reported what they heard. Hence the clash. I hope Eboni doesn't end up regretting befriending Sonja. Sonja's great when she wants to be, but she's also envious and back-bitey. I'm still giving Eboni another episode or two before deciding if I like her or not. I have a feeling I would like her more on The Real Housewives of New York and not on Leah Screams At The Real Housewives of New York.
  7. We come in peace. We have heard great things of the one you called John McCain. Too bad neither he nor his daughter were cool enough to be in The Squad . . . I think it's perfectly fine for AOC to disagree with Kamala Harris's speech; being part of the same team doesn't mean everyone's opinions must be in lock-step. For a bunch of women who don't always agree, you'd think the ladies of The View would understand that.
  8. Wait. What? Was this just bad editing? Did Leah give herself a time out and return later to interrupt the table convo just to yell at Ramona for . . . mentioning Ramona's daughter?
  9. This is a far better t-shirt slogan than anything Leah has come up with. I'd totally watch a Housewives nature special. Here we have the New York Housewife. You can tell her apart from the New Jersey Housewife by the superior quality of her pretentiousness and cosmetic procedures. Watch as she plumes herself for mating by wearing a statement necklace and appearing at the Hamptons . . . Exhausting is the perfect adjective for Leah. I'm sorry about her grandmother, but Leak is definitely the type to try to upstage the corpse at a funeral. I once described one of the SLC Housewive
  10. I know we're never going to get the details, but I'd love to take the Human Resources staff out for drinks. They must have some stories! I hope the ladies can find a happy medium between Verbal Thunderdome and Awkward Family Funeral. Remember when Sara and Sunny strongly disagreed with each other over something? Neither backed down, but they were both respectful of each other and--dare I say--it was interesting to watch!
  11. Same here; it's not even an interesting trainwreck anymore. I'd have a lot more respect for Meghan if she ever apologized for attacking her coworkers. I understand that "making sparks" is part of the job, but implying that your coworkers collude in antisemitism is much more than that. Argue about policy if you want, and I'm well past the point of expecting Meghan to actually address the given issue. Making false accusations and strawman arguments about the people who have to talk to you is a step too far. As for the Joe McHale gigglefest, it's part of Meghan's ongoing desire to act as
  12. I hate that they let her get away with deflection every time. Omar apologized for her remarks, but MTG has not. Why does a conversation about MTG turn into an argument about Ilhan Omar? Instead of the "what about the left?" nonsense, Meghan should be made to answer what should be done about MTG?
  13. I can't stand Sonja's drunkenness ("Shut the fuck up! Proud people!"), but I loved seeing Eboni's facial expressions during the dinner. Leah and Eboni remind me of "Goofus and Gallant" from Highlights. Leah makes every interaction with the OGs into an attention-seeking confrontation, but Eboni makes potential confrontations into reasonable conversations.
  14. I really think that TYT would miss Meghan if she ever left The View. They're just so good at analyzing her meltdowns.
  15. Didn't Meghan say YESTERDAY that people should stop treating her as if she doesn't have a child?
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